Red Riding Hood Dentist
Description: Little Red Ridding Hood loves visiting her grandma and bring her all the yummy desserts that her mom prepped, as long as she doesn't meet the big bad wolf on the way. It looks like lately Red Ridding Hood has been a very naughty girl because she didn't want to brush her teeth after eating sweets, like her mom and grandma told her. Now, she has some terrible toothaches so she needs to go ASAP to the dentist. Can you give a hand so that Red Ridding Hood has a perfect smile again? Let's not waste anymore time and start treating her teeth, using our awesome dentist skills. The first thing that you have to do is to identify the exact tooth problems. After you are done doing this, move on to the brushing of the teeth part and then beginning the treatment. Treat all the cavities that she has and don't forget to remove the dental plaque afterward. Replace the bad teeth with the good ones and she will surely regain her perfect smile again. In the end, all you have to do is dress up Red Ridding Hood in the cutest outfit that you can think of and send her to granny with a basket of goodies. Enjoy playing Red Ridding Hood Dentist!
Baby Easter Nails
Description: It's time to celebrate! The Easter it's almost here so we thought you might need some inspiration in achieving the perfect nails! Get your ideas from this lovely new Enjoydressup game: learn how to make the perfect manicure, how to take care of your hands and nails, and last but not the least how to decorate them so they will look extremely cute! Choose from a lot of happy colors, patterns and nail stickers, colorful accessories - bracelets and rings- Easter inspired. Discover the cutest bunny and chick stickers and create the most beautiful, colorful and happy nails. We also have a surprise mini game for you: a coloring! Choose your drawing and then fill it with lots of awesome colors. Last but not the least, dress your cute character in an Easter-inspired outfit, accessorize her look and pick the most gorgeous hairdo for her. This game is so cute that it will definitely make your day brighter and bring this holiday closer to your heart. Have a great time playing this wonderful new game called Baby Easter Nails and create the most beautiful manicure for this baby girl!
Ariel Spa Day
Description: Ariel is feeling sad lately and her underwater friends have been trying everything to cheer her up. Their latest idea was getting Ariel to go to this amazing spa where she will relax and get pampered from head to "tail" so she can feel fabulous again. You will have to help Ariel too and make her glow :) You will start by "repairing" her tail. Apply some fabulous cream for a sparkling effect! Our little mermaid has such an amazing hair, but sometimes it can get tangled and messy. The next step will be to take care of Ariel's hair, get rid of the messy stuff in it and dye it with a special type of coral. Her hair will regain its signature color and brightness. Some pearl dust will make it even more glitzy so don't be afraid to try it out. After the spa treatment it's completed it's time to choose a lovely outfit for Ariel so she will look awesome and feel confident again. She will appreciate your help I'm sure, and your styling skills will come in handy in this level. Have lots of fun playing our new fun game called Ariel Spa Day!
Agnes Playground Accident
Description: Agnes was having such a good time at the playground, fooling around with the minions, until she fell off and bruised her face and knees. Poor little Agnes! She feels so sad now. Her teeth hurt too. I think some of them might be broken. A minion understood the gravity of the situation and took her to the doctor. She will need specialized treatment now so here is where you come in, girls! Help Agnes and treat her bruises and wounds. Use some some special disinfectant spray and special ointment and then bandage her wounds. Agnes teeth need fixing too and since she is in the dentist's chair ,the teeth which were not affected by the fall could use some treatment too. Help this cutie and make her feel good again so she can head back to the playground. Nasty accidents happen all the time, but Agnes promises that she will be very careful from now on. I'm sure you will have lots of fun playing this new game featuring Agnes and her cheerful minions, called Agnes Playground Accident! Enjoy, girls!
Sweet Tooth Toddler
Description: Hey girls! We have a new dentist game for you featuring a very cute character: Lily. She is a lovely toddler who has a sweet tooth and she doesn't refrain at all from eating a lot of candy, chocolate, cake and anything sweet basically. Her teeth are in a very bad condition and a visit to the dentist it's a must for her. In this new game you will have the task to make this cute toddler's teeth look all white again so she can have a perfect smile! Use the dentist tools to give her the necessary dental treatment and then enjoy a fun decorating part and try some teeth accessories. You'll also get to dress her up in cute baby clothes, choose a lovely hairdo for her and of course a lovely makeup. This game is so much fun, I promise you girls! So why don't you play it and see if you can manage this challenging and exciting task and then let your imagination run wild as you create the perfect outfit for this sweet tooth toddler. Have lots of fun!
Strawberry Shortcake Spa
Description: Hello girls! Today we have a really pretty game for you. It's called Strawberry Shortcake Spa and it's so lovely. I'm sure you already know Strawberry Shortcake and she doesn't need any introduction. But just to be sure, I'll tell you that Strawberry Shortcake is a very pretty girl who lives in Strawberryland in a cute berry bungalow with her little sister Apple Dumplin' and her pink kitty, Custard. Strawberry Shortcake is always cheerful and helpful to her friends. Today you will get to know her better and spend some great time in the Strawberryland with her and Custard. First, you'll play a fun mini game in which you will help Strawberry gather the ingredients for her homemade spa treatment. Then you'll have a fun challenging: a cooking level in which you will prepare the spa lotions. Custard will be there to watch your every move. Pamper Strawberry from head to toe at the spa and then find a cute pink strawberry outfit for her. I'm sure you will adore this game because it is plain awesome! Have a great time, girls, discovering the Strawberryland!
Reverse Makeover
Description: Hello girls! I already know that you like girl games and played tons of them. Am I right? In all of the girl games you have a character and the challenge is to make your character look beautiful, fashionable or cute by giving her a makeover, a makeup or a full pampering from head to toe. The game that we have for you today is a bit different. In what way?'ll see. We don't want to spoil the surprise so let's just say that you are going to have fun giving your character a reverse makeover. You are not going to follow the usual order of things and you will make the exact opposite. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? You will go through four fun levels: a challenging mini game in which you will have to feed your character with junk food basically, a dentist level in which-let's say that she is not going to get that perfect smile, a facial with all the wrong ingredients and a makeover with not your usual fancy, trendy clothes. Notice: This game is a parody and should not be taken seriously. Do not try the actions displayed in the game at home or on any other circumstances.
Baby Belle Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! Today we present you another awesome game from our baby princesses series. It's called Baby Belle Spa Day and you get to know the sweet Belle from the famous tale, Beauty and the Beast. She is so cute and beautiful! Baby Belle wants to enjoy a nice sunny day and go out for a fun picnic. You will have to help her prep so start by pampering her with a relaxing spa treatment. Wash her hair, apply conditioner, a hair net and a chamomile scrub cream for her back. Then give her a nice massage for her back and head. Baby Belle is feeling awesome and she enjoys her spa treatment, but it's time to get ready for the picnic. Unlock the makeover by playing a challenging hidden objects mini game and then enjoy the creative part. Mix and match cute baby tops and bottoms and create the perfect picnic outfit. Decorate the whole scenery with cupcakes, a picnic basket, a cute polka dot umbrella and many other lovely items. You can also change the facial expression for cute baby Belle and make her look happy, surprised or sad. Enjoy this new fun game that we have for you, Baby Belle Spa Day, here on!
Double Baby Shower
Description: What can be more fun than giving a bath to a baby? I'll tell you, girls! A double baby shower! In this fun new game that we have for you, you will have to give a bath to a pretty boy and a girl, at the same time. The first thing you'll have to do is to prepare the bath, fill the bathtub with warm water (not too cold, or too hot) and pour some strawberry bath foam. Then take off the babies's bath coats and put them into the bathtub. Give them toys to play with and wash them with shampoo and shower gel. This will be so much fun! The fun just begins as you will have to dress up the babies for a crazy day at the playground. Mix and match trendy tops with colorful cute bottoms (dresses, jeans, shorts and many other items)! Accessorize their look and make sure you will choose a lovely hairdo for both of them. Great job, ladies! The babies are ready to go out and have some fun while looking sharp. Have a great time playing this wonderful new game called Double Baby Shower and double your fun!
Ariel Baby Shower
Description: The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney character. She is sweet, she has a good heart and her strong desire to become human might touch even the ones who are not quite easily impressed. I'm sure Ariel it's one of your favorite characters too, that's why we have a new game featuring her, called Ariel Baby Shower. What's so special about this game is that you get to know Ariel when she was literally, just a little mermaid. She is so cute! In the first level you get to wash Ariel's hair and body and give her some pretty toys to play with. Then, you'll have an awesome spa part in which you will dry her hair in an unconventional way, apply some sea stars and algae on her back as a beauty treatment and of course, some precious pearls. The fun continues with the makeover part in which you'll dress baby Ariel in lots of cute baby mermaid outfits, in lovely colors. You can change her hairstyle and try something new for her, and even her tail if you want to try something totally different. Have a great time playing this lovely new game called Ariel Baby Shower and join baby Ariel in the underwater world!
Precious Pin-Up Princess
Description: The pinup style is by definition a statement. Playful, colorful, yet sophisticated; sometimes dramatic, yet fun. Once just an image pinned to a wall for admiring, now present in the world of fashion and body art to give a twist to any style. Because we love this style so much, we wanted to bring you a unique game in which you will have all the must elements to create the perfect precious pin-up look: Precious Pin-Up Princess! It's the perfect game for you to let your imagination run wild and combine different colors, styles, items, accessories, tops and bottoms. You have lots of hairstyles and can combine more pieces of hair to create new amazing and special ones. The high waist skirts, high heels, Lolita gorgeous stockings, corsets and bustiers are a must and you'll find them all in various forms. The accessories are worthy of a princess and you'll definitely have to play and see which one will look better on your pin-up character. Play with colors too, try them them all and make your pretty color palette for your precious pin-up look. Save your picture to admire it for later and then create another pin-up look. Maybe you can go for an entire collection of precious pin-up princesses dolls? Have fun, ladies!
Spring Break Spa Day
Description: Spring Break is all about having fun and feeling good! Cindy has been waiting the Spring Break for a while and she is feeling very excited about it. Lately she has been daydreaming at school about all the fun activities she's going to have! She even made a Spring Break diary and a to do list. Can you guess what's on her list, girls? First she wants to go to a fancy spa and prepare her body for tanning. She also wants to relax and get her mind off school stuff. Next, she wants to learn how to make exotic refreshing cocktails. That sounds like a lot of fun, right? Of course, that a change of look is also on her to do list, so you better help her with a trendy summerish look. Her wardrobe is full of chic clothes but she can't really make up her mind and also, her mind is elsewhere this days! Last but not the least, Cindy wants to attend a beach party and go all wild. The Spring Break is going to be awesome, especially for such a determined and organized girl like her. The plans are already made so why don't you join her for her crazy adventure in our new fun game called Spring Break Spa Day!
Royal Baby Shower
Description: It's time for you to play our brand new game, which is called Royal Baby Shower. You will absolutely adore taking care of a little baby named Henry. He was born in one of the most influential royal families, and therefore deserves the best treatment there is. Henry adores being pampered, and his daily beauty ritual must be strictly respected. You will begin Henry's royal pampering treatment with a baby shower and you will be using only the best cosmetic products that are available on the market. Remember that Henry, the royal baby must receive the finest treatment, and no effort is too much, as long as this will make him happy. Once you will have completed this stage of Henry's shower, you will then get to the next stage, the baby changing one. Again, you will have to pamper Henry, the royal baby, the best way you can, by following all the steps. When you will complete all the steps, you will then have the chance of helping this royal baby choose the perfect outfit for him to wear while playing in this castle's gardens. Have fun playing Royal Baby Shower!
Chinese Spa Day
Description: The Chinese culture is full of traditional treatments and ways to feel pampered from head to toe. The Chinese people certainly have some secrets for maintaining yourself forever young and beautiful. With this in mind, we want to take you to the most awesome Mandarin Spa, designed with privacy and relaxation in mind and which offers a range of luxurious, yet traditional treatments. You will relax at a hot spring and rejuvenate your skin with an awesome back massage with soaked warm bags containing fine herbs. A facial treatment will make your face soft and glowing. Then it's time for an acupuncture treatment and some special Chinese signature treatment of the spa. And that is not all of it, girls! After your spa session you get to enjoy a fun makeover and a makeup session. The Chinese costumes are all fabulous and authentic and will take your breath away. The shoes are all very traditional for the Chinese culture, yet with a modern twist. Create your Chinese look and make sure you pick a fabulous hairstyle too. Enjoy this new great spa game called Chinese Spa Day!
Baby Bonnie Blue
Description: Baby Bonnie is blue today because she has a flu. She has stayed outside in the cold for too long and now she is feeling a bit sick. Her skin is flushed, she has watery eyes, a dry cough and she might have a fever too. Can you take care of her? First, you will have to take her temperature and apply a cold compress on the forehead to diminish the fever. You can swing her a bit too so she will feel better. Then change her diaper with a new one so she can feel fresh and comfortable. I bet Baby Bonnie will feel much better if you will prepare a honey lemon ginger tea, which is very good for flu symptoms. You will have to grate the ginger, squeeze a lemon and boil some water. Then prepare a tea with the strained ginger, the lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Give Baby Bonnie some tea, vitamins and couch syrup. You're doing great so far and Baby Bonnie isn't blue anymore! Next, it's time to prepare her for bed. Dress her up in a cute colorful pajama and give baby Bonnie her favorite toys to sleep with. She will feel much better and be able to rest. Wish her good night and sweet dreams. Have a great time playing this new game from the Baby Bonnie series and help this cutie fight the flu properly.
Precious Princess Spa Day
Description: Meet this lovely precious princess from a faraway land. She is gracious and kind and above all, she is very passionate about fashion. She has a gorgeous style, nobody can deny that! Also, one of her favorite things is relaxing at the spa. When she feels under the weather, this is the thing that will definitely cheer her up. Today is one of those days, when our pretty princess wants to release all the stress and enjoy some pampering at the spa. Her treatment starts with a diamond scrub, truly worthy for such a royalty like her! Then a relaxing massage with essential oils is in order. Help this precious princess relax and after she is done with the spa treatment apply a pearl powder for her skin to be soft and sparkly. You're doing great! It's time to apply some makeup. Lots of lovely colors available! Try them all and find the best combinations taking into consideration the color of the outfit and accessories, of course. The dresses are fabulous, I'll tell you that, so go on and try all of them so you can find your favorite. Some glitzy accessories, pretty royal shoes and our precious princess will look gorgeous! Enjoy this lovely new spa game and create your perfect look for this beautiful princess!
Tooth Fairy Dentist
Description: When children lose their baby teeth, if they place them under their pillow the tooth fairy pays them a visit and replace them with a small reward. But I'm sure you already know that. In a way we can say that the tooth fairy is the guardian of healthy teeth. Still, from time to time, she needs some help herself with maintaining a perfect smile. That's right, girls! In this new fun Enjoydressup dentist game, you can help the Tooth Fairy with her dental treatment. Make sure you treat her cavities, extract her bad teeth and make some implants. Then you can whiten her teeth so her smile will be beautiful once again. You also have a fun decoration part in which you can choose all sorts of decoration for her teeth. The Tooth Fairy likes to get fancy from time to time, so help her with an awesome makeup session. Choose some nice colors for her eye shadow and eye liner, apply a cute pink blush and a gorgeous lipstick that will make her look charming. You can also change the color of her eyes according to your preferences. Try all the colors and see which ones will look better on our cute fairy over here. Don't forget that going to the dentist doesn't have to be such a big deal! With your help, the Tooth Fairy will sparkle again and have a perfect white smile! Have fun!
Fairy Spa Day
Description: Hey girls! Today we'll take you to a wonderful secret spa in the land of the fairies. It is a perfect place to spend the day: the ambiance is peaceful and magical, the spa treatment is fabulous and you'll get to dress up in cute fairy outfits. The day at the spa begins with a special treatment with star dust. You'll have to use your magic wand and sprinkle some magic on our fairy. Some morning dew will make her skin feel soft and moisture. Coming next, a luxurious treatment with water lilies will make our fairy feel really special. My favorite part is where you repair the fairy's broken wings with your magical wand and when you make her hair glitzy by applying a magical glitter spray. Coming right up, it's a cool makeup session in which you can choose some lovely colors for her lips, eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. Last but not the least, you get to choose a lovely fairy hairdo and of course some stunning fairy outfits and a pair of magical wings. Don't forget to check out the fairy accessories too, they are plain gorgeous! Enjoy playing our new spa game called Fairy Spa Day and enter in a magical fairy world! Have fun, girls!
Baby Valentine
Description: My best friend has the most romantic story ever! She is such a lucky person, I'll tell you all about it! She has met her soul mate on Valentine's day a few years ago. It was love at first sight and they got married a little after. And guess what? She had had her baby also on Valentine's Day. That's why she named her cute little baby girl Valentine. Today you will have the opportunity to meet this adorable baby girl and if you want you can also take care of her see if you have awesome baby caring skills. Baby Valentine is sleeping but soon she will wake up and she needs her diaper changed. Change Baby Valentine's diaper and apply baby powder, baby lotion and a hydrating spray. Then have fun dressing her up in cute baby clothes in lovely colors and printed with cute animals. You can also choose a gorgeous hairstyle for baby Valentine, a pair of colorful socks and cute little toys that will make her very happy. Have a great time playing our new exciting baby game called Baby Valentine which I'm sure you are going to adore!
Baby Bonnie Bubble Jackets
Description: It's time to join baby Bonnie for a new adventure. You already met baby Bonnie and you know how cute and adorable she is. Baby Bonnie has a passion for ballet, bumble bees and she wants to be a flower fairy. But you already know that, right girls? Especially if you have played all of our games from the Baby Bonnie series. Today Baby Bonnie wants to go outside and meet with her friends. You will have to prep her for this date: give her something delicious and healthy to eat and dress her up in a cute warm bubble jacket. So let the fun begin: start with an exciting mini game in which you will have to find all the tools and vegetables for the cooking process. Then cook a vegetables soup cream for our cute Baby Bonnie and feed her. To unlock the makeover you will have to play a fun matching pairs mini game. See how good your intuition is and then get to the most fun part: the dress up. Baby Bonnie adores bubble jackets and it's the perfect season for them. Dress her up in a cute one and match the top with a girly pair of pants and shoes. Don't forget to give her a cute animal cap so she won't get cold outside and of course a cute toy and a pacifier. Baby Bonnie is ready for having fun with her friends thanks to you, girls!
Valentines Spa Day
Description: Valentine's Day is almost here and Jenny has some big plans. Her crush has asked her out for a romantic dinner so Jenny wants to impress, of course. She has made an appointment to the fanciest spa salon in town where she will have a great time, relax and get pampered from head to toe. Join Jenny and help her with the preparations for the big day. She was thinking about getting a back massage to relive all the tension in her muscles. Apply some special rub cream with strawberry flavor to make her skin soft. Then give her a chocolate wrap, and a nice massage with a special essential oil. The spa salon has a very special treatment for Valentine's Day with heart shaped stones. Discover it for yourself as you help Jenny relax in style. Finish the spa treatment with a glitzy spray that will make her skin look sparkly. Well done! The spa treatment was fabulous, but now Jenny needs your help for finding the best outfit for her valentine date. Choose a lovely dress for her with valentine motives (hearts and bows) and a cute pair of high heels to go with it. Accessorize with thematic necklaces, earrings and a chic accessories for her hair (tiaras, bows). Don't forget to pick a small purse where she can hold her makeup items in case she wants to refresh her makeup. Speaking of makeup, you can also give her a more romantic look using the makeup features in this fun new spa game. Great job, ladies! With your help Jenny will look amazing and charming for her Valentine day!
Baby Bonnie Bumble Bee
Description: Baby Bonnie is ready to go on a new adventure. Join her in this fun new Enjoydressup game that we have prepared for you. Start by giving baby Bonnie a fun bath. Wash her hair, give her bath toys to play with and wash her with soap. Then it's time to change her diaper. Apply some baby powder, baby oil and give the baby a new diaper. Baby Bonnie feels very fresh now and she is cheerful again. It's lunch time and baby Bonnie is very hungry, as you can tell already. Prove your cooking skills and prepare something healthy for her: biscuits with strawberries, peaches, bananas and honey. Then feed baby Bonnie with this delicious baby food. Baby Bonnie sure feels much better now: she is clean, fresh, happy and she is not hungry anymore. And now it's time for the most fun part: the dress up. Dress up Baby Bonnie in lovely cute bumble bee outfits. You can choose your favorite hairstyle for her, a nice top and bottom- bee-inspired - and a cute pair of bumble bee antennae. You can complete her look with some really cute accessories: a pacifier, toys, a lollipop and of course a cute pair of bumble bee wings! Have a great time playing this lovely new baby game called Baby Bonnie Bumble Bee and join Bonnie for a new adventure!
