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They are by far the most stylish and therefore most popular dolls in the world, threatening to steal even gorgeous Barbie's crown of fame. Now you have full access to the dressing room of one of the Bratz girls and impress her with your skills as a stylist playing the Bratz girl dress up game! When you say “Bratz” you instantly see a parade of the trendiest-fancy clothes in front of your eyes! Well, get ready to be dazzled by the to designer collections and the coolest professional make up products playing the Bratz girl dress up game! On the right side of the screen you have your round shaped category tabs, just a few clicks on them and you'll be able to dress up our gorgeous Bratz girl with cute-chic ruffle skirts, sequined fancy tops, tee tops, strappy tops, hot corset tops, you name it. This girl has done some serious shopping to put together such an amazing wardrobe. What should you choose for one of her photo shooting? You cold dress her up the Bratz girl with a funky pair of green, sequined tights, a cool, yellow corset top, then add her even more celebrity sparkle with a pair of golden bangle earrings and style up the entire outfit choosing her a pair of fancy heels. Fabulous!