Rock It Girl

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A rock festival is the perfect event to show the true side of a perfect fashionista. A true It Girl isn't afraid to try to mix and match her cloths, being a trendsetter among her troupe of fashionistas. She will still be sweet and cute, but her accessories and the patterns will spice up her stylish outfit. Don't be afraid to try different items Choose from long necklaces to colored belts and try the mini skirts with patterned tights. Combine bubbly skirts, sheer tops, colorful leggings, edgy dresses and diva high-heels. Keep on trying until you find the awesomest style for you.Dare to mix and match clothes that nobody think they could so perfectly together. In the end, never, but never forget to accessorize with some huge pearls, a girly hairband and remarkable sun glasses. So, are you ready to rock & roll?
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