Pin-up Bridesmaid Doll Creator
Description: Hello ladies! We have a new doll creator game for you: Pin-up Bridesmaid Doll Creator. I'm sure you will find it very interesting especially if you like the pinup style as much as I do. The usual pinup style is playful, yet sophisticated. Pinup girls wear their hair combed in pin curls, flowing curls, or bouffant buns, a bright red lipstick and minimal makeup to emphasize their natural beauty. The clothes are specific to mid 1900 fashion: corsets, vintage bustiers, tight pants with high waist, stockings, high heels to complete the look. In this fun doll creator game you can customize your bridesmaid pin-up doll from head to toe. Start with her features and choose a skin tone for her, the shape of her eye brows, eyes and lips and of course some beautiful colors. Mix and match different hair pieces to create a bold pin-up hairstyle for her. You can match different hairstyles to create a more complicated one, or you can go for something more simple but still elegant and chic. Then create the outfit for your pin-up bridesmaid. You have a lovely pastel colors palette to choose from. You will have to choose a top and a dress: baby doll or a stretch mini dress to which you can add different garments like ruffles or bows. Choose a pair of shoes and stockings and color them to match your look. Accessorize with bags, clutches, earrings, a cute umbrella and sunglasses. Don't forget to choose a lovely background for your doll and save your picture :) Enjoy our new lovely game called Pin-up Bridesmaid Doll Creator!
Baby Bonnie Flower Fairy
Description: Hello girls! You already met Baby Bonnie, a cute cheerful baby. Today, Baby Bonnie wants to play outside in the water pool and imagine she is a beautiful flower fairy. Join her for a day full of joy! First you will have to give Baby Bonnie a bubbly bath, wash her hair with baby shampoo and give her toys to play with. But before you begin you will have to play a fun mini game and find all the hidden objects necessary for the bath. After you are done, you will have to change Bonnie's diaper, apply some baby powder and baby oil so her skin will remain soft and hydrated. You will have to follow the dragonfly which will indicate your steps. You even have some fairy dust to sprinkle on her so she will grow wings and transform into a real flower fairy. The fun just begins, we have prepared a lot of lovely flower outfits for you to dress Baby Bonnie. Try all of them, they are plain wonderful! Then put some flowers in her hair and choose a beautiful pair of wings. It's a sunny day outside and Baby Bonnie is very happy that you have taken very good care of her!
Apple White At The Dentist
Description: You know what they say, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well Apple White doesn't seem to enjoy apples very much since with her mother unfortunate experience and all! So instead of eating apples, Apple White eats a lot of sweets. She likes chocolate very much. Also, Apple White was too lazy to brush her teeth regularly. That's why her teeth are in a really bad shape right now. Apple White is very sorry now because she didn't think about this outcome more early, but no worries, girls! With your help she will benefit from a very good dental care. Take Apple White to the dentist and make sure she will not be ashamed of her smile again. She must have the perfect teeth and the most beautiful smile in the world. Also, make sure that the treatment won't hurt her too much, so she will go without worries to her next appointment. Have a great time playing this awesome new dentist game called Apple White At The Dentist and make sure that Apple White will have the perfect teeth! At the end of the treatment you can give her a fun makeup too. That sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy, ladies!
Baby Bling Tiaras
Description: Hey girls! Meet Diana, a cute little toddler who is attending her first beauty pageant, Baby Bling Tiaras. Her mother is there for her making sure that her precious little girl will look cute and amazing for this exciting challenge. Since it's her first beauty contest, her mother will really appreciate you helping with the preparations. With your help everything will go really smooth and I'm sure little Di will look gorgeous. Start by giving Diana a bath. Wash her hair with a baby shampoo so her hair will be really smooth and shiny, then wash her with soap and rinse her. After you are done get to the next step: the beauty prep. You will have to apply some baby powder, face cream and a hair glitter spray for baby Diana. Then it's time for the most exciting part: the dress up. You know how important costumes are when it comes to beauty pageants, so much sure Diana will look the most amazing of them all! Choose a cute lila princess dress and a bling bling tiara. The hairdo is important to because it contributes a bunch to the whole aspect. A pair of glitzy shoes and our cute baby is ready to look awesome in front of the audience. Have fun playing this new baby game called Baby Bling Tiaras!
Heavenly Spa Day
Description: Close your eyes and relax. You are in the most beautiful place on Earth, are no longer on Earth anymore! You are up in the clouds. You may call this place the Heavenly Spa. Here you can relax and restore your glow in a serene, peaceful ambiance. Enjoy a relaxing massage session. The aromatic herbal massage will relive the tension from your muscles. The sun rays will warm your skin and the moon dust will unravel you and restore your inner glow. You will feel like you're in Heaven, I bet. After the heavenly spa session you will enjoy a makeup session. Choose warm and lovely colors that will emphasize your natural beauty and will make you shine literally. Then pick a gorgeous outfit suited for an angel. We have have prepared a lovely wardrobe with loose pants, amazing dresses and charming tops. And to make you truly feel like an angel, we have some awesome pair of wings for you to choose from. You will feel just like in Heaven in this amazing new spa game called Heavenly Spa Day! Have a great time, girls!
Baby Bonnie Ballerina
Description: Meet Baby Bonnie a cute cheerful baby girl who likes ballet very much. Even though she is just a baby, she seems to walk in her mother's shoes who is a famous ballerina. Baby Bonnie's mother takes her to ballet classes with her and Baby Bonnie seems very happy when she is in the ballet class. Today you will have to prep Baby Bonnie for another ballet class. First you will have to give her a bath, wash her hair and make sure she is clean and happy. Then you will have to change her diaper, apply some baby powder and of course some baby oil so her skin will be soft and hydrated. Then dress Baby Bonnie in a cute ballet outfit. You can choose an adorable pink tutu with a lovely pink ballerinas blouse and of course a cute pink butterfly wand. The clothes are really cute and maybe you will have some hard time making up your mind :) A cute pair of ballerinas shoes and a glitzy hairband and Baby Bonnie will look adorable in the ballet class among the talented grownup ballerinas! Have a lot of fun and enjoy out new adorable baby game called Baby Bonnie Ballerina!
Baby Snow Date Prep
Description: From all the four seasons this cute little baby likes the winter the best! It's always fun in the winter to go outside with your friends and have lots of fun in the snow. Also, there are a lot of fun winter activities like going with the sleigh, making snow angels or snow fight, the most fun of them all! Today this cute little baby girl has a snow date with her friends so she has to get ready. Will you help her, girls? First, you will have to give her a bath so she will be clean and happy. She likes water very much so she will be having a really great time! Then it's time to change her diaper and dry her hair. Last but not the least, it's dress up time! Choose some lovely clothes that will make this baby girl look even cuter! Use your imagination and create the best baby outfit for this baby fashionista. Remember, she must feel comfortable in some warm clothes but also look very cute! Have a great time playing this exciting baby game that we have prepared for you called Baby Snow Date Prep! Enjoy, ladies!
Barbie's Perfect Smile
Description: A perfect smile is the most important thing when it comes to looking good and making a good impression. Don't you think, girls? Bad teeth are no excuse, especially nowadays when we have all of these alternatives for maintaining our teeth healthy and sparkling white. Also, there are a lot of tooth paste types that we can use to keep them in a good condition. Barbie is a true diva so she can't neglect her teeth and her overall looks. Still, when she was little, Barbie loved sweets very much and she used to eat a lot of them! That's why her teeth are not in the best shape and they are quite weak. So she needs to pay a visit to the dentist soon as possible! Your task in this exciting new Enjoydressup game will be to restore Barbie's smile and make it perfect! Start by brushing her teeth and cleaning them and then give her a proper dental treatment so she can have a smile on her face when she will leave the dentist. She will be very grateful to you because she will be able to smile all day without feeling ashamed or self aware. Make sure that the treatment won't hurt so much, because Barbie is a little afraid of the dentist and we don't want her to feel scared of this moment all of her life, right? have a wonderful time playing this exciting new dentist game called Barbie's Perfect Smile and make sure Barbie has the most charming smile! Have fun, girls!
Mermaid Doll Creator
Description: Hello girls! We have a new doll creator game for you! I bet that you are very excited about it and can't wait to play it. So here it is ladies, the long awaited game: Mermaid Doll Creator. Fully customize your mermaid doll from head to "tail" :) Start with her features: choose a nice eye shape for her, the shape for her lips, eye brows and of course, her skin tone. Try the colors from the color palette and see which look better on your mermaid doll. Mix and match lovely hair pieces to create a nice hairdo: you can try something more complex, or something more simple, like a pony tail, or a braided hairstyle. Then dress your mermaid doll in something beautiful! Choose a colorful tail for her and a glitzy cute top. Accessorize her look with a gold crown or a statement necklace. Save the picture of your mermaid so you can admire it for later or share it with your friends on Facebook. Don't forget to try all sorts of combination and create different dolls all very different from each other. It will be very fun, I promise! Have a great time playing this wonderful new doll creator game called Mermaid Doll Creator!
Disneyland Spa Day
Description: There is a really fantastic spa out there where Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and other Disney characters go to relax and get away from the daily routine. The location is a secret one, but just for today, we will share it with you. You will get to peak inside the Disneyland spa and see what's going on there. Not only that, but you will get pampered from head to toe with a full Disney signature spa treatment. First, you will get a scrub for your back, then a hydrating cream with jasmine flowers and a chocolate facial mask that will make your skin softer. Then you will get a relaxing massage for your back that will release all of the stress and tension from your body. You will leave the Disneyland Spa with a smile on your face because you will feel good and, surprise! you will also look good! The fun part is that you will be able to dress like a Disney character in fabulous clothes, like Minnie's signature dress, Daisy's signature dress and huge blue bow, a mermaid outfit and many many other that we'll let you discover for yourself. Have a great time playing this wonderful new game called Disneyland Spa!
Barbie Family Winter Trip
Description: Barbie can't help but feel very lucky when she is looking at the family photo album! There are so many sweet memories. The wedding day was just like in her dreams since she was little. Well, except for the fact that she was late for her appointments at the beauty and hair salon and she had to race across town in her pink convertible to get ready. Before that, her friends had prepared a great bachelorette party for her and some really exciting challenges. The honeymoon was fabulous too, she and Ken visited three exotic destinations! And then the baby came and their life is even more happier. So Barbie thought it's time for their first family trip together: a winter trip. In this cool new game from our fabulous series you will join this awesome family for their winter vacation. You will have to dress Barbie and Ken in a winter warm outfit and their cute baby too. We have some really nice surprises for you, so you will have to play a fun mini game (and collect a few items) to unlock your surprise. The game is really awesome, but we will let you discover that for yourself. Have a great time playing this brand new Enjoydressup game called Barbie Family Winter Trip!
Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep
Description: Barbie and Ellie want to spend some time catching up, so Barbie came up with the idea of throwing a movie night. They will watch movies all night, eat popcorn and gossip. Sounds just perfect! Everything is prepared, they have rented some really good movies, but before they start they thought about getting a full makeover. Barbie knows some really good beauty tips and tricks and she wants to show them to Ellie. Help them with Ellie's makeover. Start by applying a facial mask made of natural ingredients, then some scrub so Ellie's face will look radiant and fresh. Then apply some eye cream for the dark circles around her eyes. Her eye brows need some improving too, so help her with the tweezers and give them a beautiful shape. Then the fun part begins. Choose a lovely casual outfit for their movie night and accessorize with a pair of earrings and a cute necklace. Don't forget to pick a nice hairdo too for Ellie. Now her look is complete thanks to you and the girls will enjoy their relaxing movie night. Have fun playing our exciting new game called Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep!
Barbie's Perfect Baby
Description: Barbie is very happy because she and Ken are going to have a baby! They are both very excited and daydreaming about the beautiful moments they had had together since they have met: like when they went to their first date, or when Barbie was late even for their wedding and had to rush across town getting ready, or when they went to their honeymoon in three exotic destinations: the Caribbean islands, the Iceland and the romantic Venice. And guess what? You could say that the fun part starts now. In this exciting baby game you will have to help Barbie and Ken collect things for the baby to come. After that the baby is ready to come and you will have to give it a nice bath and make sure that their baby girl is clean and happy. Then you will have to prove your cooking skills and prepare a healthy meal for the baby with biscuits, oranges, bananas and apples. You will have to feed the baby and last but not the least dress her up in some chic adorable clothes. Barbie wants the best for her perfect little baby so you must make sure that she looks adorable! Have a great time playing this fabulous Enjoydressup game called Barbie's Perfect Baby!
Santa Velvet Cupcakes
Description: Christmas is here again! It is a magical time when everybody meets with each other gives and receives presents. It is also when everybody spends a lovely time singing carols, waiting for Santa Claus and gathers around the table to taste all the goodies that were made with so much care. This year, the Christmas dinner is organized at your house and among so many yummy recipes you want to make some delicious Santa velvet cupcakes. So let's start doing them! Make sure you have all the ingredients, such as flour, milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder and a pinch of salt. You have to add the flour in the bowl, and then the sugar along with the baking powder and mix them all together with the blender in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The next step to make the yummy Santa velvet cupcakes is to place the paper cups in the muffin tray and use a spoon to pour the batter into the muffin cups. You let the cupcakes into the oven for about 15-20 minutes and decorate them afterwards with frosting, red sugar, marshmallows and chocolate chips to make little Santa faces. Have a tasty Christmas with Santa velvet cupcakes!
Christmas Pudding Cake Pops
Description: Christmas is such a magical holiday. Everyone is kind and cheerful and it's that time of the year when you feel like true miracles can happen. I like everything to be prepared for this holiday which I share with my closest friends and my family. I like to decorate the house, the Christmas tree and to cook all kinds of goodies for the guests that will join us for holidays. This year for Christmas I want to try a new dessert recipe: Christmas Pudding Cake Pops. I have this recipe from a friend of mine and she says it's very delicious and looks very good on the serving plates. Will you help me prepare this yummylicious dessert? I have prepared all the ingredients and tools. We need a big pan, some white chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon and some decoration. We will make a mixture and then make round balls in which we will insert the pop stick. We will dip the cake pops in dark chocolate and add a small amount of white chocolate on top along with a holly leaves for a much Christmasy aspect. Have a great time playing this fun new cooking game called Christmas Pudding Cake Pops and surprise your guest with a tasty recipe!
Christmas Runway Secrets
Description: If you wanted to become a really famous model then this is the best game that you have been waiting for, ladies! How cool would it be if you could play with all sorts of gorgeous outfits and styles? Just think about it for a second: lots and lots of clothes, hairstyles, and accessories for you to choose from, together with funky, chic makeup colors that you can combine in order to get the perfect combination. What you will have to do is help Ellie get ready for the Christmas fashion show because her stylist is out of town and he won't make it to the fashion show. Ellie will be presenting four fashion styles: rock, Lolita, retro and glam. For each of these styles she will wear a different outfit, accessories, makeup and hairstyle so you have to make sure that Ellie looks gorgeous for the fashion show. In order to unlock a certain style you will have to play an exciting mini game. Don't worry, they are very fun and you will definitely unlock all the runway secrets out there. Get Ellie ready for the show and have lots of fun in this fabulous new makeover game called Christmas Runway Secrets! Get inspired and enjoy!
Pony Lover Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! If you like ponies we have the perfect game for you. Anabelle is a pretty young lady and a fashion diva. She adores ponies so, for her birthday she has received one. She loves it very much and she has named it Starlight. Anabelle takes care of her beloved pony daily but today she wants to try some new beauty tips and tricks. She will go for a full makeover: for her pony and for her too, because they must be a match, right girls? Why don't you give them some help and have lots of fun? You will have to start by washing Anabelle's hair and then the pony's hair too. Apply shampoo for Anabelle and a special shampoo for the pony too. Get the scissors and give them both a chic haircut, blow dry their hair and then put some curlers that will give them volume for their hair. They will have to stay for a while with a hair helmet and then surprise! you will have to apply some glitzy spray so both the girl and the pony will look really glam. Time for makeover girls! Choose some really cute, adorable outfits for Anabella and her pony and make them look really cool. Have fun playing this new fun spa game called Pony Lover Spa Day!
Barbie Honeymoon Love
Description: For Barbie and Ken it was love at first sight. They seem to be a true match and they complete each other perfectly. It wasn't long enough before Ken proposed and of course Barbie said yes! She couldn't imagine not spending the rest of her life with him. Her friends prepared some really exciting challenges for her as you might have seen already in Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 1 & 2 (if not, you should definitely play it like...right now!) and then came the long awaited wedding day. Barbie was late as usual and she rushed across town in Barbie Wedding Rush trying to look perfect for this big day. She was gorgeous after all, with your help of course, and she looked so gorgeous that Ken fell in love with her all over again. Now we invite you to join Barbie for another important moment of her life: the perfect honeymoon. 3 exotic destinations (Iceland, Caribbean Islands and Venice), 3 makeovers and lots of gorgeous outfits for the newly weds. Sound like tons of fun, right ladies? Go ahead and play this gorgeous new game called Barbie Honeymoon Love and let us take you to romantic, serene destinations where Barbie and Ken will celebrate their love! Enjoy!
Catwalk Doll Creator
Description: Hello girls. We have a new doll creator game for you! I bet that you are very excited about it. So here it is: Catwalk Doll Creator. Fully customize your catwalk doll from head to toe. Start with the features and makeup and choose a nice eye shape for her, a skin tone that you like, a nice eye brow shape and of course some lips that will go well with her beautiful features. Mix and match lovely hair pieces to create a nice hairdo: you can try something more complex, or something more simple, like a pony tail, or a braided hairstyle. Finally, you get to dress your catwalk doll in a top and bottom of your choice. Prepare to be amazed by these lovely clothes with endless ruffles and bows! Also, you will have to choose a nice pair of shoes, with bows-of course, a chic purse or clutch from the amazing collection of bags. Don't forget to mix and match lovely colors and accessorize the whole look with statement necklaces. Choose a lovely background for your doll and save your picture to admire it for later. Have a great time playing this lovely new game called Catwalk Doll Creator!
Barbie Princess Story
Description: Do you love fairy tales, girls? I bet that your answer to my question is 'yes, of course!'. I love fairy tales too and let's face it, who doesn't dream about a happy ending just like in the fairy tales. Barbie loves fairy tales too and she dreams all day about princesses and castles and ponies. In this fun new game that we have for you today girls, you will be able to find out what are Barbie's favorite fairy tales and dress Barbie like the main character in the stories she adores so much- Rapunzel, Jasmine and Ariel. You will have to pick your favorite story to begin with but to play each of the fairy tale you will have to play an exciting mini game. Are you ready to untangle Rapunzel's long beautiful golden hair? Or find Ariel precious lost gems on the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe collect Jasmine's precious items with the magic carpet? You will find all of these exciting challenges in this fun new game that we have prepared for you: Barbie Princess Story! After you pass all this fun mini games you will be able to dress up Barbie like the beautiful little mermaid and choose a fabulous hairstyle for her, or like the beautiful Rapunzel or the mysterious Jasmine. Have fun girls!
Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 2
Description: Hello again ladies! Are you ready for Barbie's second challenge that her bffs have prepared for her, as a bachelorette? It looks like she did awesome with her first challenge and she is up and ready for the next one and she can't wait to start! In this second Bachelorette, Jenny, Barbie's bff who is in the rock music industry, has challenged our girl to rush through the streets of the town on her motorcycle, on the way to her next exciting challenge. If Barbie manages to collect all the items she is required to, she will enjoy three very fun mini games. In the first one, you have to make sure that Barbie plays the guitar correctly so that she is able to move on to the next one, in which she must find the hidden objects to unlock the rock dressup. Last but not least, Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge consists of a wonderful makeover in which you have to dress her up like a real rock star. Just add a pink dress with a pair of black boots, choose a funky hairstyle along with a daring make up and a rock style clutch and Barbie will successfully finish the Bachelorette Challenge! So have lots of fun with Barbie's second Bachelorette Challenge!
Four Seasons Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! Have you ever thought how it would be to enjoy all of the seasons at once? I think that would be a really great experience. So why don't you try it? In this new fun spa game that we have prepared for you, you can do that. First you will enjoy a relaxing spa part where you will go through all kind of treatments specific for each season: hydrating your skin for the spring time, an exfoliation and rain shower treatment for the summer time, hydrating your skin with pumpkin lotion for the fall time and a relaxing massage with hot stones for the winter time. And not only that, but we have a full wardrobe for you with fabulous clothing and accessories for each season. In order to unlock each season you will have to play a fun mini game. I'm sure you will have a great time girls! Create a chic trendy look for spring, summer, autumn and winter- the four seasons- and see your final result- the whole four looks put together side by side. Also, don't forget to pick a nice hairstyle and a great hair color for each season. Have a great time playing this wonderful spa game, get pampered and enjoy a cool dress up session.
Candy Doll Creator
Description: Hello girls! We have a new game for you and I bet you will absolutely adore it. Guess what? In this new game you can create your own candy doll. I'll tell you how, so let's start with the begging. In the first panel you can choose the shape of the eyes for your cute doll and also your favorite color. As you can see, you have many choices so it won't be hard to find what you like the best. Then you can also chose the shape for the lips, eyebrows and the skin tone. We encourage you to try different mixing and matching so you will obtain completely different results, girls! The next step, time to choose a hairstyle for our candy doll. Create the perfect hairdo and try different colors to see what you like the most. After you are done you can choose from two different skirt shapes the one that you like the most and customize it with belts, buttons and embroidery. You can pick different colors for each of these, is't that fun, girls? After that it's time to choose the top. Here you have a lot of options so try them all and then decide upon one. Accessorize your candy girl and save your picture for later. I bet you already have some ideas for your next chic candy girl, right ladies? No worries! Play as much as you want and make a lot of combinations and different looks. Have fun playing this new exciting game called Candy Doll Creator.
Barbie Bachelorette Challenge
Description: Hey girls! If you have played Barbie Wedding Rush you already know how fabulous Barbie's wedding was and how she raced around town trying to make her day perfect in every little detail. She had to stop by the beauty salon to get her wedding gown and of course, pick her wedding bouquet. What you don't know, ladies, is what happened before this perfect day. But don't worry, we will show you now in this awesome new game we have prepared for you. Barbie's bffs have prepared a great bachelorette party for her and of course, some really exciting challenges that Barbie has to pass. We don't want to spoil the surprise for you so we will tell you just a few highlights. Two of Barbie's friends - Lola, a cute hipster girl and Britney- a glam diva, have some amazing challenges for Barbie. She will rush across town again so prepare for some adrenaline, ladies! Also, you will enjoy a different kind of racing because Barbie will ride her bicycle too on the way to one of the challenges. If she manages to pass the challenges, she will unlock two fun makeovers: one with great hipster clothes and the other one with glamorous glitzy designer outfits. I bet you can't wait to see what awesome outfits the two girls have prepared for Barbie. So play this new game called Bachelorette Challenge and see how will Barbie spend her last day as a bachelorette. Enjoy!
Chocolate Spa Day
Description: I don't know about you girls but I absolutely love chocolate. It always puts me in a good mood. Only thinking about chocolate makes my day brighter. And I want to make your day brighter too, girls, so today I will take you to a special spa where you will feel very good, I promise. It's the Chocolate Spa and all the spa treatment are chocolate-based. Sounds like a lot of fun, right girls? So let me tell you what kind of special spa services you will receive at the Chocolate Spa. First you will be pampered with a chromotherapy session, followed by a coconut mask and a relaxing massage. Then some divine chocolate wraps. After that you will be getting a flawless waxing, ladies, that will make you feel attractive and beautiful. A nice massage for your feet will calm your skin. Next, it's time for the perfect pedicure. You will get to select your favorite nail shape, apply cuticle balm and a shiny nail gel. Last but not the least, you will get to choose a lovely chocolate-inspired outfit. You will not only feel fabulous, but also look fabulous. Have a great time playing our wonderful new game called Chocolate Spa Day and relax in style at this amazing spa. Let's us bring you a lovely indulging experience!
Barbie Wedding Rush
Description: Today it's Barbie's wedding day. She is very excited and nervous at the same time. This day has to be perfect, in every little detail. Barbie is running late as usual, so you girls will have to help her look gorgeous for her dream wedding. Hurry up and race in a pink convertible beetle to the Just Fab beauty salon where Barbie will be pampered with a fabulous treatment for her face and teeth so she will look flawless for her big day. On her way she will have to collect makeup and dress up items and also money for her honeymoon. Next stop, the hair salon- Supercuts- where Barbie will be given a full hair treatment and a fabulous bridal hairstyle. This day is all about her so she has to look stunning from head to toe. The fun is not over, girls. The next stop is the Bridal Boutique where you will choose a beautiful wedding gown for Barbie and some glitzy accessories. Go for a sparkle diamonds tiara and an exquisite pair of earrings that will make Barbie sparkle literally . Also, don't forget to do her make up in order for her look to be complete. Aren't you forgetting something, girls? Barbie has one more stop to make before getting to the wedding, the most fancy flower shop in town, Full Bloom Boutique where she will choose her wedding bouquet. Now Barbie looks gorgeous and she feels confident. Have a great time playing our wonderful new game called Barbie Wedding Rush in which you will help Barbie go through all the beauty process steps in order to look stunning for her wedding day. Also, you will enjoy a fun racing part where Barbie will collect all of the beauty items she needs. Enjoy, girls!
Baby Dino Love
Description: Everybody knows how much love and care a baby dino needs to be happy and grow up. Firstly, he needs to be fed every three hours with all sorts of goodies, such as leaves and meat, so mom and dad have a lot of work with providing the food and they need your help to take care of him. If he gets sick, you have to treat him immediately in order for him to get healthy and be happy again. Moreover, you have to bath him every night so that he can sleep very good and be relaxed. But don't put baby dino to sleep before giving him his bottle, because he won't fall asleep. In the morning, after you change his diaper and feed him, you can play with him and have fun together with his favorite toys. I am sure dino mom and dad will appreciate your affection for the little one because they know how much you love him and like to spend a lot of time with him. So come to Dino park and see if you can manage taking care of three cute baby dinos that will request all of your attention. This is a challenging task girls and you must take care of the baby dinos as good as you can before the time runs out. See if you can be the most amazing baby sitter in the world in this new fun pet game called Baby Dino Love.
Elements Spa Day: Fire
Description: Hello, girls! Today we have a brand new game, called Elements Spa Day: Fire, in which you will experience a unique indulging treatment for your skin and hair at the most fabulous spa where the beautiful Queen of fire pampers herself from head to toe. You will definitely feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world! First, you start with the facial treatment, which is very important to have a perfect skin. This consists in a special aromaplasty mask that will be placed on your eyes and forehead, a natural goji fruits mask, followed by a rose-based nutritional mask. But don't forget that it is absolutely necessary to finish your facial pampering with a waxing for your eyebrows in order to give them a beautiful shape. Next, it's time to relax in the special fire room with infrared lights and then de-stress with a relaxing back massage with herbal bags and a great chocolate wrap. You will end this wonderful experience by getting a fabulous tan. Remember girls, the hair is important too for a perfect look. You will have to wash it and hydrate it very gently, cut off a bit the edges and dry it. Finally, you apply a bit of hairspray for volume, pick a gorgeous hairstyle and you're done! I bet that you won't be able to make up your mind on the hairstyle because all of them are plain gorgeous. Don't forget to pick a lovely dress and accessorize accordingly. Have fun playing this new Enjoydressup spa, called Elements Spa Day: Fire!
Halloween Spooky Secrets
Description: Hello girls! We have an awesome new Halloween game for you in which you can create your spooky Halloween costume! You have so many choices, girls. You can be an awesome superhero, or a gorgeous princess, a cute animal or a celebrity. And the fun part is that you can combine all of the items together and create a really spooky Halloween costume.I'm sure you will recognize easily the outfits we have prepared for you. The dress up items are plain fabulous, but don't forget about the hairstyle and makeup. You can pick the hairstyle fitted for your favorite superhero, celebrity, princess or animal, or use your imagination and combine them to obtain a whole new funky style. The make up features will really impress you, I'm sure! And to complete your whole outfit we have prepared some really Halloween-ish accessories. With a little imagination and styling skills your will look really amazing at the Halloween party. All eyes will be on you because you will be plain gorgeous! Not so fast girls, we have prepared some spooky challenges for you in this fun makeover game. I sure you will love them! We don't want to give you any spoilers so why don't you find out for yourself. Have a great time playing this fabulous new game called Halloween Spooky Secrets! Enjoy, girls!
Halloween Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! We have a great new game for you, especially for Halloween, your favorite holiday. In this great new spa game you will get pampered from head to toe in order to look gorgeous for Halloween. You will start by treating your hands and making the perfect manicure. You have a lot of funky colors to choose from, some awesome patterns and stickers and cool accessories. But before that you will have to clip your nails, file them and apply a cuticle cream. Your nails are perfect now, so it's time to move over to your hair which also has to look perfect. Wash it and shampoo it until it is clean and soft and then until you wait for the hair mask to nourish your hair you will relax with a nice spa treatment for your back. The pumpkin lotion and the back massage will release all of the tension so you can feel relaxed and happy the whole Halloween evening. After you are done, it's time for the perfect Halloween makeup, girls! We have some awesome face painting features for you and after you have made up your mind upon one, you will have to pick the perfect costume. Try all of them and see which one suits you the best! I bet that you won't be able to make up your mind. All of them are plain gorgeous. Don't forget to accessorize the look and you are ready to go. Trick or treat? Have fun, girls!
Barbie Jelly Swirl Cheesecake Slice
Description: Hello girls! Today we have a new recipe for you, this time from the adorable Barbie, who as you already know, is a renowned talented chef. Barbie's passion is cooking, and she cooks as much as she can, always trying new recipes and inventing new ones. She has a lot of imagination so everything comes naturally to her. Today, you will have the possibility to cook with Barbie and learn some cooking tips and tricks from her. I'm sure it will be very useful for you and also fun. We have all of the ingredients prepared: ginger nut biscuits, jelly, water, cheese cream, sugar, yogurt and the cooking tools: large bowls, pans, electric mixer and the oven. All you have to do now is follow the hints and go through all the cooking steps to prepare a delicious jelly swirl cheesecake. The final result will be amazingly tasty and I'm sure you will be very satisfied with your work. So let's start! Have a blast, girls playing this few new Enjoydressup cooking game called Barbie Jelly Swirl Cheesecake Slice!
Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears
Description: Hello girls! Do you remember the sweet Blondie Lockes? She is the daughter of the famous Goldie Lockes and she studies at th Ever After High. Blondie is very social and sweet. She wants everything to be just perfect in each situation, that's why she tends to be a little nitpick about small details. She runs a school blog and today she wants to share a new recipe on her blog with her readers: Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears. She wants to cook this tasty dessert and take a lot of pictures so she can explain the cooking process much better to her readers. Will you help her with the cooking process? Everything is prepared, girls, you will just have to follow the hints and the instructions and the result will be an amazing delicious recipe that Blondie will be able to share it with all of her fans. I'm sure she will be very glad that you helped. Have a great time playing this awesome new cooking game called Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears. Enjoy, ladies!
Fruitilicious Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! Today we will take you to the Fruitilicious Spa and you will spend all of your day there having fun, relaxing and getting pampered from head to toe. You will start your day with an awesome treatment for your back with red fruit and coconut oil. You will also get a relaxing awesome massage. After that, you will have to choose your favorite jam for a smooth back treatment. You can either go for blackberry jam, apple, strawberry, watermelon, banana or cherry jam! Next, it's time to wax your legs so they will be amazingly smooth and get a nice treatment for your lips with a frutilicious balm that will make your lips soft and nice looking. After you have done with this step of the spa treatment it's time to get the perfect pedicure. Your nails will look fabulous after they will be given a nice shape and an adequate treatment. You are not done yet. It's makeup time. Choose a happy color for your eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick and your mood will boost instantly, I bet. You will feel happy and charming dressed up in all the beautiful fruitilicious dresses. Pick your favorite one and don't forget to accessorize it with a nice chic pair of sunglasses or a cute necklace. Last but not the least, don't forget to try a fashionable pair of shoes and a hairdo that says WOW! and will change your whole appearance. That sounds like a lot of fun, right? Let's start an awesome day at the fruitilicious spa, girls! When you are done, you will look like a true glamorous diva! Have fun!
Royal Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! We have a new spa game for you that I'm sure you are going to love! Today we will take you to a haven of peace and relaxation: The Royal Spa. You will feel just like a queen for one day and you will surely be treated like one. This place is specially designed for relaxing so prepared to be pampered from head to toe and leave the place with a big smile on your face. You will start the day at the Royal Spa relaxing in a bubbly foam Jacuzzi and getting a really nice relaxing massage for your face and shoulders. That should release all the tension from your body. Then you will experience a special kind of facial treatment with a royal gold-based lotion. Just perfect for a royalty. Your eyebrows need to look perfect because they can change your whole appearance so at the Royal Spa you will also get a nice shape for them. Your eyelashes also need some special attention. You will look really charming after they will receive a nice curving shape. Next, the aromatherapy process. We have prepared some awesome ingredients for you: lavender, vanilla, rose, jojoba, plumeria and rose hip. Last but not the least, your feet will receive some royal treatment too: a perfect divine pedicure. After being pampered like a queen, it's time to look like one too. Pick a lovely dress and some glitzy accessories and a hairdo that will complete the whole look. You look stunning, your Majesty! Have fun, girls!
Bugs Bunny Carrot Cakes
Description: Hello girls! Today you will have a challenging task. Guess what? You will have to help Bugs Bunny prepare a delicious recipe with a key ingredient. Can you guess what that is? Carrots, of course! Bugs Bunny's favorite. This tasty recipe is called Bugs Bunny Carrot Cakes. The only problem is that Bugs Bunny isn't very skilled when it comes to cooking and he tends to make such a mess in the kitchen that's why he could really use your help, girls! I bet that you could help him bake the delicious carrot cakes in no time! The ingredients and the necessary tools are all prepared for you on the kitchen counter and now all you have to do is pay attention and follow all the steps of the cooking process. It's quite easy, girls! You'll see. So enough with the chit chat. Play this funny cooking game and learn something really useful: a tasty dessert recipe. In no time Bugs Bunny will become a skilled cook just like you, but only if you help him. Have a great time girls, playing Bugs Bunny Carrot Cakes cooking game.
Barbie Ever After High Spa
Description: Barbie has been feeling under the weather lately so her friends have thought of something to cheer her up. They will take her to the most fabulous spa: The Ever After High Spa, the Spa where the children of the famous fairy tale characters relax in royal style. The appointment is made and now Barbie will definitely relax, get pampered from head to toe and feel much better. Can you guess what fabulous treatment awaits for Barbie at the Ever After High Spa? We'll reveal some of the steps, but the rest is up for you to discover. Barbie will be pampered with a fabulous massage for her back, head and neck that will release the tension from her muscles. For a gorgeous charming smile, Barbie's teeth must look flawless that's why at the Ever After High Spa, Barbie will receive a full treatment for her teeth too. Next, it's time for a fabulous hair treatment that will make her hair shiny and soft. At the Ever After High Spa they use only high quality products so Barbie will look really FAB after the hair treatment process. Not only this but she will get some really cool funky highlights that will change her whole appearance. Now that Barbie feels relaxed and peaceful it's time for a dress up session. We have prepared some really cool outfits (dresses, tops, skirts, shoes) and accessories that Barbie will be able to mix and match as she wishes. She will look just like a famous princess from the Ever After High series. Have a great time playing this wonderful spa game and make Barbie look fabulous!
Winnie's Honey Cupcakes
Description: Hello girls! We are back with a new delicious recipe and this time your guide is the one and only Winnie The Pooh. We know how much you like him that's why today he will teach you his special dessert recipe: Winnie's Honey Cupcakes. I guess that there's no need to mention that the special ingredient for this recipe is something that can't miss from Winnie's kitchen: honey. You will also need some other ingredients such as: eggs, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and baking soda. Don't worry girls, we have prepared everything for you and you will only need to follow the hints to go through all the steps of the cooking process. The result will be lots of yummylicious cupcakes with honey, cream and cherries. Sounds delicious, right? Now that we convinced you that this recipe deserves all of your attention let's get to work. Have a great time playing this exciting Enjoydressup cooking game that we have prepared for you called Winnie's Honey Cupcakes and learn a useful recipe to impress all of your friends and family members. Enjoy, girls!
Luxurious Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! It's time to forget all about the day to day routine and worries and treat yourself like you truly deserve in royal style at the most luxurious serene spa. We will take you there in this new fun Enjoydresup game that we have prepared for you. You will start the luxurious spa day with an indulging hair treatment. First your hair will be washed with a volume, nourishing shampoo. Then, your hair will be pampered with a regenerating mask and while you wait for the effect to boost in you will relax with a fabulous back massage with essential oils and with a high tech rotating massage device. Don't forget, your skin must be flawless, so some scrub exfoliating lotion might come in hand. After that your hair will be washed again and blow dried for a fabulous volume effect. Time to style up your hair. You will have to pick a highlight of your choice and then the color that you prefer. It's simple and the effect is plain amazing. I bet that you will look like a glam vip! Next, time to pick up some stunning outfits. The day can't get luxurious enough. Try all of the clothing items and accessories and decide upon the ones that you like the most. Also, a professional make up is in need for the whole look to be complete. Have a great time playing this fabulous spa game called Luxurious Spa Day. Enjoy, girls!
Blossom's Pink Mini Cheesecakes
Description: Hey girls! Do you remember Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls? She is the leader of this group of super hero girls and I bet you know a lot of things about her like her signature color-pink, the fact that she is determinate and ambitious and the fact that she can freeze objects with her ice breath. What you probably didn't know yet is that Blossom is a very good cook. She likes to cook for Bubbles and Buttercup and she makes them very happy with her sugar sweet recipes. Today Blossom will share with you a great recipe: Blossom's Pink Mini Cheesecakes. Yes, they are pink because this pretty girl surely loves pink. The recipe is very simple and she will guide you through the whole process. The ingredients- vanilla wafer, cheese cream, eggs, lemon juice and cherry filling are all prepared for you. Follow the hints and prepare these delicious pink mini cheesecakes! I bet that you will love this game so much that you'll want to share it with all of your friends and loved ones. Have a great time playing this wonderful Enjoydressup cooking game called Blossom's Pink Mini Cheesecakes and follow Blossom's lead (she is such a born leader after all, you know). Enjoy, girls!
Tea Time With The Girls
Description: I bet that all of you girls have a best friend with whom you share all of your thoughts and dreams and who can cheer you up instantly when you have had a bad day. If that applies to you, you are one lucky girl! I too have a best friend and we often go out and have lots of fun gossiping and talking about the happenings in our life. Today we are going out at a new chic tea place in town called The Tea Spot. We haven't seen each other in a few weeks so we have a lot of things to catch up. But first I have to prepare. I always look great when I go out. Will you help me girls? I will start with a complete facial treatment so my face will look fresh and glowy and then I have to pick out a chic dress and apply some fancy makeup. A nice lipstick and a touch of blush will change my appearance completely. Also, I want to accessorize my outfit with some chic accessories that I already have. Which one do you like the most? I bet that you like all but I must make up my mind for just one combination. Let's get to work girls! The dress code is chic elegant and fabulous, of course. Have a great time playing this new fun facial beauty game called Tea Time With The Girls and help me prepare for some fun time out in the city!
Tropical Spa Day
Description: A day at the tropical spa is a pure delight. Just try and see! Start your day with a luxurious fruity facial treatment that consists of bananas facial mask, pineapple cream, kiwi moisturizer and strawberry cream. All of these high quality products will make your skin very soft, fresh, clean and glowing. Now that you look great, you need to feel great too. A little massage for your back is just what you need to de-stress a little. Hot stones, berry cream, watermelon and orange cream are just some of the treats that you will enjoy at the tropical spa. After you are full relaxed and feeling great, it's time for the perfect manicure! Wow! Let's move to the makeover part where you will make yourself look even more fabulous. Choose a tropical inspired hairdo with pretty flowers in your hair and a lovely delicate chic outfit that says 'wow'. A professional make-up will make you look stunning and charming! The tropical color are happy and they will boost your mood for sure. Last but not the least, choose a daring color for your nail polish that will fit the whole tropical theme. Now you should be perfect! Have a great time playing this wonderful new game that we have prepared for you and prepare to be spoiled and feel fabulous at the Tropical Spa Day!
Smurfette Raspberry Cookie Bars
Description: Hey girls! We know how much you like to cook and try new amazingly delicious recipes that's why today we have prepared a surprise for you. Prepare to be amazed: the sweet and pretty Smurfette will teach you how to cook an amazing dessert: raspberry cookie bars. Pay attention girls: this recipe is totally worth your attention. We have prepared everything for you: the ingredients and the necessary tools. The steps are very easy, especially if you have Smurfette to guide you through the cooking process. So let's begin girls. We need: butter, brown sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, flour, baking soda and raspberry jam. First, we will bake the mixture that contains the butter, brown sugar and lemon juice and then we will prepare the dough for the cookie bars. It's not hard at all, you'll see. Just follow the steps and have fun girls. I'm sure you will love the recipe and you will want to share it with all your friends and loved ones. Smurfette's raspberry cookie bars are very tasted and addictive. Have a great time playing this new fun cooking game from Enjoydressup and learn an amazing new dessert recipe: Smurfette's raspberry cookie bars.
Egyptian Spa Day
Description: The ancient Egyptians had a number of beauty rituals and their obsession for beauty, youth and perfection it's quite renowned. That's why Egypt is the perfect destination if you want to relax and spoil yourself with all kind of spa treatments, but also enjoy some breath taking landscapes. Only a few spa resorts have kept the ancient secrets of eternal beauty, and today we will take you to one of these spas to enjoy yourself and feel fabulous. Because you truly deserve it, girls! The day at the Egyptian spa will begin with a specialized facial treatment: you will be pampered with an amazing cleanser, a water lily face treatment and other high quality creams. Your skin must look flawless and the treatments will protect it from the powerful hot sun. While in Egypt you need to look fabulous, so you also need a perfect shape for your eye brows which can totally change your appearance. Next: a nice relaxing massage for your back with essential oils. Chromotherapy will boost your mood and make your feel relaxed and cheerful. Your feet are important too, so at the Egyptian spa you will be provided with a divine spa care for your feet. The great scrubs, bubbly creams and bath with orchid flowers will make you feel completely relaxed and joyful. Now that you feel good, you also must look good, so have fun finding an amazing dress that will compliment your beautiful figure and emphasize your natural beauty. A great hairdo and Egyptian-inspired accessories will complete your whole look. Enjoy your Egyptian spa day!
Magical Spa Day
Description: There are days when you might think that only magic will make your day brighter and happier. Today we will take you to a special place where you will be able to relax and feel special and fabulous: The Magical Spa. This spa is an exclusive place where only the privileged may enter, such as magical creatures, fairies and witches. But for today we'll let you peak inside and see what happens to a magical spa. Today girls you will have the pleasure of pampering this pretty witch from head to toe. Watch for the magic globe for it will tell you what to do next. First, you will fix her nasty nose with a magical potion that will make it look much smaller and cuter. Then you will make her pimples disappear with a magical wand and her face will look flawless. Keep having fun and pamper this cute witch with a unicorn tears mask and a magical massage with spell potions, star dust and even magical froggies! The witches look will not be complete without a perfect magical manicure and of course a styling session: pick some nice colorful highlights, a pretty dress, some pretty rings and bracelets and of course some magical tattoos. Have fun!
Elements Makeover Wind Princess
Description: Nature has five major elements: earth, water, ice, fire and wind, each of them being ruled by a suited princess. Today you will meet one of these princesses: a gorgeous breath-taking princess that will impress you with her natural wild beauty- the wind princess. She has a unique style, I tell you girls and today it is a lucky day for you because you will have the chance to see and help her with her beauty routine. The gorgeous wind princess will share with you her tips and tricks and how she manages to look so amazing all the time. First you will start with a facial beauty treatment that will make her skin look flawless and out of this world. Then you will continue by applying the perfect make-up for her. Choose from all the beautiful colors and emphasize her natural beauty. The wind princess has a beautiful long hair. Everyone is impressed by her creative, rebel hairdos so feel free to try all of them and see which one do you like the best. A lovely windy dress in nice colors with designs inspired by the beauty of nature it's what's left for our Wind Princess to be perfect! Have a great time playing this new facial beauty makeover game called Elements Makeover: Wind Princess!
Sugar Sweet Spa Day
Description: Hello girls! Today we invite you to relax at a different kind of spa: The Sugar Sweet Spa, a wonderful place where you get pampered from head to toe and spoiled like you truly deserve. First you will enjoy a sweet chocolate facial mask that will nourish your skin and make it fresh and glowing. Then select two delicious ingredients to create the mask that appeals the most to you. You have to choose from a number a fruits with healing properties and rich in antioxidants: strawberries, lemons, limes, bananas and watermelon. Pick your fruit and mix it with another ingredient of your choice: yogurt, pudding, milk, peanut butter and hazelnut chocolate. That sure sounds like sweet fun, doesn't it? Your skin looks healthy and radiant now, but how about your hair? Let's concentrate our efforts on that, shall we? A repairing shampoo, highly hydrating conditioner and regenerating mask might be just what you need to reinvigorate it and make it look awesome. You're not finished yet! Cut your split ends and try a new hairdo! This might be a new reason to smile and feel more confident. After you have completed this stage of process in this sugar sweet spa day enjoy yourself by trying some new eye candy cute outfits that I bet will look really good on you! Enjoy playing this special new game we have prepared for you and feel fabulous in your sugar sweet spa day!
Ever After High: Blondie Lockes
Description: As you probably already know, at Ever After high study the children of the most famous fairy tale characters. The ladies follow their mothers' footsteps and become amazing princesses. Blondie Lockes how her friends call her, is one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She's always taking care to be in shape and even in the worst days she manages to be happy, to spread smiles to everyone and have fun. She wants to live life to the fullest, just as everyone else. She doesn't have a ”best feature”, she's perfect. Every girl in school envies her beautiful blonde hair and her overall looks. The new game in the Ever After High series, brings Blondie Lockes up. She always looks flawless. Now you can help her through the process of getting a facial and prepare for a brand new perfect day. Also, we have prepared everything for you, to give her a complete new look. Remember, flawless Blondie Lockes is the most beautiful girl in school. Let's see if we can make her be the most beautiful girl in the world! Enjoy playing this really exciting facial beauty game called Ever After High: Blondie Lockes!
Shrek's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Description: Shrek is very fond of cookies, especially if they have chocolate in them. Everyone loves chocolate, but ogres love it even more! So let's make a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies for our good friend Shrek! In a large bowl mix some butter, sugar, brown sugar, milk, vanilla essence for some wonderful flavors, flour, a bit of salt to balance the taste and then blend everything with a mixer. In another bowl put chocolate chips and butter and melt them in the oven. In this last mixture add more sugar, salt, eggs, flour and walnut. Put the entire mixture in a big tray and put it in the oven for a while. Take them out and slice the batter into equal pieces. On a play scoop some cookies dough and dollop them on a plate. Take the fudgy brownie and make a hollow in the middle by pressing, where you can put the cookie dough and then wrap the entire thing into a ball. Melt more chocolate and then pick up the brownie balls and dip them into the melted chocolate. Finally sprinkle chocolate chips on top and they are ready to be served. Shrek will be so happy! Enjoy this wonderful cooking game called Shrek's Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Destination Wedding Prep: Greece
Description: Meet the gorgeous main character of our new makeover game from the Destination Wedding Series. Her name is Penelope and she loves the rich culture, the beach, clear blue waters and Greece. Penelope and her fiance have decided to tie the knot and they consider that Greece is the perfect destination for their wedding. Besides, she has Greek origins, so it would only be natural for her to get married there. Everything went just fine and today is the big day. Everyone arrived safely to Greece and they just can't wait for the ceremony and obviously, the big party to begin. Penelope is the most excited of all because she already feels the pressure of looking absolutely stunning. In this exciting facial beauty game called Destination Wedding Prep: Greece you will be helping Penelope get ready for the party. There is no other way. It's her big day and she woke up early to get ready and look perfect for her wedding. You will be helping her get a fabulous makeover and become the princess she deserves to be for her big day. Her preparation for this exciting wedding destination that Greece is must be impeccable. Help this gorgeous bride create the perfect outfit for her to wear at the wedding in this exciting facial beauty game called Destination Wedding Prep: Greece!
Turkish Spa Day
Description: The Turkish Spas are famous for the rich sensorial experience that they provide. It would be a complete mistake to visit Turkey and not enjoy the soothing baths with mineral waters and the full range of services that a Turkish spa has to provide. If you want to relax, de-stress and meditate, I think you would be amazed to find just the perfect place for that! Elmira is feeling a bit under the weather and just for today she wants to get herself pampered from head to toe. Join her and help her relax. Start by applying some high quality facial treatments with traditional plants that will make her face glow and look fresh. Then select 4 ingredients for her aromatherapy steam bath. You have so many choices, ladies. And all of them sound just great: lavender, spearmint, lime, mandarin, cinnamon leaves, ylang ylang, cedar wood and many others! Then help Elmira relax while she is pampered with a natural scrub lotion, hot stone massage and chromo therapy showers. Next step: achieve the perfect manicure. Choose the perfect nail shape, a lovely color that you like, maybe some prints, a cute ring and a gorgeous inspirational henna tattoo. Elmira feels great right now, but there is something left: choose a great hairstyle for Elmira, a makeup that will emphasize her beautiful and delicate features and a stunning Turkish-inspired outfit! Have fun, ladies playing this fabulous spa game called Turkish Spa Day!
Blind Date Prep
Description: Hello girls! Ever been to a blind date? I know it might sound a bit strange or freaky, but sometimes the outcome of a blind date can be really unexpected, in a positive way. Sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try something that you wouldn't normally do, like a blind date for example. Cindy, our gorgeous girl over here is planning to do so. She has met a boy over the internet and they have spoken for days. This evening they finally decided to go for a date. Of course, Cindy has mixed up feeling about this and she is both excited and nervous. Will you help her prepare for this date with a complete makeover? Start with a facial treatment that will make her glamorous and fresh, and then have fun going through her closet and choosing the best outfits for her to wear. Don't forget to accessorize with a glitzy pair of earrings and a beautiful necklace. The make up is important too. It will make her look more attractive and charming. Have fun ladies and help this pretty lady look stunning for her blind date!
Tooth Fairy Makeover
Description: From all the fairies of the world, we get to meet the Fairy Godmother first and then the Tooth Fairy. I must say, the Tooth Fairy is my favorite one, not just because she takes away our baby teeth, but also because she gives back money! Still, even if I found all that money under my pillow every time I lost one of my baby teeth, I never got to see the Tooth Fairy or get to meet her. I wondered what the fairy looks like, what color her hair is and what she likes to wear. Imagine my surprise when I found that the mysterious Tooth Fairy is a makeover fan and loves dressing up and putting on makeup every time she flies off to collect a new baby tooth. She even agreed to participate in a super fun makeover game in which children all over the world can get to know her better, dress her up and help her with her special Tooth Fairy Makeover. Start the game by applying some unicorn tears to her face to make it all soft and shiny, then some magical cream around her eyes to get rid of those dreadful dark circles. After using the tweezers to give her eyebrows a great shape, focus your attention on that fairy dust. No fairy can call herself a fairy without a proper set of wings. Sprinkle some fairy dust and help our Tooth Fairy grow wings. Then dress her up, apply glamorous fairy makeup and make sure our beautiful fairy is ready for another journey. Enjoy playing our Tooth Fairy Makeover game, girls!
Ever After High: Briar Beauty
Description: At the Ever After High study the children of the famous fairy tale characters- that you must know so well, ladies- who are destined to follow their parents footsteps in order to keep their story alive. Still, there are characters that have less favorable destinies for themselves and want to rewrite their own story. Briar Beauty is the daughter of the famous Sleeping Beauty and in spite of her not so favorable destiny- she is destined to sleep for a hundred years- she wants to step into her mother's footsteps and fulfill her story. Being aware of her destiny, Briar wants to live her life to the fullest and have fun shopping, partying and hanging with her best friend, Apple White. In this new fun game, you will have the pleasure of pampering this cute cheerful princess with a fabulous makeover. She must make the most of her time, so she wants to look flawless and stunning. Her signature color is pink, so make sure you will make her happy by choosing a makeup that she will like and also a pinkish chic outfit. We have prepared a lot of dresses for you to choose from: from her famous black lace and pinkish stretched dress with puffy sleeves, to other trendy gowns. Have a blast, ladies and enjoy playing our new exciting Ever After High game: Briar Beauty Makeover!
African Spa Day
Description: Relax, get spoiled, de-stress - let's face it ladies!- we have more than enough reasons to visit an exclusive spa once in a while and indulge our senses. Sometimes the daily routine can be unbearable and a spa treat sounds so appealing! There is this place where all you have to do is relax and let others make sure that you feel and look fabulous. Today we will take you to that place: an intimate exclusive spa in Africa where you will be treated like a royalty by a team of world-class experts. Time to let yourself be spoiled ladies! In your African spa day you will enjoy a relaxing facial treatment with the best regenerating masks and traditional therapies. Then you will enjoy an amazing massage with colorful oils, flower petals and hot stones. I bet you will want to stay there forever! Another special spa treatment is available for you: a traditional African pedicure that includes fish spa therapy and a henna tattoo session. That sure sounds like fun! You will definitely leave the spa feeling relaxed, happy, beautiful and empowered. Last but not the least, your African spa day wouldn't be complete without a full makeover. Choose from the chic African-inspired outfits that we have prepared for you the one that you like the most! A pair of lovely sandals, a professional make up and a cool hairdo might just make your day! Get pampered from head to toe in our new awesome game called African Spa Day!
Color Explosion Makeover
Description: Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I'm not in a very good mood. I bet that happens to you too, doesn't it? Some mornings I go for a long run in the park, other mornings I choose to sleep in late and sometimes I just choose something nice to wear and that gets me in the right state of mind to start a fantastic day. This summer, my solution for mornings like this is a color explosion makeover, ladies! In case you are not familiar with this color explosion makeover concept, allow me to explain. The first step to start such a makeover is choosing something really colorful to wear while you're getting a facial beauty treatment. A bright pink bathrobe is just perfect. Then, after pampering yourself with all the best moisturizing creams and scrubs, you can move on to an even more colorful step in this color explosion makeover: the makeup. Forget all about that black eyeliner and go for a bright pink or a fantastic green, girls! Then add a rainbow eye shadow and a glitzy gloss and your makeup will be perfect. Remember to pay extra attention to some colorful highlights in your hair. They really help, I promise. Last step in our color explosion makeover is your outfit. Go crazy with the colors and don't be afraid of bold and over the top combinations. Almost anything works when you're planning on having a colorful day. Have fun playing our Color Explosion Makeover game, girls!
My Funky Hair Day
Description: I don't know about you girls but when I have a good hair day no matter what I wear I look great. If my hair looks amazing, then my whole look is amazing. That's why, from time to time I like to dedicate a whole day to taking care of my hair and try different funky hairstyles. That's the only way I can discover new lovely hairdos that are easy to make and that are really cool. Considering that my hair is going through so many changes it needs special attention that's why I will wash my hair with a professional shampoo and apply a treatment cream and a special repairing conditioner. The hair will become strong, hydrated and shiny. Afterwards I will blow dry my hair and choose the hairstyle. Should I go for wavy funky curls or straight, smooth hairstyle? You choose, ladies! I want you to help me find the best funky hairstyles. Let's say a big NO to dull hair and yes to shiny, bold colors and crazy hairstyles. Last but not the least, choose a great outfit that will complete this look on this funky hair day. So many groovy colors! Now I'm so happy, girls! Thanks for helping me out! Have a lovely time playing this wonderful Enjoydressup game called My Funky Hair Day!
Hello Kitty Strawberry Cheese Cake
Description: Hello girls! You know what they say: Life is short, eat dessert first. We take this motto seriously so today we will show you a new dessert recipe: Hello Kitty Strawberry Cheese Cake. This is the most delicious cheese cake that you'll ever taste, I'm sure! This recipe it's Hello Kitty's favorite and it is quite simple to make-you only need a few simple ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, eggs, cheese cream and strawberries. Are you ready girls? Hello Kitty wants to share this fab recipe with you. You will be guided through the cooking process step by step, you just have to follow the hints and the instructions. I'm sure that you will have a blast because cooking can be really fun especially when you have a master like Hello Kitty to guide you. Improve you cooking skills with this useful cooking game and learn a new yummylicious recipe that will impress your friends and family :) and will make your summer days sweeter. Have a fab time playing this awesome Enjoydressup cooking game called Hello Kitty Strawberry Cheese Cake!
Five Star Makeover
Description: Hey girls! Ever dreamed about getting yourself spoiled with the best beauty makeover? I bet you did! Girls love to be spoiled and use only the best cosmetics and beauty products. So does Cherry, our beautiful young lady over here. She lives like a star: she travels to the most exotic expensive places, checks in only at five star hotels and resorts and she wears the most luxurious brands. This summer, Cherry really outdid herself. She is going on a five star cruise and she will visit the most beautiful islands. But before doing that, she will spoil herself with a five star makeover. You will have to help her girls, and I bet you will have a lot of fun because we have prepared for you the most gorgeous dresses, accessories and jewelry. But before that you will pamper Cherry with some five star beauty products that will make her radiate and shine like a star. Don't forget to pick a lovely hairdo for her. You have so many options and colors that you won't be able to make up your mind. Try them all and make Cherry look really stunning in the exciting facial beauty game called Five Star Makeover! Have a fabulous time, ladies!
Destination Wedding Prep: Jamaica
Description: Meet the gorgeous protagonist of our new makeover game from the Destination Wedding Series. Her name is Takira and she likes the sandy beaches, the warm waters and the rich culture, tradition and exquisite landscapes of Jamaica. So when thinking about the perfect place to tie the knot away from home, Jamaica came as the most natural choice because let's admit it: it's the perfect magical destination for your wedding. Everything is going according to the plan. Takira and her soon to be husband will tie the knot in a breathtaking location: a private exotic beach in Jamaica. There is one more thing though. Our future bride must look perfect for her big day and here is where you come in girls! You will have to help her prepare for this special day by pampering her with a complete facial makeover and make up session. Then you will choose for her a gorgeous wedding gown, glitzy accessories and a stunning hairdo that will complete her whole look. Help the beautiful Takira be the most beautiful bride and adopt the look that will best reflect her style and personality. Have a fabulous time playing our new makeover game called Destination Wedding Prep Jamaica.
Barbie And Ellie Computer Geeks
Description: I'll tell you something that you probably didn't know about Barbie and her best friend, Ellie. They are totally passionate about computers. They never miss anything important because they are connected to the most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. They play a lot of addictive girl games, they know the latest cool apps, and the most important thing: they know stuff! I bet you didn't think that Barbie is able to fix your computer in no time. Or that she spends all of her weekends learning programming stuff. Or that Ellie is thinking about studying computer science because she wants to gain more knowledge on the matter. Well think again ladies! These girls know how to surprise you: they have the looks, but they also got the brains. Barbie and Ellie aren't your usual computer geeks so that's why everyone is amazed when they find out their unusual passion for computers. Have a blast and play this new Enjoydressup makeover game in which you will have the possibility to pamper this beautiful computer geek with a complete makeover, apply the perfect make up for her, and last but not the least, choose a cool geeky outfit for her. Are you ready gals? Wow! Surely you have done a good job! Great!
Barbie's Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll
Description: Today is Ken's birthday and Barbie wants to surprise him with his favorite recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll. Barbie has a special way of making this recipe and she wants to share her cooking secrets with you. Are you ready girls? Let's get started. You will be guided step by step through the cooking process, you just have to follow the hints and the instructions. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun! This is Barbie's favorite cake too, so it must be amazingly delicious. No one can resist the sweet taste of Barbie's Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll. It's really easy to make: you just need a few ingredients: ice cream, chocolate, flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, corn syrup and eggs- and a mixer and some large bowls. We have prepared everything for you. Play this cool cooking game called Barbie's Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll and help Barbie surprise Ken with his favorite cake. It is also a good opportunity to improve you cooking skills. In no time you will become a true master of desserts. Are you done? Good job girls! Ken will surely be impressed by your cooking skills.
Wonder Woman Makeover
Description: Wonder Woman doesn't need any kind of introduction, I'm sure. But still, let's remember why we admire her so much! This great female superhero is best known for her courage, beauty, superhuman powers and great battle skills. She possesses an arsenal of cool weapons: the indestructible bracelets which help her fight her enemies, a delicate tiara that is in fact a projectile, the Lasso of Truth and of course, the invisible airplane in which she rides supervising the Earth. This beautiful lady fights for peace, love and justice and she was often referred to as a symbol for girl power. She is extremely powerful and beautiful, but even the most powerful superheroes girls need a break from time to time. Here is where you come in, girls! Your assignment is to help our gorgeous superhero relax and look great by pampering her with a complete makeover. Start by applying a complete facial treatment to make her glow and then continue with a professional make-up session that will change her whole appearance. Last but not the least, choose your favorite outfit from all of these beautiful clothes that we have prepared for you. Don't forget her tiara (she needs it to fight the bad guys!) and other cool accessories that will prove useful for her. Have a great time playing our fabulous new makeover facial beauty game called Wonder Woman Makeover!
Movie Star Wedding Makeover
Description: It's not easy being a famous movie star. Once your standards are so high people are always expecting the best from you in every situation possible. Not to mention your own wedding! It must be something really unique, romantic and fairy-tale like. This beautiful young lady is a celebrity. She is a famous actress and she is getting married today with a famous director. Her wedding will be something out of the ordinary indeed. Your assignment in this new Enjoydressup makeover facial beauty game is to prepare our lovely movie star for her dream wedding. You will have to pamper her with a delicate facial beauty makeover and then choose a stunning bride gown and some lovely jewelry that will make her sparkle and stand out even more than usually. Don't forget to pick the best hairdo that will make her look great and apply some professional glamorous make up foo her. Use your imagination and styling skills and make this bride memorable and gorgeous. Have a blast playing our new makeover facial beauty game called Movie Star Wedding Makeover!
Ivy League Makeover Yale
Description: Who said that getting to study at a prestigious university is easy? Besides having to be extremely well prepared, it also takes a lot of determination and devotion. But the tricky part is that getting to a top university is not the most difficult part, but keeping up with the high standards is. The beautiful girl that you are about to meet in this facial beauty game called Ivy League Makeover Yale, Angie, has just got admitted to Yale. Yale is one of the eight so called Ivy League universities from the United States. These universities are that kind of universities at which every high-school senior dreams about getting into. In this exciting facial beauty game, you will have the assignment of helping the cute lady get ready for Yale. Before setting her mind to study, she will firstly need a pampering makeover that will help her relax. This makeover will begin with a spoiling facial treatment, and will continue with a fantastic makeup and dress up sessions. While giving her the exciting makeover remember that Yale is an Ivy League university and it must turn out perfect. Enjoy giving this student the makeover that she deserves in this exciting makeover game Ivy League Makeover Yale!
Round The Clock Fashionista
Description: Looking perfect and respecting all the latest trends is not an easy task, ladies. Being a real fashionista is a full time job and the super cute girl in our game knows that. She is a true round the clock fashionista and wears her own style from early morning and office wear to late night and party dresses. Her wardrobe is filled with dresses that can easily be accessorized and turned into classy office outfits or sexy and fashionable evening dresses. This round the clock fashionista is always ready for whatever comes her way. Today, she woke up really late and has no time to properly think about what she wants to wear because she's late for work. Our round the clock fashionista needs your help, girls, since she also has to attend a cocktail party in the evening and she won't have any time to change her clothes. She has to prep fast at home and then pack everything she needs in order to turn her daytime look into a glamorous evening outfit. She has lots and lots of fabulous accessories that will help you get that great evening look, ladies. So wake up and give our round the clock fashionista a hand! We wouldn't want her to lose her job or look awful at her cocktail party, would we?
Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes
Description: I like to cook girls and I always come up with different creative recipes that amaze everyone that has the privilege to try them! My favorite time is when I invite all of my friends over and I try a new recipes. To tell you the truth, I never fail because I'm that good! But lately I've been running out of inspiration and my friends are disappointed because they are used with my delicious recipes that make your mouth water. Fortunately my friend Alice gave me a new idea today and I'm about to try a new kind of cupcakes: Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes! Sounds delicious right? Wait till you get to taste them... the rumor is that they are yummylicious. So I will make a test and bake this creative cute Hello Kitty cupcakes and if they turn really good I'm gonna invite all of my friends over. Surely they will be quite glad to learn that I'm back on track with my cooking. Will you help me ladies? You have to be by my side as I try this new delicious cupcakes recipe. I really love the fact that they will be decorated with Hello Kitty because I'm such a big fan and Hello Kitty is cute and adorable! Let's have a fabulous time together and prepare something amazing because let's face it, we have some awesome skills in the kitchen!
Destination Wedding Prep Ireland
Description: Hello ladies! I don't know about you but I absolutely love destination weddings. I find them so romantic and full of emotions. Today we have a new game for you from our Destination Weddings Series and this time the destination is a beautiful location that combines the history and folklore with modernity and friendly light-hearted people. This beautiful fairy tale land will welcome the lovely couple and make their beautiful dream come true. Lola is planning to tie the knot away from home and her dream destination is a Victorian castle in Ireland. Her groom wants her to have her dream wedding so he is willing to make all of her wishes come true. Everything is carefully planned for the big day but this beautiful bride needs your help with one more thing: helping her prepare for the big day with a complete makeover. Start with a facial treatment that will make the bride look radiant and flawless, then continue with a stylish make up session that will emphasize her natural beauty and her best features. After you are done choose a lovely bride dress for her and some beautiful accessories. Her dream destination is Ireland so we have prepared some pretty Irish-inspired accessories for you. You'll definitely love them! I'm sure this event will be a great success- and you will play and important part- and the bride and the groom will have the best wedding in this idyllic location from Ireland. Have a fabulous time playing this awesome new Enjoydressup game called Destination Wedding Prep: Ireland!
Barbie And Ellie Backpacking In Europe
Description: Hello girls! Are you ready for a vacation? Barbie and Ellie, the most beloved bffs, sure are and their destination is Europe! This trip has been carefully planned in the last few months and these girls are planning to have a lot of fun. So pack up your bags ladies because you are going to have the time of your life joining these two beautiful ladies for their amazing backpack trip. All that is left to do is help Ellie make the last arrangements. You will have to give her a complete makeover: a great facial treatment that will prepare her skin for a beautiful tan and will make her glow, a great makeup session that will make her look stylish and last but not the least, you will have to choose the most beautiful trip outfit for this gorgeous lady. Barbie and Ellie are backpacking in Europe and I'm sure they just want to have fun, but first they have to look really great for their vacation in Europe. Have a fabulous time playing this great makeover facial beauty game that we have prepared for you- Barbie And Ellie Backpacking In Europe! Enjoy!
Belle's Princess Makeover
Description: Hello ladies! Do you remember Belle, the beautiful protagonist from the Beauty and the Beast? If you've missed her I'm sure you will absolutely adore this amazing new facial beauty game we have prepared for you. Belle is a modestly beautiful young lady. She is very attractive, intelligent and she has a big heart; as you can remember she offered herself prisoner to the Beast in exchange for her father's freedom. In this exciting new game you will have the opportunity to give this beloved Disney princess a complete makeover. You will start with a facial treatment that will make her skin look radiant and clear. Then you will continue with a stylish makeup that will emphasize Belle's natural beauty. After you have completed this stage you will have to choose a beautiful hairstyle for Belle. She usually wears her hair in a neat bun, but in this great Enjoydressup game you will have the possibility to choose a lot of beautiful hairstyles for her. Her most beautiful gown and the most renowned is the golden ball gown, which she wore when she first danced with the Beast, but there are a lot of other gorgeous gown for you to try and pick for this beauty. I'm sure you will have a great time playing this lovely game, ladies and that you will prepare the charming Belle to look stunning. The Beast will fall in love with her all over again!
Fantastic Spa Day
Description: Wouldn't it be great if there was a fantastic place where all you have to do is relax and let others make sure that you look and feel fabulous? Actually there is. It is called a spa, and once you step in one of these fairy tale, relaxation heavens, you will never want to leave. In this exciting facial beauty games called Fantastic Spa Day, we have prepared everything you need in order to feel pampered and special. You will get through all the steps necessary to make you step out the spa's door with a smile on your face. In your fantastic spa day you will enjoy a relaxing massage, impulse light facial and a chemical peeling that will make your skin look like you were born again. But that's not it because you will also get to go a little deeper into this spa frenzy with a fabulous chocolate wrap and a fun chromo therapy that will instantly boost up your mood and make you wish you didn't have to leave this magical land ever. Once you will have had a fantastic spa day, you will then also be able to further pamper yourself with a fun makeover session that will leave you looking like a total princess. Have fun playing our latest EnjoyDressUp game called Fantastic Spa Day and getting pampered from head to toe!
Destination Wedding Prep: Texas
Description: We are thrilled to present you Jolie. A true Texan girl: gorgeous, easy going, down to earth and with a great sense of humor. Every girl has some dreams and expectations about the wedding day- a day that must be perfect indeed, but Jolie dreams about an authentic Texan wedding since she was little. She is so proud to be from Texas and she wants to share that pride with friends and family on her wedding day. So meet Jolie: you will definitely fall in love with her! Your mission is to prepare this lovely Texas girl for her special wedding day. The wedding day must be perfect and each detail must be in place. So a total makeover is in order. Start with a delicate facial treatment that will make the bride's skin look flawless and then continue with a stylish makeup session so our bride will stand out and look stunning. A true Texan wedding requires some signature outfits so choose a lovely gown for the beautiful bride and some chic Texan accessories: a fringed pair of white feminine gloves, a cute white hat and many others. Have a great time playing this new makeover facial beauty called Destination Wedding Prep: Texas. Enjoy, girls!
Glitzy Picnic Day
Description: Hello girls! Meet this cute young lady named Carly. She has a crush on the boy next door but she is too shy to talk to him. So you ladies will have to help her attract his attention and make him fall in love with her. I'm sure this will be an easy task for you ladies. Especially now that the boy invited Carly to a picnic date in the park. All you have to do is prepare this gorgeous girl for this hot date and choose a trendy outfit for her. Go for a casual look and choose from all of these cool tees and top tanks. Match them with a colorful pair of shorts or a slim fit pair of jeans. Or maybe you are looking for a more feminine look. In this case, you should try the beautiful dresses in Carly's wardrobe. Some glitzy accessories are in order if you want Carly to shine for this special picnic day. Have a great time playing this new exciting dress up game called Glitzy Picnic Day and see if you can help Carly prepare for a special date outdoors with her crush. Have a blast ladies!
Barbi And Ellie Graduation Day Prep
Description: The graduation day it's an important event for each student. I think that it wouldn't be wrong to say that this moment must be close to perfection. Especially for the ladies that must look absolutely fabulous. The most beloved bffs, Barbie and Ellie, are graduating today. They will remember this day for the rest of their life so every little detail must be perfect. In this great new game you have to help Ellie prep for her graduation day. You will begin with a facial beauty treatment that will make her skin look flawless. She uses only high quality products so I'm sure you will appreciate that. After you have passed this stage in this makeover process you will continue with a stylish chic makeup that will emphasize Ellie's beautiful eye color. Next, choose an outfit for the young graduate: a beautiful special graduation uniform, or a fancy elegant dress. Don't forget to add her graduation diploma or a beautiful colorful flowers bouquet. The look won't be complete without a fabulous hairstyle and some matching glitzy accessories. Have a blast ladies and help this gorgeous gals have the perfect graduation day! I'm sure that they will look awesome with your help. Enjoy!
Beach Photo Shoot Prep
Description: Hello girls! I don't know about you but in my opinion nothing beats a summer spent at the beach. You get to relax, have a lot of fun and get a beautiful tan. Sounds lovely, right? This pretty lady can't wait to officially begin her summer and hit the beach every day. She is planning to take a lot of photos and hang out with her friends, drinking colorful fruity cocktails and playing beach volley. But before doing all that she must prepare for this moment of awesomeness. She will start with a facial treatment that will prepare her skin for a healthy tan and will help her look fresh and glowing. After that, a natural summerish makeup is in order! Help this young pretty lady look really gorgeous for her beach photo shoot. Complete her look with a chic polka dots summer dress or an amazing silky one. I'm sure you will enjoy the funky accessories too: funky sun glasses, a large pink hat, floral bags, colorful beads and many others. Have a great time playing this new makeover facial beauty game that we have prepared for you and find your inspiration for this summer! Enjoy!
Emo Party Preparation
Description: Nadia is passionate about fashion and trends. She likes to experiment a lot of styles and she always look impeccable and charming. Lately she has been thinking about adopting an eccentric emo look because she is more and more attracted by the funky hairstyles, crazy hair colors and nonconformist accessories. Anyways she is a true diva so she must look gorgeous and stand out among the other emo girls. She is planning to try her new emo look at this new cool party, so she will need your help. Start with a delicate facial treatment- so she will look really fresh and radiant at the party, then continue with a hot stylish make up session. After that, you should choose a daring hairstyle for her. Choose from all of these bold hairstyles, colors and highlights and see which one suit her better. Finish her look by choosing a hot emo outfit that will make her look even more attractive and awesome. I'm sure you will simply adore all of these fabulous emo clothes and accessories and Nadia will rock the party! Everyone will admire her new look. Have a blast playing this new fabulous facial beauty game called Emo Party Prep!
Fiona's Double Makeover
Description: Hello girls! Do you remember Princess Fiona? This beautiful princess was cursed to transform into an ogress every night. Still, this didn't stop her from looking fabulous! In this awesome new game you have to give Fiona a double makeover. In the step one you have to give Princess Fiona a total makeover. You will start with a facial beauty treatment because her skin needs to look perfect. You will apply a cleanser, a scrub, a delicate mask and a refreshing lotion for her eyes to look beautiful than ever. Then you will give her a new hairstyle worthy of a true princess and a beautiful gown. A gorgeous make-up will complete her royal look. Not so fast, ladies! Now you will have to get to the step two and give ogre Fiona a complete makeover. Ogre Fiona is still cute even as an ogre, but still, she must really pretty. Give her a complete makeover and then choose a stylish make up that will impress Shrek and make him fall in love all over again. Then choose an ogre-ish outfit and complete the step two. Now you can see your final result: look at the both Fionas! Don't they look fabulous? Enjoy!
American Next Top Model Makeover
Description: This girl wanted to be a model all her life, but she is very unsure of her look. But she decided to try out for American Next Top Model, a show that tries to teach young models how to make it in the industry. She was accepted and she even made it to the makeover episode, where all the girls are given a facial beauty treatment and a complete makeover, so their look can be more modelesque. The skin is an important asset of any model, so in order for it to be flawless, she has to apply a cleanser to remove all the impurities, a scrub to get rid of the dead cells, a face mask with delicate flowers that will hydrate the skin, a refreshing eye lotion that will remove the dark circles under the eyes and a pair of tweezers to give the eyebrows a beautiful shape that will frame the face. Then they will get her a new hairstyle, more glamorous and fun than what she is used to, one that will give her a way in the high fashion world. They will apply a gorgeous make up that will emphasize all her best features and they will dress her up in some trendy outfits. Have a great time playing American Next Top Model!
Poor Little Rich Girl Makeover
Description: Emma is such lovely rich girl! She has a natural beauty but unfortunately she doesn't know how to emphasize it. Luckily she has all the material resources: high quality beauty products and expensive clothes and jewelry. You just have to help her with the know how part. Take Emma through all the steps of a complete makeover: first you will have to apply a set of delicate facial treatments so her face will look completely flawless and glowing. Then you will continue with a stylish make-up session that will give her a whole new appearance and a new perspective! Some trendy, cute dresses and sparkly accessories and Emma will be a whole different person! Go through her wardrobe and try all the outfits. This way you'll see which one compliments her slim figure the best and emphasizes her natural beauty. Also, don't forget to choose a great hairstyle for her that will make her look stunning. Have a great time playing our new awesome game called Poor Little Rich Girl Makeover and transform Emma into a stylish trendy lady!
Lunch Break
Description: The best way to spend a few relaxing moments during the day is a lunch break with your bestie. As it turns out, what you do during the lunch hour can be very important for how you're feeling the rest of the day so you better make sure that you won't overlook that. Use your midday break to refuel and re-energize and spend some quality time with your best friend. Stella has some errands to do tomorrow and for the lunch break she is meeting with Loli. She wants to look fabulous so she needs a complete makeover. Give her a full facial treatment that will make her look radiant and fresh. Continue the beauty process by choosing a stylish make-up that will brighten her face and make her look really glamorous. A perfect hair day can indeed make your whole day so choose a lady like hairstyle that will turn looks! Some chic clothes for the city, trendy accessories, and our pretty Stella is ready to go. Her lunch break will simply be fabulous! I'm sure you will have a great time ladies and so will Stella because of your useful advice! Enjoy this awesome makeover game!
Graduation Day Makeover
Description: The graduation day it's a very special day in your life. That moment must be perfect. Your parents and closest friends are cheering for you and they are proud and you are smiling and waving as you receive your graduation diploma. Applauses explode just for you and you are feeling both happy and nostalgic because the years have passed by really fast and now you are ready to step in the real world. Our pretty lady is graduating today and she wants to look stunning. She needs a complete makeover and your mission is to help her with that. You'll start with some facial treatments so her face will be glowing and fresh. Then a complete stylish make-up session will make her be outstanding and shine! Help this gorgeous lady acquire the perfect look and choose a lovely dress or a special graduation uniform. Pick some matching accessories and a new fabulous hairstyle. Remember how important this day is for her and with that in mind make her look perfect! Have a great time playing this awesome new game and make sure that this pretty lady will shine for this big event! Good luck and enjoy, ladies!
Cinderella Ball Prep
Description: Hello ladies! Do you remember the sweet romantic story of Cinderella? I'm sure you do and I bet you adore this beautiful tale. Guess what? We have a new game for you called Cinderella Ball Prep. In this awesome game you get to help Cinderella prep for the ball. She must look stunning for her charming Prince so she needs a complete makeover. Start with a facial beauty treatment and use some delicate beauty masks and special creams. Cinderella is so tired from all the work around the house but this must not be seen on her beautiful face. You will continue the makeover with some stylish makeup and you will choose some interesting colors that will emphasize her natural beauty and femininity. Eventually, you will get to choose the perfect ball dress for Cinderella and some matching accessories. Her hairstyle must be worthy of a princess so don't forget about that aspect too. Let your imagination run wild and prepare the sweet Cinderella to be the most beautiful girl at the ball. Make sure that her Prince will remark her among all the beautiful girls that will be present at the ball. Have a fabulous time playing this challenging game called Cinderella Ball Prep and improve your styling skills! Enjoy!
Wedding Photo Shoot
Description: The happy married couple Mary and Fred are going to have a wedding photo shoot tomorrow and they want these pictures to look perfect! Do you think you could help Mary prepare for this important moment in her life? She needs a complete facial beauty treatment if she wants her smile to be perfect for the wedding pictures. Enjoy playing our awesome new game called Wedding Photo Shoot and give Mary a complete makeover starting with a facial beauty treatment using creams, moisturizers and facial masks. After you get her skin all prepped, you can continue the makeover by choosing the most beautiful makeup colors that emphasize her natural beauty. Go for a wedding dress that compliments her slim figure and make sure the dress matches the hair style and hair color you chose for her. There are so many features, accessories, hair colors and makeup products that you can actually create numerous unique wedding dress up styles. Help the happy couple get the perfect wedding pictures by playing this awesome new game called Wedding Photo Shoot. We are sure you will transform Mary into the most beautiful bride ever! This will give her confidence and will make her smile during the entire Wedding Photo Shoot!
My Colorful Hair Day
Description: Hello ladies! We have a brand new awesome game for you called My Colorful Hair Day. Admit it girls! You like to get spoiled from time to time and dedicate a whole day to taking care of yourself. We have to look impeccable all the time and that requires some efforts sometimes. We all know by now that nothing compares to a perfect hair day. No matter how you dress if your hair is looking amazing you will look amazing! So say goodbye to dull hair, girls! In this new game you get to choose lots of funky hairstyles, crazy colors and beautiful highlights. Are you a fan of lovely curls or maybe you like your hair straight and smooth? Or even better, maybe you would like to try them both according to you mood. No problem, girls! In our new game you have all the time in the world to enjoy yourself! Try some quality facial beauty treatments, then wash your hair and apply some cool hair mask. Blow dry your hair and then choose your hairstyle. Go for curly, wavy hair or for straight, smooth hair. Go for an intense color for a bright colorful hair day and don't forget to add some daring highlights. You want to be anything but ordinary. Last but not the least choose a stunning outfit and complete your cool look. Now your day will be indeed colorful. Enjoy!
TV Host Backstage Preparation
Description: Hey girls! Our friend Lisa has just got a job as a TV host! She is very excited and can't wait to be seen by her friends on TV! Although she is fully prepared to be a TV host and a very talented speaker, she is very nervous because she does not really look her best right now. Would you like to help her prepare for her new job as a TV host with a complete makeover? Have fun playing our great new game called TV Host Backstage Preparation and take Lisa through all the necessary facial beauty steps. She needs to look great on TV, so her skin must be perfectly clean and smooth. Use all the facial beauty creams and masks before you apply the most stunning makeup! Choose from the wide range of hairstyles and hair colors the ones that best match her features. A TV host must look impeccable, so after you are done with the facial treatment make sure that all the clothes and accessories you choose work in her advantage! I am sure you will be able to help Lisa look stunning for her first TV show! Enjoy playing our great new game called TV Host Backstage Preparation!
Breakfast With The Girls Makeover
Description: Having some girlfriends to spend your time is very important and you can even arrange to have breakfast with them every morning. That is sure to bring your spirits up for the rest of the day. But before meeting them at your favorite place, you should have a morning beauty routine so you can really enjoy your day. Make your skin glow of health with a beauty facial routine. Apply a cleanser to remove all the impurities and a scrub to make your skin smooth. A delicate face mask will help you the much needed hydration, a refreshing eye mask will make those dark circles under the eyes go away and a pair of tweezers will give the eyebrows a beautiful shape. Then put some cute make up on and dress up in a pretty outfit that it is comfortable enough to wear during the day, but colorful and fun to bring joy to your morning. Accessorize with suitable jewelry and get a flawless hairdo. Your girlfriends will love you new look and will ask you all about your beauty secrets. Have a wonderful time playing Breakfast with the girls!
Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover
Description: Girls, we can't escape using all sorts of gadgets these days, and we don't want to, for that matter! So why don't we try to integrate all the gadgets we're using into our own personal style? Have fun playing our new cool game called Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and practice combining different gadgets with different fashion and makeup styles! Start with a facial beauty treatment using facial scrubs and creams and make our girl's complexion look clean and smooth! After you complete all the facial beauty steps, continue the makeover process by choosing the nicest colors for the makeup. Make sure they match the style and color of the gadgets you chose for our girl! The hairstyles and hair colors available will also allow you to enrich the overall style you create for our girl. Enjoy playing our new and awesome makeover game called Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and show the world your styling skills! Have fun and experiment with different gadgets and styles to find the most unique and beautiful combinations. I am sure the styles you'll create will be super cute and stylish! Enjoy playing our new game Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and improve you fashion and styling skills!
Paradise Vacation Prep
Description: Soon we will have to start preparing for going on vacation, girls! Adele can't wait to start packing her suitcase for spending an amazing week on one of the most exotic islands in the world! But Adele has been rather careless about the way she looks lately so before she leaves she must really prepare so that she looks perfect! She must meet the beauty standards on the most exotic island, so why don't you help her get ready? Have fun playing our great new game called Paradise Vacation Prep and take Adele through a fantastic makeover! Start with the facial beauty treatments to prepare her skin for the exotic sunny seaside and then continue with the preparations by choosing the cutest makeup to wear on her vacation! I am sure you will have a lot of fun preparing Adele for her greatest vacation ever in our new amazing game called Paradise Vacation Prep! Besides the great variety of swim suits and summer dresses you also get to pack her other accessories like earrings, necklaces, sunglasses summer hats and purses! Enjoy preparing Adele for vacation in our new game called Paradise Vacation Prep, making sure you create the cutest makeup for her pretty summer outfits!
Fresh Start Makeover
Description: Our good friend Sarah really needs your help, ladies! She is very upset because she broke up with her boyfriend last week. How would you like to cheer her up with a complete makeover? Enjoy giving her a helpful hand and some advice in our awesome new game called Fresh Start Makeover. Being upset and crying is definitely not good for your skin so Sarah now needs a facial beauty treatment to make her look fresh! Use all the facial creams and scrubs and then apply a fruit facial mask to freshen up her skin! Continue the makeover process by choosing some nice makeup colors to brighten up her cute face and help her change her perspective by creating an amazing new and bright hairstyle! Now that she already feels better, continue to prepare for a fresh start by choosing some pretty clothes for her to wear out in the city! Of course, you need to accessorize, choosing from the wide range of shiny or bulky jewelry that match her trendy clothes. I am sure you will give Sarah an amazing makeover that will make her look gorgeous and confident! Enjoy playing our new great game called Fresh Start Makeover!
Date By The Golden Gate
Description: The San Francisco Bay is one of the most romantic places on Earth, ladies! The Golden Gate Bridge looks absolutely marvelous especially at sunset and that is why our friend Linda has chosen this precise spot for the next date with her boyfriend. Enjoy playing our new awesome game called Date By The Golden Gate and have fun preparing Linda for a romantic date near the Golden Gate! Linda must look perfect for her boyfriend and she wants to go through a complete makeover. But this cannot be done without your help! Give Linda some essential beauty advice by playing our new great game called Date By The Golden Gate and take her through a complete facial beauty treatment before applying the pretties makeup ever! Make sure you get her skin clean and shining and that the colors you use for her makeup perfectly match the Golden Gate sunset colors. Choose the prettiest dress for a nice evening date spent at the Golden Gate and make Linda look perfect! Don't forget to add some nice and sparkly accessories to match her vibrant makeup and complete the romantic look with a breathtaking hairstyle! Enjoy playing our cool game called Date By The Golden Gate!
Mother's Day Prep
Description: Girls, Mother's Day is fast approaching! Have you already found the perfect gift for your mother If not, don't worry, because the most important thing is to spend quality time together! As a mother, it is nice to receive flowers and gifts from your daughter as a sign of love and appreciation, but nothing beats a lovely day spent together! See if you are fully prepared to look awesome on Mother's Day by playing our great new game called Mother's Day Prep! Have fun preparing the cute in our game for an awesome day spend with her beloved mother! Help her look her best and look pretty and adorable, just like her mother likes her to be! Help her out with the preparations and offer her a full facial beauty treatment to make her skin look healthy and beautiful. Afterwards you can continue helping with the preparations by choosing the cutest makeup style and the best dress to wear on a day out with her mother! I am sure you will make the girl in our game look absolutely adorable for when she meets her mother! Enjoy playing our new game called Mother's Day Prep and use your talent and skills to help with the preparations for Mother's Day!
Oh So Glamorous Makeover
Description: Girls, who doesn't want to look glamorous? There are certain occasions when we must look absolutely gorgeous so, are you ready to make our girl look glamorous? Have fun playing our new amazing game called Oh So Glamorous Makeover and help our girl prepare for a great party tonight! First, you must take her through all the facial beauty steps and use all the cleanser, scrubs and moisturizing creams to make her skin look absolutely perfect and clean! Then you can continue the makeover process and apply the makeup, and here you have a wide range of colors to choose from! When it comes to clothes and glamorous dresses, it will certainly not be easy for you to make a choice. There are so many sweet and amazing designs you can choose from and for each dress you can choose the color you like! For a glamorous look the accessories are obviously mandatory and you will have to use your styling skills to accessorize them accordingly! As for hairstyles, our new game Oh So Glamorous Makeover has plenty of glamorous hairstyles for which you can also change the color! Enjoy playing our great new game Oh So Glamorous Makeover and prepare our girl for a glamorous night out!
Snow White's Bright Makeover
Description: Snow White is one of the most beloved princesses in the world and she is mainly famous for being so beautiful and delicate. But how does she manage to have that perfect white skin, amazing red lips and dark hair? She sure has her beauty secrets that keep her looking so beautiful and fresh! Grab the chance to find what Snow White's beauty secrets are in our new amazing game called Snow White's Bright Makeover. Have fun playing our game and take Snow White through all the facial beauty treatment steps, making her skin look clean and bright. Then complete her look with a perfect makeup using your makeup artist skills. Make sure she looks like a real princess and dress her with the most astonishing princess dress! Don't forget to style up her gorgeous black locks and accessorize her dress to your taste. Prepare Snow White for a romantic date with her prince by giving her a complete makeover in our new great game Snow White's Bright Makeover! Her evil step mother will be green with envy when she sees what a beautiful princess you have turned Snow White into! Enjoy playing our new game Snow White's Bright Makeover!
Weekend Getaway Makeover
Description: Ladies, who fancies a weekend getaway? We all do, but the question is what to wear? What is the most appropriate makeup? And what other preparations must be done in advance? Have fun playing our new great game called Weekend Getaway Makeover and enjoy giving our girl a complete facial beauty treatment so that she starts her weekend getaway with a fresh, clean and beautiful skin. Then, use our varied makeup kit to enhance her beauty traits so that the pictures that she takes during the weekend getaway do her justice! Don't forget to match her hair style to the makeup style you have chosen and the cute accessories. Have fun playing our new great game Weekend Getaway Makeover and choose the best style to wear on a short trip. Complete all the steps to give our pretty girl a complete makeover so that she leaves the town looking absolutely gorgeous! All the girls will envy her for the beautiful and perfect skin she has if you correctly apply all the necessary facial beauty treatments. Give her a perfect makeup and a stylish and comfortable outfit to set her on her way to a great Weekend Getaway! Have fun playing our new game Weekend Getaway Makeover!
Cute Geeky Girl Makeover
Description: Girls, being smart is an amazing quality that can be extremely helpful in life. And so is being pretty and always smiling. But how about being both? Enjoy playing our new great game Cute Geeky Girl Makeover and help a cute and smart girl look amazing! This game has several makeover steps and the first one is the facial beauty treatment. Every girl needs to pamper and care for her skin and this game takes you through a great treatment that makes your skin look smooth and fresh! After you complete all the facial steps and you give our character a full facial beauty treatment, you get to choose the perfect makeup that suits a cute and smart girl. A neat and perfect looking hair is also mandatory and so are the other accessories. Glasses should not only be the trademark of smart girls but also an asset! Choose the glasses that best frame her face and emphasize her beauty. You also get to choose from a wide variety of tops, skirts, dresses and shoes to give our girl a smart look. Enjoy playing our great new game Cute Geeky Girl Makeover and show everyone that a geeky girl can look amazing!
Ivy League Makeover Harvard
Description: Getting to study at Harvard sure is not easy, but once you get there, keeping up with the high standards is equally difficult! My friend Carrie just got admitted to Harvard and she is a little worried that she might need a makeover. Have fun playing our new game called Ivy League Makeover Harvard and help my friend Carrie get ready to be among the smartest and most beautiful girls in the world! This new great game comes with an amazing variety of colors and patterns for the Harvard uniform as well as all sorts of cute and stylish accessories to match them. But first, our smart and pretty girl will have to go through an entire facial beauty treatment if she wants to look perfect for her first classes at Harvard. Then, after her face is all clean and healthy, put the best make up on, choosing the prettiest colors to match her uniform. Have fun taking her through all the facial beauty treatment and makeup steps and afterwards show her which hairstyle and hair color best fits her figure and her uniform. Choose the right glasses to match her face shape as well as the nicest accessories. Enjoy playing our game Ivy League Makeover Harvard!
Passion For Fashion Makeover
Description: Everyone has a passion for fashion! But from being passionate about a domain to being a true professional there is a long way to go! Enjoy playing our new game Passion for Fashion Makeover and see how skilled you are! This new game takes you through the stages of becoming a true fashion professional, step by step. First you learn about facial beauty treatments and how you must carefully apply all the facial creams, scrubs and cleansers. Now that your skin is clean and radiates with beauty, you can begin to enhance your beautiful features by applying the makeup. Here is the real fashion test! Can you match all the makeup items skillfully and in tune with the latest makeup trends? Once you have done that, you focus on hairstyle and clothes as well as on accessories and jewelry. Test your skills and talent in the fashion domain in our new game Passion for Fashion Makeover and get ready to show your unique creations to the world! Using your imagination and taste for the latest fashion trends you can create a large variety of trendy outfits! Have fun playing our game Passion for Fashion Makeover and show how talented and professional you are in facial beauty treatments, dress up and accessorizing! Express your Passion for Fashion!
Meet The Parents Makeover
Description: When you are young and in love, you spend all your time with the boy you love and you do your best to make them happy. Those crazy butterflies in your stomach take away your sleep and make you dream of Happily Ever After. Still, there are no emotions greater than the ones a girl feels when it's time to meet the parents. This casual lunch or dinner date when your boyfriend takes you to meet the parents is a very stressful moment, since you must look great, talk right, eat just enough and make the best impression any girl before you ever made. Hid dad might like you from the start, but we all know moms are a little more difficult to win over. The super cute girl in our facial beauty game knows that and she is planning on getting a makeover for this very special occasion. She wants her skin to look great so she will start her makeover with some facial beauty treatments. There's no way she will meet the parents with her face covered in red spots and pimples. Help her with her special facial beauty treatments and then make sure you pay extra attention to her outfit. She needs to wear a cute dress that is fashionable and trendy, but not too extravagant. You must not wear leather pants when you meet the parents unless the parents are rock starts, ladies! Enjoy our facial beauty game called Meet the Parents Makeover, ladies!
Animal Print Fan Makeover
Description: Have you seen the latest trends in animal prints? Amazing dress designs with animal prints are waiting for you in our new game Animal Print Fan Makeover! If you think that an animal print dress looks aggressive and might not be appropriate for more official settings, you should see these designs! But first, your skin and hair must look neat and tamed, not wild like the animal prints! Begin with a light wash and continue with the scrub and a moisturizing natural mask. A perfect skin always starts with a healthy facial treatment. Enjoy our game Animal Print Fan Makeover and take every step of the beauty facial care! Become an animal print fan by perfectly matching each animal print dress to the elegant accessories and fancy hairstyles! The soft, natural colors of the makeup will be the perfect addition to the cute animal print dresses and will certainly turn you into the biggest fan of animal prints! You might not believe it, but these light, delicate dresses are the perfect choice for a spring day! And the equally light hairdos are just what you need when the warm spring breeze starts blowing. This spring, get inspired by our game Animal Print Fan Makeover!
Brooklyn Girl Makeover
Description: Brooklyn is the most populated area of New York City with more than 2.5 million residents among which - and everybody knows that! - there are plenty of gorgeous looking girls! But how do you think they manage to keep their natural beauty and look so amazing all the time? Find out their beauty secret in our new game Brooklyn Girl Makeover! Have fun playing our game and find out what kind of facial beauty treatments Brooklyn girls use to keep their skin healthy and glowing! Plus, you get to go through all the stages of the Brooklyn makeup style and experiment with colors and shades to create unique looks! Last but not least, trendy hair styles, matching accessories and fashionable clothes are a must for every girl in Brooklyn. Have fun experimenting with the Brooklyn beauty and style in our awesome game Brooklyn Girl Makeover!
The Voice of America
Description: Hello girls! Weren't you just amazed at the stunning voices in the new season of The Voice? And what about the new coaches Shakira and Usher? They truly are a breath of fresh air, animating the whole show! My friend Lisa is participating in the next show and she is very nervous. She does have an amazing voice and we have all been encouraging her to participate at The Voice, the only problem is that she is not very confident about the way she looks. And with three gorgeous men in the jury, it's hard not to be nervous! Enjoy playing our new game The Voice of America and help my friend Lisa prepare for the show. She needs a makeover and a new outfit to impress the jury because we all know that the way you look on the stage is very important. Show her the tips of a perfect facial treatment so she can really shine on the stage, then a perfect dress to keep her in the spotlight. Don't forget to accessorize her outfit with shiny jewelry and a matching mic. Have fun playing The Voice of America and make Lisa look perfect on the stage!
60's Poster Girl
Description: The 60's represented a real explosion of different fashion and style influences, one funkier than the other. It was the age of the mini-skirts, hippie movement, and of course, the Beatles. The accessories lost ground in the 60's, but the outfits' colors and patterns gained more ground than ever before through the new psychedelic patterns of the time. In our latest makeover game, you will get the chance to mix and match the fantastic 60's outfits with the funky hairstyles and the unique accessories. But before getting to that part, you will firstly get to give her a full pampering facial treatment that will make this cover girl's skin look gorgeous and radiant. You will play with the different exclusive beauty products that are available. After her complexion looks fantastic, you will also get to choose a 60's specific hairstyle and some beautiful clothes that will make her look like she's taken from the cover of some fashion magazine. To complete her 60's look, just pick some pretty little accessories that will give and extra 60's touch to her outfit. Enjoy playing our latest game called '60's cover girl in which you will give this beautiful lady a full makeover!
Coffee With the Girls Makeover
Description: The best way to spend a few relaxing hours during the day is a hot cup of coffee with the girls at a chic downtown cafe. I rarely have time to spend with the girls these days since I'm extremely busy with school and other things, so I make sure I plan coffee time with the girls at least once every week. The girls and I go to a different coffee place every week, so I have to carefully choose what I wear for our chat date. This next coffee date will take place at the newest coffee place in town, a very hip and very chic bistro. I have to prepare for this coffee date with the girls thoroughly since the bistro is outside and people walk by while you're having coffee. I need a complete makeover, ladies and that means facial beauty treatments, appropriate makeup and a very cute hairdo as well. I also need to choose a great outfit for this coffee date. Help me get ready for my date with the girls and remember to apply all the facial beauty treatments properly, ladies! I must look my best especially since one of my friends is a fashion expert and this new place, Nelly's is the trendiest place in town these days. Have fun giving me a complete makeover and enjoy playing our game called Coffee with the Girls!
Searching For Fame Makeover
Description: Have you always wanted to become a huge superstar and wear all the best clothes and hang out with all the coolest people? I for one always looked up to all the famous singers and actors who got to wear all the most amazing designer outfits and who knew how to take advantage of their fame. Searching for fame is a very exciting road to walk on but it can also be a very difficult path. If you decide you want to start searching for fame, the first thing you need to do is move to Hollywood, the place where everything happens. Even if everyone goes to Hollywood searching for fame, you know you will be the one to make it because you have something special. Your search for fame won't be in vain as long as you prepare in time. Start your work with some facial beauty treatments and make sure you don't skip a step. Every little detail is important when you are searching for fame and your look must be perfect. You need all the best outfits and the most exquisite makeup too. Always remember that there are a lot of girls out there searching for fame and even if you are the most talented of them all, you still need to work hard to get that part you need or the audition you really wanted. Our super fun facial beauty game does not promise to get you that special chance, but you will surely have lots of fun playing it and you will come back for more exciting new games!
Spring Blossom Makeover
Description: Spring is here and nature finds new and interesting ways to surprise us every day with fun new shades of green and other amazing colors. This spring every tree will blossom and we get to enjoy this wonderful season once again. In terms of fashion, spring marks the beginning of a new fashion year and all designers come up with new trends for the year to come. Girls, we need to blossom too this year and the best way to start is by creating a new look for ourselves and refreshing our entire outfit. Before we think about what to wear this spring, we must think about nourishing our skin and peeling off those thick winter layers. A facial beauty treatment is in order and our lovely game is just what we need to teach us how to freshen up our look. Start by applying a scrub and some cleansers and make sure you remember how important it is to have a healthy and well hydrated skin. Enjoy all the great facial beauty treatments and then prepare this cute spring blossom girl for a true spring makeover. She needs to try on some cute dresses that are perfect for a walk in the park. It would be a pity to stay indoors when the weather outside is sunny and warm. Choose some dresses for our girl and then make sure you match her outfit with some colorful makeup and some sparkly accessories that are just right for this time of the year. Are you ready, ladies? Let's enjoy spring together and have fun playing this super cute Spring Blossom Makeover game!
Barbie and Ellie Spring Break
Description: Remember Barbie's best friend, Ellie? Barbie and Ellie are in college now and since this is their first year, they have been really looking forward to this first spring break vacation, just like most college students. All their friends are going to Mexico for spring break this year and Barbie and Ellie are going too. They started prepping for this spring break vacation months ago. Barbie spoke to one of her trainers and both girls started working out so that they would look perfect in their bathing suits and in those really easy breezy silky dresses. Both Barbie and Ellie are obsessed with fashion and they like dressing up and looking great all the time. You already know their passion for fashion from our last game. Imagine how long it took for them to choose the perfect spring break vacation outfits and just picture the size of their suitcases. They might need to hire a guy just to carry them. Now that the bags are ready, Barbie and Ellie need to start working on their facial beauty treatments. The sun in Mexico can be really aggressive and if they want to get a good tan, Barbie and Ellie must apply some facial beauty treatments first. A scrub and a cleanser are a must in your facial beauty routine a few days before you hit the beach and Barbie and Ellie know that. Help these cute best friends prepare for their first college spring break vacation and enjoy this great game!
My Perfect Hair Day
Description: We all know how it feels like when you wake up one morning and you feel great, like you could conquer the world, but when you go to the mirror and take a look at your hair all your hopes and dreams come tumbling down. A bad hair day is a complete disaster and I for one tend to panic and while I try to fix my hair, I actually end up ruining it even more. I used to be all down and blue every time I had such a bad hair day, but ever since I discovered proper hair care products and fun ways to fix my hair, those days are gone. Now every day is my perfect hair day and nothing can bring me down anymore. I even take time to get some facial beauty treatments and to choose my outfits more carefully. Before, I used to spend way too much time on my hair and even after hours and hours of hard work, it still looked crazy bad. Our brand new game is a fun way to learn exciting steps to turn your hairdo from a huge bundle of crazy hair into a chic and fabulous hairstyle. My Perfect Hair Day is not just about your hair, ladies. This fun game is also a facial beauty game and a great dress up and makeup game too. No makeover can be complete without a chance to put on some glamorous makeup and match it with an incredible dress. knows that so I'm sure you will find this lovely brand new game to your liking. Enjoy playing this fun facial beauty, makeover and dress up game called My Perfect Hair Day!
Moonlight Party Prep
Description: The weekend is the perfect time to have fun and go out to parties with your bffs. Thematic parties are a huge trend nowadays and clubs organize a party with different theme each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This girl is going to a moonlight party this weekend with her bffs. A moonlight party under the light of the moon creates a romantic atmosphere, perfect for flirting and socializing. Being a moonlight party, an elegant dressing code is required and for a girly girl that means an elegant mini dress, heels, glitzy earrings, glam chain and club rocking hair style. There will be lots of dudes dressed up in trendy suits at this fancy moonlight party, so a complete moonlight party prep is necessary for a girl to show up at the party looking like a fashion goddess under the moonlight. Use your beautician, make up artist and fashion stylist skills and give this girl a sensational moonlight party makeover from top to bottom, playing Moonlight Party Prep facial beauty game! The girl needs her face cleansed up, so use the facial beauty products available to make her face spotless and shinny, then apply a glowing night make up, using a darker tanning skin color for a bigger make up effect. A tanned skin matches perfectly with a bright pink lipstick and bright neon eye shadow. Which glittery dress do you recommend the girl to wear at this glam moonlight party? Finish the Moonlight Party Prep facial beauty makeover with a dazzling moonlight party outfit and hairdo. Enjoy playing our Moonlight Party Prep facial beauty game!
Private Eye Girl Makeover
Description: Private eye stories and films like the ones with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for example have captivated lots of generations with their suspense, mystery and thrilling plots. Usually detective stories have as main protagonists male private eyes, but that does not mean a girl cannot be a talented and efficient private eye as well. Do you wanna be a private eye, a female version of Sherlock Holmes, girls? Do you like solving mysteries? Are you a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and his genius mystery solving mind? Do you want to follow on the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and be the first private eye girl in history, ladies? If you already have a private eye mind, all you need to become a true private eye girl is a private eye outfit. We have the perfect private eye girl makeover for you, girls, which will turn you into a sophisticated and stylish private eye girl. Be the modern female version of Sherlock Holmes playing our brand new Private Eye Girl Makeover facial beauty game! A fashionable private eye girl knows how to combine intelligence of mind with fashion forward trends. Get a private eye girl makeover from top to bottom consisting of facial beauty cosmetic treatments, stunning make up, fancy hair styling and sophisticated detective style outfits. A private eye always uses a magnifying glass, a notebook, a fancy hat and detective gloves not to leave any finger prints, so make sure you accessorize your private eye girl outfits with these fashion items. Enjoy playing Private Eye Girl Makeover facial beauty game!
Girls' Rock Party
Description: American high school and college teens are well known for their appetite for parties. College time is the best time to get wild and crazy as there are lots of parties organized frequently in the campus. American movies depict the American life style as it is and when it comes to the American college life style, girls join sorority groups, where a party is organized almost each weekend. A sorority girls' party can have various themes. It can be a girls' sleepover party, a girls' exclusivist initiation party for a new group comer or a girls's rock party. These three popular college girls are the leaders of their sorority group and they are having a girls' rock party this weekend, where boys are also invited. Being a girls' rock party, the dressing code of the party must be rock clothes, studded rock accessories and rock guitars. You, girls, are invited to join these college girls' rock party and if they fancy your attitude and your rock outfits, these girls might even let you enter their popular college sorority group. Get a sneak peek at the girls' rock party wardrobe and have fun with the girls, trying on fancy rock tops, over tops, glitzy dresses, funky studded jewels and hair styles, playing the girls' Rock Party facial beauty game! Being a complex facial beauty game, girls' Rock Party initiates you into these girls' facial beauty and make up rituals. Once their face is cleansed of impurities, shinning with freshness, continue the girls' Rock Party facial beauty game with fabulous glittery rock party make up and funky chic rock party outfits. Enjoy playing our girls' Rock Party facial beauty game!
Los Angeles Movie Star Prep
Description: Los Angeles is a popular and populous American city, hosting numerous red carpet events. Nicknamed the City of Angels or L.A., the city of Los Angeles is situated on the west coast of the United States of America, in the state of California. Los Angeles is considered to be the second most populous city in the United States of America, after New York City. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood motion picture industry and lots of American landmarks worth visiting. If you are in L.A., you should not miss the famous Hollywood Sign, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Boulevard, the Dolby Theatre (where the annual Academy Awards aka Oscars are held), the Fox Plaza (the headquarters of 20th Century Fox) or the Staples Centre. The most important music and movie awards events are hosted in Los Angeles, the most recent being the 85th edition of the Oscars, held on Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre. Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood movies, movie stars and movie awards. If you wanna be a movie star, Los Angeles is the best place to become one, girls! First impression counts and in order to be a movie star, you have to look like a movie star first. Impress the Hollywood film industry producers with a movie awards winning look playing Los Angeles Movie Star Prep facial beauty game! Look like a Los Angeles movie star ready to walk on the red carpet playing Los Angeles Movie Star Prep facial beauty game and you will surely be noticed by famous Hollywood directors and producers, girls! Los Angeles Movie Star Prep facial beauty game has facial beauty treatments, make up, hair styles, red carpet dresses and accessories that transform any girl into an L.A. movie star from head to toe. Enjoy Los Angeles Movie Star Prep facial beauty game!
Oscar's Nominee Preparation
Description: February is a month full of events, from masquerade carnivals and fashion weeks all over the world to Valentine's Day and lots of red carpet awards events. The music industry celebrated its most talented music artists and their music performances during the 2013 Grammy Awards held on February 10, 2013, in Los Angeles, USA. Another major February awards event is the famous Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars. The Oscars honor the best performances in the film industry and this year the 85th edition of The Oscars takes place on February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. The 85th Academy Awards edition gathers on the red carpet the previous year's best films, best actors and best actresses. Among the 2013 Oscars nominee list for Best Actress there is teen actress Jennifer Lawrence, for her role in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. The Best Supporting Actress list has Anne Hathaway with her role in the movie Les Miserables as an Oscar nominee. The Best Actor category has on its nominee list actors like Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman and handsome Bradley Cooper. Not all of us have the chance to get a live picture of the designer red carpet outfits Hollywood celebrities wear at the 2013 Academy Awards. Meet Oscar, a young fashion designer, and his fabulously new red carpet nominee preparation makeover. Make your own 2013 Oscars event and get a Hollywood celebrity red carpet look playing Oscar's Nominee Preparation facial beauty game! Dress up in an Oscar nominee outfit similar to the ones Oscar nominee actresses wear this year at the 2013 Academy Awards. Oscar's Nominee Preparation facial beauty game reveals facial beauty treatments, make up, dresses, accessories and hair styles that make you, girls, look like an Oscar nominee winning star. Enjoy Oscar's Nominee Preparation facial beauty game!
Tie the Knot Wedding Prep
Description: This young couple have been living an incredible fairy tale love story and they are now ready to tie the knot, officializing their relationship with a fabulous wedding. Like their relationship, their wedding is going to be out of this world, lasting three days and three nights like in fairy tales. Have you ever participated in such a magnificent tie the knot wedding, girls? The young bride is looking forward to tie the knot and start a new married life together with her new husband. Being such a pompous wedding, this young bride will wear different wedding outfits each day of her wedding. The bride also needs different wedding make up, wedding hair styles and wedding accessories. Prepare the bride for her tie the knot wedding dressing her up in various bridal outfits from traditional to extravagant, playing this exclusive facial beauty game entitled Tie the Knot Wedding Prep! Looking beautiful and fashionable can be achieved through lots of beauty, make up, hair styling and dress up practice. Now that this bride is about to tie the knot and get married to her Prince Charming, are you ready to tie the knot as well, ladies? Prepare for your tie the knot moment getting an exquisite and complete bridal makeover with facial beauty treatments, glowing wedding make up and princess wedding outfits, playing Tie the Knot Wedding Prep facial beauty game! Enjoy our facial beauty games!
Empire State Rooftop Party
Description: Empire State Building is an American landmark and a must see touristic attraction for anybody visiting New York City. Empire State Building is located in Midtown Manhattan and its rooftop is open for public, offering a great view over New York City and having a rooftop restaurant as well. From the rooftop of the 102-story skyscraper, visitors can see other popular American landmarks belonging to the city of New York, like the Statue of Liberty or Central Park. Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York City and its name comes from the nickname given to New York, the Empire State. The Empire State Building rooftop is the perfect place for a party, not just a sightseeing location. A rooftop party on the tallest skyscraper in the city makes anybody feel like being on top of the world. Have you been on the rooftop of Empire State Building, girls? A visit to New York City is not complete without going to an Empire State Building rooftop party! Discover the American dressing code for any fancy skyscraper rooftop party playing Empire State Rooftop Party facial beauty game, the newest facial beauty game from! This beautiful American girl just came back from a fab party on the rooftop of the Empire State Building and she attracted all the attention with her elegant fashion diva outfit. Get the facial beauty, make up, hair styling and dress up secrets for a stunning and sophisticated rooftop party look playing Empire State Rooftop Party facial beauty game! Enjoy our facial beauty games!
Little Black Dress Makeover
Description: A little black dress is a must have in any girl's closet, as you never know when a last minute party comes up and a little black dress is a life saver in such cases. A little black dress can be worn at a wedding, a fancy restaurant dinner, a girls' night out, a prom party, a birthday party, a college party or even a date if you wanna dress to impress. So, you see, girls, a little black dress is practical and versatile. A little black dress confers a simple, stylish and elegant look to any girl wearing it. Accessorized with a trendy hairdo, fancy make up and glittery diamond jewelries, a little black dress will give any girl a glam princess diva look. Do you have a little black dress in your wardrobe, girls? Get inspired from our glitzy glam little black dress beauty, make up and fashion collection playing Little Black Dress Makeover facial beauty game! Get a glowing little black dress makeover from top to bottom perfect for a prom night, a college ball, a clubbing night or a wedding reception playing Little Black Dress Makeover facial beauty game! A little black dress can be plain black or in combination with another color with glitzy sequin applications. Renew your closet with a fabulous little black dress and learn how to accessorize it for a fancy elegant look, playing Little Black Dress Makeover facial beauty game! Enjoy Little Black Dress Makeover facial beauty game from!
Caribbean Cruise Makeover
Description: A fabulous way of spending your vacation is going on a cruise in the Caribbean Islands. A Caribbean cruise on a large ship offers lots of entertainment and sightseeing options. The Caribbeans is a region of islands in the Caribbean Sea. A Caribbean cruise can give you a great view over the United States of America, Mexico and the northern part of South America. Spend your next vacation on an amazing Caribbean cruise, girls, and learn what clothes, accessories, facial beauty products and make up you must take with you in your Caribbean cruise luggage, playing Caribbean Cruise Makeover facial beauty game! Any cruise has a day life and a night life, so you should have your luggage packed with casual chic day outfits and fancy elegant evening outfits. Get a stunning Caribbean cruise makeover for day and night with all the facial beauty treatments, make up, clothes and accessories you need playing Caribbean Cruise Makeover facial beauty game. Accessorize your day outfits with a natural looking day make up and hair style, while your night make up should be daring and sophisticated, with glowing smokey eyes or red hot lips. Enjoy Caribbean Cruise Makeover facial beauty game!
Gramy Awards Makeover
Description: The United States of America are famous for the various music and movie awards events held throughout the whole year. Whether it is the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, the MTV Music Awards or the Teen's Choice Awards, any awards event is a new occasion for Hollywood celebrities to show up on the red carpet in elegant and glittery designer outfits. The Grammy Awards is a popular awards event in the United States. The Grammy Awards honor the best artists in the music industry and their music achievements, having as main categories Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist. The 2013 Grammy Awards are just a few days away, being held on February 10, 2013, in Los Angeles and having singer LL Cool J as host. Get a fabulous and exquisite 2013 Grammy Awards look playing Gramy Awards Makeover facial beauty game, the newest online facial beauty game released by! Play Gramy Awards Makeover facial beauty game and get an elegant and glamorous awards look with facial beauty products, make up, hair styles, dresses and accessories similar to the ones professional make up artists and stylists use on the music star divas attending the 2013 Grammy Awards show. Enjoy Gramy Awards Makeover facial beauty game!
Disco Queen Makeover
Description: Nobody can compete with a queen, whether we talk about a royalty, a prom queen or a disco queen. Once a girl is crowned queen, popularity and success are no longer an issue. A princess of royal blood can become a royal queen by birth after long years of waiting. A high school or college girl can become a prom queen due to her beauty, looks and personality after the prom night. Did you know that you can become a disco queen in just a few minutes, girls, if you have the right moves on the dance floor and the right disco outfit? Turn into a glam disco queen playing Disco Queen Makeover facial beauty game and dazzle everybody with your disco makeup, disco hairstyle and disco outfits. A simple girls' night out in a club can change your life forever, making you famous all over town with the perfect Disco Queen Makeover, girls! If you already have the disco queen moves and a keen ear for disco music, all there is left for you to become a disco queen diva is a disco queen makeover. Practice on your disco makeup, disco hair styling and disco fashion styling playing Disco Queen Makeover facial beauty game! Enjoy!
Central Park Wedding Prep
Description: Central Park is one of the main touristic attractions in New York City and it is situated in the center part of Manhattan, being a public park open to visitors all year round. Central Park is a must see location for any tourist visiting New York City and Manhattan. Central Park was created in 1857 and it is an American historic landmark. Did you know that Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States of America? You can get an incredible view over Central Park from the top of the Empire State Building, another American landmark and must see attraction in New York City. Central Park is a great location for your wedding ceremony and your wedding photos. Have you ever considered having your wedding photos taken in Central Park, ladies? This young newlyweds couple is about to have their wedding photo shoot session in Central Park. Prepare the bride for her Central Park wedding photo shoot doing her wedding make up, wedding hairdo and dressing her up in various wedding outfits. The bride and the groom eloped from their wedding reception in a fancy Manhattan restaurant to have their wedding photo album done in Central Park, since they could not have a Central Park wedding. Practice your wedding beauty, make up and fashion stylist skills playing Central Park Wedding Prep facial beauty game and get the bride ready for her Central Park wedding photo shoot. Dress her up in gorgeous wedding gowns and accessories, match each bridal outfit with a different wedding make up and hairstyle, and make sure her face looks radiant and glowing with a facial beauty treatment. Enjoy Central Park Wedding Prep facial beauty game!
America's Idol Prep
Description: The American TV talent show American Idol has begun its televised auditions for the 2013 American Idol, which premiered on January 16, 2013, on the American TV channel Fox. American Idol is now an American phenomenon reaching season 12 this year. Who do you think will be this year's America's idol, girls? Do you know pop star Nicki Minaj is one of the judges of season 12 American Idol? Nicki Minaj is herself America's idol, having lots of fans and admirers. Nicki Minaj has always shocked with her colorful hair wigs and outfits in her appearances. Are you eager to watch Nicki Minaj and her new American Idol outfits, girls? Be America's Idol this season and get ready for your American Idol audition playing America's Idol Prep facial beauty game! Prepare to meet your idol Nicki Minaj in a dazzling glittery dress, jewels and make up, like this beautiful girl in America's Idol Prep facial beauty game. She is a big fan of Nicki Minaj and she has made it into the auditions of America's Idol season 12. Now she is in the backstage of the famous American show preparing to be the next America's Idol with a fabulous America's Idol Prep makeover. Be a part of this awesome talent show phenomenon as a backstage beautician, makeup artist and fashion stylist, preparing the outfits for America's next idol. Dress the girl up in sensational elegant dresses and glam jewelries, do her hair and make up, and freshen up her face with a facial beauty treatment before applying the make up. Enjoy America's Idol Prep facial beauty game!
Magazine Model Makeover
Description: There are lots of famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Allure, InStyle or Cosmopolitan at news stands and in book stores showing a magazine model on their cover. Once a model gets on the cover of a fashion magazine, her success and fame are guaranteed. A magazine model must look impeccable from head to toe. That means a magazine model must have the standard body sizes of a top model, a photogenic look and a well taken care of face and figure. Do you have what it takes to be a magazine model, girls? Do you want to look like the magazine models you see on the cover of Vogue, Glamour, Elle, InStyle or other fashion magazines? Do you want to become an international magazine model? Get a sensational Magazine Model Makeover like only magazine top models get before their magazine cover photo shoot, playing Magazine Model Makeover facial beauty game! Prepare for your first magazine model photo shoot with a professional makeover and get a sophisticated magazine model look. Any magazine model should have a flawless skin complexion obtained with facial beauty treatments, before make up is applied to her face. Look like a magazine model wearing the right make up, hair style, clothes and jewelries playing Magazine Model Makeover facial beauty game! Enjoy!
Rock Star Makeover
Description: Studs and spikes are the latest fashion trend in the New Year. How do we know that? Just by having a look at the clothes and accessories Hollywood stars are wearing at the moment. When you say Hollywood star, you can refer to a movie star or a music star. Studded black dresses, tops and jeans, studded leather belts and spiked black leather jackets are specific to the rock style. Being in trend now, these rock fashion items are worn by lot of Hollywood celebrities on the street or at various events, not just by rock stars. Wanna shine like a Hollywood star and look like a trendy rock star, girls? Play Rock Star Makeover facial beauty game and become a sophisticated rock star fashion diva! Dress up like a glam rock star girl in trendy and feminine rock star clothes and jewelries with studs and spikes. Beautify your face with rock star face cleanser, face scrubs, eye concealer and honey face masks. Complete your rock star makeover with trendy rock star make up and fashionable rock star hairstyles. You don't have to be a rock star to dress up like one. A spiked or studded leather jacket can give your outfit a rock star flavor, while a black dress with studded shoulders, matched with high heels and rock star jewels. never fails to impress no matter where you go, girls! Enjoy Rock Star Makeover facial beauty game!
Winter Wonderland Wedding Makeover
Description: Hey, girls! What season do you plan on having your wedding in? My favorite season is winter and my wedding is scheduled for this winter. My mom had her wedding in winter, in a wonderland snowy mountains scenery, and I will continue the family tradition having a winter wedding as well. I have found the perfect location for my winter wonderland wedding and I have a few wedding gowns in mind that I would like to wear at my wedding. I cannot decide on my wedding make up and hairdo though. Help me prepare for my winter wonderland wedding with a fabulous makeover from top to bottom. I need your fashion stylist advice as to which wedding gown I should wear as a bride to be. I also need your make-up artist and hair stylist skills to get the perfect make up and hairstyle a bride can only dream of. My face needs a facial beauty makeover as well and, last but not least, don't forget to match my wedding outfit with appropriate wedding accessories! I am sure I will be a fabulous bride once you have finished my winter wonderland wedding makeover. Enjoy Winter Wonderland Wedding Makeover facial beauty game!
Bachelorette Party Makeover
Description: Every wedding has or should have a pre-wedding party separated for the bride and the groom. The groom spends a guys' night out with his best men who organize a surprise bachelor party for him. The bride has a bachelorette party, going on a fun girls' night out with her bridesmaids. Where else can a bachelorette party turn into a total success than in a fancy club, where the future bride and her bffs can dance all night long, going crazy with wedding presents and girl gossip. Can you guess who the bride is? How should a girl dress up for her bachelorette party? Do you know what you will wear at your bachelorette party, ladies? Is it going to be a white pre-wedding dress, a glam evening dress or you just can't be bothered and wear whatever clothes and studs come at hand? Pick the most suited bachelorette dress, hairstyle, make up and jewelries playing Bachelorette Party Makeover facial beauty game and design the perfect outfit for a bride to wear at her bachelorette party. She must be the star of the night, so make her shine with a glowing make up, beauty products and a sensational outfit. Enjoy Bachelorette Party Makeover facial beauty game!
Dating Dr. McDreamy Makeover
Description: Having a career as a doctor, a top model or an actress is what lots of girls wish for as a professional achievement when they grow up. Dating a handsome doctor like Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy or a successful lawyer would be a dream come true for lots of ladies out there. I have a big crush on Dr. McDreamy, my favorite character from the American TV series Grey's Anatomy. Doctor McDreamy is a surgeon at the Seattle Grace Hospital and he is played by handsome actor Patrick Dempsey. We all have crushes on celebrities. Some teen girls have a crush on Justin Bieber, other girls on Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner! Well, I have a crush on Dr. McDreamy, as I plan on getting married to a doctor someday. I imagine dating Dr. McDreamy and how I will be dressed for such a date. One day I will date a handsome doctor like Dr. Mcdreamy, so I want to be ready for the occasion, looking fabulous and breath-taking. Be my beautician, make up artist and fashion stylist and give me a sensational doctor dating look from head to toe playing Dating Dr. McDreamy Makeover facial beauty game! Make me look elegant and beautiful for my dream date with a stylish evening dress and make up, a chic hairstyle and exquisite jewelries. Enjoy Dating Dr. McDreamy Makeover facial beauty game!
Las Vegas Getaway Wedding
Description: Las Vegas is the city of all possibilities and opportunities. It is the most popular city of Nevada, one of the USA states, and its popularity comes from gambling, entertainment, fashion and shopping. Although it is not the capital of the United States of America, the city of Las Vegas is considered to be the Entertainment Capital of the World, being well-known for its casinos and thematic hotels. Lots of couples get married in Las Vegas. Having a Las Vegas getaway wedding is the perfect and fastest wedding plan for brides who are in a big haste to get married and can't be bothered with organizing a traditional wedding. A Las Vegas getaway wedding needs only the bride and the groom present in their wedding outfits. Get a Las Vegas getaway wedding makeover, girls, which will make you look glamorous and stylish, glowing like the lights of the fancy casinos of Las Vegas during night time. Be prepared for a getaway wedding with make up, wedding gown, wedding hairdo, wedding shoes and wedding jewelries, in case you decide for a quick sensational wedding in the city of Las Vegas. Make your face sparkle with a facial beauty treatment and glam wedding make up. Get crazy, live your life in American style and have a Las Vegas getaway wedding, ladies! Enjoy Las Vegas Getaway Wedding facial beauty game!
Times Square Ball Drop Prep
Description: New Years eve is almost here and we all want to have the time of our life at a fantastic New Years party. The most spectacular, most extravagant and most famous New Years Eve party in the world is the New York Times Square Ball Drop party. Half of New York city gets ready to spend the last seconds of the year together with fellow New Yorkers cheering and partying and waiting for the ball to drop. Balldrop is actually the largest producer of Times Square New Years Parties. This fantastic event offers you the opportunity to spend a fabulous NYC New Years Eve at parties at top Restaurants, Lounges, Nightclubs, and Bars! Our cute girl always wanted to participate in this Times Square Ball Drop event and her time has finally come. This year she was invited to join her friends and party together while bar hopping and counting down 2013. Before she can actually walk out of her building and head towards Times Square, this cute girl needs a fun makeover first. Apply some facial beauty treatments, then get her all dressed up for the event and then have fun together. The Times Square Ball Drop countdown to midnight has already started. Where will you be at Midnight, ladies?
Sorority Girl Makeover
Description: Sororities and fraternities are frequent and very popular at colleges and universities in the USA, but they are also found in Europe. You may be familiar with American sorority and fraternity groups from watching American movies with and about college teens. Sorority comes from the Latin word soror, meaning sister, and is a girls' only fraternal social organization for college and university students, widely spread in the United States of America. You may have heard of sorority groups such as Pi Beta Phi, the first sorority group, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Phi or Phi Mu. Each sorority group has specific badges, pins, coat of arms and defining fashion items like shirts, pants, bags, jewelry and key chains. Joining a sorority is one way of getting popular and noticed while at college or university, girls! Why wait until then when you can get a fancy sorority look right now, ladies, playing Sorority Girl Makeover facial beauty game! You can decide which sorority you want to join later on, for the moment just turn into a fashionable and chic sorority girl with a complete head to toe makeover. Try trendy sorority style make up, clothes, badges, hairdos and accessories, designing fashionable sorority outfits. Get ready for make up with a sorority facial beauty treatment as well! Enjoy Sorority Girl Makeover facial beauty game!
Charity Ball Makeover
Description: A charity ball is like a red carpet event, it is a charitable party where lots of celebs and rich people are invited to donate money for noble causes. The charity ball in 2011 was hosted by star actress Jessica Biel and film producer Tylor Perry, the event taking place in New York City, being attended by over two thousand celebrities. The 2012 Charity Ball took place on Monday, December 10, in the same New York City and was hosted by actor Seth Meyers, one of the protagonists of the famous American show Saturday Night Live. Anybody can participate at a charity event like the Charity Ball and the good news is that you, girls, don't have to go all the way to NYC to take part in a charity ball party. Organize your own charity ball, girls, inviting your bffs over and enjoying a fun charity ball makeover! Get the elegance, glamour and glitter of the popular charity ball event with professional make up, hair styling and glamorous outfits, like the ones Hollywood celebrities wear at such charitable and fashionable events. Don't forget to prepare your face for make up with facial beauty lotions, creams and masks! Enjoy Charity Ball Makeover facial beauty game!
Music Awards Makeover
Description: Everybody likes listening to music and going to concerts where their favorite artists perform live. Music tastes are varied depending on the types of music we listen to. From pop and dance to hip hop, rap, r&b, rock, urban, country, Latino or classical, music offers a diverse range of styles, like fashion. Music awards are popular events held each year with the purpose of honoring the best artists in the music industry and their music performances. Among the most famous music awards events there are MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Award, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards and American Country Awards. Music awards gather all the music celebrities and their elegant designer outfits on the red carpet. Whether or not you have had the chance to attend a music awards event, girls, you can now get a fancy music awards look playing Music Awards Makeover facial beauty game, the newest fashion game released by! Get an elegant and stylish music awards make up, hair style and outfit, which will transform you into a music star ready to walk on the red carpet. Now you can have the look that singers and artists get when they show up at an awards event. Don't forget to prepare your face for make up with beauty products like scrubs, lotions, creams and face masks! Enjoy Music Awards Makeover facial beauty game!
Miss Junior High
Description: Hiya, girls! This is my first year as a high school student and I enjoy every minute of my new high school experience. I have been looking forward to going to a prestigious high school and now that I am a high school freshman, I am looking forward to the Miss Junior High beauty pageant contest and to the Miss Junior High ball party. I am confident in my good looks and my wits, so I have decided to enter the Miss Junior High contest and win it, of course! For a fashionable girl like me this miss beauty pageant is the gateway to high school popularity and fame. Help me win the beauty contest giving me a fabulous Miss Junior High makeover playing Miss Junior High facial beauty game! Dress me up in a stylish and elegant dress, style up my hair, do my make up and accessorize me with gold and diamond jewelries. Make my skin shine applying beauty products like scrubs, creams and face masks for a fresh and glowing effect. Don't forget my dazzling miss crown! Enjoy Miss Junior High facial beauty game!
Dating a Vampire: Damon
Description: Love is in the air all around us, sparing nobody from human beings to animals and supernatural creatures like vampires. For a girl looking good on her date with the lad she has a crush on is of utmost importance. has the beauty and fashion tips for that in Dating My Crush Makeover facial beauty game! Dating a real guy is one thing, but how about dating a vampire, girls? There are lots of movies and TV series with handsome vampires like Edward from the Twilight movies or Damon from The Vampire Diaries TV series. In The Vampire Diaries, Damon is the bad vampire and his brother, Stefan, is the good vampire. Both Damon and Stefan are in love with Elena, a 17 years old girl, played by famous actress Nina Dobrev. Vampires have exquisite fashion tastes and dating a vampire like Damon implies looking stylish and feminine. Prepare Elena for dating vampire Damon playing Dating a Vampire: Damon facial beauty game! Make her look fancy and elegant from head to toe starting with hair styling, make up and outfit. Make up cannot be done on a dirty face, so cleansing and hydrating it with cosmetic products is necessary. Check out the latest hair styling and make up trends, get a glowing dating a vampire make up and dazzle vampire Damon with a gorgeous evening dress and glam jewelries. Enjoy Dating a Vampire: Damon facial beauty game!
Chinese Spa Facial Beauty
Description: A fun and relaxing way to spend quality time with your bffs is going to a spa salon and enjoying a few hours of facial beauty treatments, relaxation massages and girl gossip. Chinese culture is well known for its traditional spa treatments with sensational effects. Welcome to the Chinese Spa Facial Beauty salon, girls, where you will discover Chinese cosmetic treatments with miraculous herbs and ingredients which will make your face beautiful and shiny. The Chinese spa is a fancy beauty and fashion salon, combining traditional facial beauty treatments with modern make up, hair styling and fashion styling. Get a modern and fashionable Chinese look playing with the Chinese spa make up and finding the best combinations of eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick. A perfect make up requires a perfectly looking skin, so prepare your face for make up with amazing Chinese spa facial beauty creams, masks and lotions. Complete the fabulous Chinese spa makeover with a chic hair style and a stylish outfit. Enjoy Chinese Spa Facial Beauty game!
Barbi and Ellie BFF Makeover
Description: BFF stands for Best Friends Forever and that is exactly what Barbie and Ellie are. Everybody has or should have at least one bff, someone you can trust and share your secrets or problems with. Barbie is happy to have found Ellie as her bff, they know each other since childhood and their friendship will last forever. Being Barbie's best friend, Ellie knows everything about Barbie's life, from Barbie's hobbies, beauty and fashion tastes to ex-boyfriends and her innermost secrets. But because Ellie is Barbie's bff, she does not go around the neighbourhood gossiping left and right about Barbie and her personal life. Barbie and Ellie are going for a fun girls' night out at a fancy club and they just love preparing for it. It is party time with Barbi and Ellie BFF Makeover facial beauty game! Help Barbie's bff Ellie get ready to enjoy a fab night partying with Barbie and some more of their friends. Ellie needs an elegant evening bff makeover which means an elegant evening dress, chic earrings and necklace, fancy hair style and glam evening make up. Before applying the make up, use Ellie's cosmetic products to cleanse and beautify her face. Enjoy Barbi and Ellie BFF Makeover facial beauty game!
Elements Makeover Earth Princess
Description: Nature combines together five elements: earth, water, ice, fire and wind. Each element has its own princess who rules over it. You have already met the Fire Princess playing Elements Makeover Fire Princess facial beauty game and the Ice Princess playing Elements Makeover Ice Princess. It is now time to get acquainted with another elemental princess, the beautiful Earth Princess, who rules over all eathly inhabitants from animals and crawling creatures to plants, grass and flowers. The Earth Princess is a modern and trendy princess, her favorite color being green. Too much green creates monotony and the Earth Princess has decided she wants a change of look. Give the Earth Princess a stylish and sophisticated elements makeover consisting of a cosmetic session, a make up session, a hair styling session and a dress up session. Prepare her face for make up cleansing and hydrating it with lotions, creams and face masks made from earthly ingredients. When it comes to make up and outfits, give the Earth Princess an elegant new look, combining green with complementary colors or having her wear other colors like red, yellow or purple. Enjoy Elements Makeover Earth Princess facial beauty game!
Dating My Crush Makeover
Description: Being in love and having a crush on somebody can happen at any age. It can happen when you least expect it, in a most unthought of place or in the queerest situation. Having a crush on someone you fancy makes life cheerful, entertaining and with butterflies in your stomach. I know what I am talking about as I have had a crush on the guy next door for quite a while now. I am finally dating the handsome dude and let me tell you, girls, that it has not been easy getting him to invite me on a date. Dating my crush makes me more fashion aware, I don't go out of the house without wearing make up, a chic outfit and without checking out my hairdo in the mirror. I am dating my crush for a month now and tonight he has invited me to have a romantic dinner together to celebrate our relationship. Help me prepare from head to toe for a new date with my crush at a fancy restaurant giving me a fab Dating My Crush Makeover! I want to look beautiful and elegant for dating my crush, so beautify me with lots of cosmetic products for skin and face, with a gorgeous make up and with a chic dress matched with the right studs and necklace. Enjoy Dating My Crush Makeover facial beauty game!
Hollywood Party Prep Facial
Description: Hollywood is the official crib of celebrities, it is the place where all celebrities gather. When you say Hollywood, you say glamour, style, elegance, high life, spicy gossip, red carpet, movie stars, famous artists and the dwelling place of the movie industry. Living in Hollywood is a dream come true for some people, for others it is still just a dream. If you don't live in Hollywood, bring Hollywood and its glamour to you with our Hollywood Party Prep Facial beauty game! Girls, get a glam Hollywood look which goes great at a thematic Hollywood party where you will show up resembling a true Hollywood celebrity. Hollywood celebrities resort to all sorts of beauty and make up tricks to look glowing and fresh at red carpet events or movie premieres. Have a sneak peek at the cosmetic treatments that make Hollywood actresses look young and beautiful, then try on lots of trendy Hollywood make up colors, check out the latest Hollywood hair styling trends and the latest Hollywood designer fashion comprising elegant evening dresses and precious jewelries. Enjoy Hollywood Party Prep Facial beauty game!
Job Interview Prep Makeover
Description: The way you look when you go to a job interview can make the difference between success and failure in obtaining the job that you want. Some people go to lots of interviews before being employed, others get the dream job from their first interview. Girls, make sure your get the work place you dream about after your first interview preparing from head to toe for it with the fabulous Job Intervew Prep Makeover facial beauty game! Attending a job interview implies a certain type of dress code, very stylish and office like, the right make up, the right hairstyle and the right attitude. Get ready for your job interview practicing a stunning job interview fashion look with the Job Interview Prep Makeover beautifying face creams, chocolate masks and moisturizing lotions, make up colors and fashionable outfits perfect for a job interview. Learn to get a dazzling job interview hair style, girls, the kind of clothes a girl should wear as well as the kind of studs and make up most appropriate for a successful job interview! Enjoy Job Interview Prep Makeover facial beauty game!
Milan Glam Girl Makeover
Description: I am so happy, girls, because I am going to the famous Milan Fashion Week, which takes place in the beautiful city of Milan. I will spend a whole week visiting the city, attending the fashion shows where famous fashion designers will present their newest fashion collections of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries, and doing lots of shopping of course. As you can imagine, a fashion show requires a certain dress code and I intend to glitter and shine with my Milan glam girl look. A glam girl is a girl who dresses up in elegant and stylish dresses, trendy hairdos, glam gold and diamond studs and a glowing make up worthy of a true fashion goddess. You can turn into a glam girl like me, girls, playing Milan Glam Girl Makeover make up game, in which I will show you the make up, hair styling and fashion styling steps towards getting a glam girl look. Check out the glamorous make up colors of eyeshadow, blush, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick and create lots of glittery make ups for day and night for a glamorous Milan girl look. Enjoy Milan Glam Girl Makeover make up game!
Upper East Side Makeover
Description: Wanna get a sophisticated upper east side look, girls, for school or for a girls' night out? When you say Upper East Side, you say high style, elegance, wealth and fancy designer fashion items. The brand new facial beauty game Upper East Side Makeover brings you the upper east side beauty, make up and fashion in your own homes, without having to spend any money to get the stylish and high maintenance upper east side look. How awesome is that, girls! Get a chic upper east side school or college look, prepare for a day out in the city or for a night out with your bffs looking chic and elegant like a true upper east side fashionista. Beautifying cosmetic treatments used by high life fashion divas, glamorous and sophisticated make up colors like liquid lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush, trendy and stylish hairdos, upper east side designer outfits, gold and diamond designer studs are all part of the Upper East Side Makeover which will turn you into an upper east side fashion diva with just a bit of beauty, make up and styling practice. See if you have the make up colors, the beauty treatments, the jewels and the upper east side outfits in your own dressing, exercise the upper east side makeover on the beautiful model, then try it on yourselves, girls, and you will make sensation everywhere you go with your fancy upper east side look. Enjoy Upper East Side Makeover facial beauty game!
Bride Preparation Facial
Description: Looking gorgeous and glamorous on your wedding day, girls, means lots of preparation from head to toe for a bride, from hair style to make up and wedding outfit. As the bride is the main point of attraction and gossip at a wedding, she must look flawless and exquisite for the eyes of the groom and the wedding guests. Why wait until your wedding day, girls, when you can start right now your bride preparation facial beauty makeover! Bride preparation facial beauty game offers you all the beauty, make up and styling tools to get a gorgeous bridal look, so that on your wedding day you know exactly what kind of make up, hairdo, dress, veil and jewelries you will wear. The bride preparation facial makeover starts with cleansing out your face and preparing it for make up. Use cleanser and scrub to clean your face, remove nose and face spots, wax your moustache, pluck your eyebrows and use a beautifying strawberry face mask to give your skin a smooth and silky look. Once the beauty treatment is done, practice on the bridal make up and outfit, mixing and matching the make up colors and combining each wedding dress with the perfect accessories. Enjoy Bride Preparation Facial beauty game!
Barbi for President
Description: The presidential campaign in the USA is a great debate subject and with the presidential elections around the corner, everybody is exited about who is going to be the next president of the United States of America. Barbie is interested in the results of this year's presidential elections and she is watching with great attention the presidential debates to learn a few tricks as she is also running for president. For now Barbie wants to be the president of the student body at her college, but who knows what future might bring, girls! One day Barbie can become the next USA president. Give Barbie a stylish and elegant fashionista look for her presidential campaign as president of her college student body playing Barbi for President facial beauty game! Beautify Barbie with facial beauty creams and masks, clean and professional make up and style her up with elegant outfits, jewelries and hairstyles. Help Barbie become the first fashion diva president of the USA with a fashionable presidential dressing code and make up. Enjoy Barbi for President facial beauty game!
Miss Diamonds Nails Prep
Description: Girls like to take care of their nails and do their manicure and pedicure. Becoming a talented nail artist requires lots of practice and what better way to start than with your own nails, girls! Have you ever thought of getting glamorous nails worthy of a beauty queen diva? How about some diamonds nails to show off your diamond and gold ring and your fancy tattoo? And here comes the awesome news, girls! You don't have to take part into a Miss Diamonds beauty show and be crowned the queen of them all to wear Miss Diamonds nails each day of your life! Give your nails the glamour and glitter of diamonds and get fancy Miss Diamonds nails playing Miss Diamonds Nails Prep make up game! Learn how to get a blinking diamonds effect on your manicure following the manicure and nails design steps in Miss Diamons Nails Prep make up game! First cut the nails with the nail clippers to give them a nice shape, then clean your hands with hand cleaner and water, apply cuticle balm on your nails and polish them for a shiny and smooth look. Now that the manicure is done, you are ready to apply the nail polish colors, prints and precious diamonds gems on the nails. Create lots of funky and sophisticated nail designs combining the nail colors with nail patterns and nail gems. Once the dazzling diamonds nails are done, put a diamond ring on the finger and a cool tattoo on the hand, which will make you the queen of nail designs! Enjoy Miss Diamonds Nails Prep make up game!
Gossip Girls Makeover
Description: Gossip spices up our daily routined life and makes it more entertaining. Girls are well known for their gossip and fashion spirit. Girls like to gossip as much as they like going shopping or watching a movie, don't you, girls! When bffs get together during school breaks, after school or in weekends, they gossip about boys, fashion, girl rivals and latest news. Get a sophisticated gossip girls makeover and give girls and boys something to gossip about! Gossip Girls Makeover facial beauty game is about style, sophistication, glamour, femininity and high life elegance. Gossip with your girls about the latest beauty treatments for getting a smooth and silky skin complexion: face cleanser, face scrubs, face masks and face creams. Learn how to get fancy fashionista eyebrows, shaping them up according to the latest trends. Get a sophisticated and glam make up with glowing make up colors and professional high style make up tools. Make all girls gossip about your fancy chic designer dresses, trendy hairstyles and dazzling designer earrings made of precious gems, silver and gold. Enjoy Gossip Girls Makeover facial beauty game and get a sophisticated Hollywood celebrity look worthy of all the fashion gossip!
Greek Goddess Makeover
Description: Greek mythology is full of myths and legends about powerful gods and beautiful goddesses. Among the most famous Greek goddesses there is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Arthemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage, the queen of the Greek gods and the wife of Zeus. These popular Greek goddesses seldom interfered in the lives of people, mingling with them and dressing up like them not to be recognized. Turn into a gorgeous greek goddess playing Greek Goddess Makeover make up game! Be beautiful, feminine and glowing with a ravishing Greek goddess look! Be the next Aphrodite, Hera, Athena or Arthemis wearing a white and gold or a red Greek goddess dress. Assort each fabulous dress with make up, dazzling gold and silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair pins, and a Greek goddess style hairdo. Get a glam Greek goddess look for your prom, your bridal outfit, your Halloween party or a special event playing Greek Goddess Makeover make up game! Enjoy!
Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2
Description: Do you like tattoos, girls? Do you want to become a tattoo artist and have your own inked up tattto shop one day? Do you want to find out how to make a professional inked tattoo? Do you like drawing tattoos wherever you find an empty place? We have the answers to all these questions and more in our EnjoyDressUp brand new girl game entitled Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2! Discover the art of inked up tattoo making and follow the steps taken by any professional tattoo artist in getting the perfect inked up tattoo. Learn the art of designing and skin drawing tattoos playing Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2 management game, which is a sequel of the EnjoyDressUp girl game Inked Up Tattoo Shop! You are the owner of the fancy Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2 and you are a famous tattoo artist. Four of your clients, a punk girl named Leah, a retro style lover named Mia, a posh girl called Lily and a goth music fan called Emma, are waiting in your inked up tattoo shop to have their tattoos designed and done based on their preferences. Prove your inked up tattoo skills and make your customers happy and satisfied with the tattoos you design for them. Draw the tattoo, add adhesive, place the tattoo paper on the body part, moisten and peel off the tattoo, trace it with the tattoo stencil and sterilize the area before and after you color the tattoo. Enjoy Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2 management game!
Sophomore Style Makeover
Description: School has started for all students whether we talk about elementary school, high school or college. Sophomore and senior students plan their school welcoming pranks on the junior students, the fresh meat of schools. Sophomore students are happy they are in the second year of study, which means they are no longer the target of the seniors' jokes and ironies. Seniors enjoy their last year of study which offers them the highest popularity at school. Being a sophomore can be quite an awkward stage for any girl. You are not a freshman any more and you are not the queen of campus yet. It is decisions time, decisions that could shape the rest of any girl's college experience. Make the most of your sophomore school year, girls, and become a chic and stylish sophomore girl playing Sophomore Style Makeover make up game! Show your funky and rebellious side with the Sophomore Style Makeover and take the first fashion and make up steps towards being the most popular girl in the campus! If you are not decided on what fashion style you fancy the most, try the sophomore style which is casual chic, comfy, trendy, playful and funky. Start with a sophomore make up, don't be afraid to play with colors, experiment on various make up and hairstyling trends, turn into a funky emo sophomore or into a chic girly girl sophomore, and accessorize your make up with the right top and jewelries. Enjoy Sophomore Style Makeover make up game!
Girls' Night Out Makeover
Description: Girls often like to have a girls night out and we all know what that means, don't we, girls! A girls' night out is lots of fun, lots of gossip and flirting with boys, but also fancy and sophisticated outfits. Me and my girls are having a girls' night out tonight, we are going to our favorite club to celebrate my birthday and since I am the center of attention, I must look sensational and fabulous. I already know what hairstyle, make up and outfits my bffs will wear on our girls' night out and I want to outrun them with my stunning Girls' Night Out Makeover, so that I will be the most beautiful and most popular out of my girl crew. Check out my dressing and give me your professional fashion advice as to what make up, hairstyle, fancy dress and jewelries I should wear on my girls' night out for a glam club diva look, but before applying the perfect night out make up, make sure my face is smooth and shiny, using my cleansing lotions as well as my facial beauty masks and creams. I also need my eyebrows done, so don't forget to give them a nice shape! Enjoy Girls' Night Out Makeover facial beauty game and make me glow for my girl's night out birthday party!
Call Me Maybe
Description: Hey, girls! I have a big crush on the boy next door, who also happens to be my school mate and I think I am about to fall in love with him. I want to get his attention and I am about to give him my number in the hope that he will call me maybe. As the first impression is given by looks, I want to attract his attention with the way I dress up. Whether I am at school or in the neighbourhood, I want to look gorgeous if I happen to meet him by accident or so it may look like. I have figured out the perfect scenario to talk to him and give him my number, all that is left for me to do is to get ready and dress up for our encounter. Dress me up in a chic dress and heels or in a trendy casual t-shirt and skirt or jeans, assort each of my outfits with a fancy hairdo and jewelries, or you can just keep it simple and funky, playing Call Me Maybe dressup game! Make me look teenagerish and pretty, and make him call me maybe, no matter if it is a casual chic or fancy elegant teen outfit that I am wearing. Enjoy Call Me Maybe dressup game!
Amazing Wedding Cake Decoration
Description: Do you girls think about your wedding day, how your wedding dress will look like, What color your wedding bouquet will be, what kind of wedding shoes and jewelries you will wear or how you fancy your bride make up and hairdo? Of course any bride wants to look her best at her wedding, but the wedding outfit and make up are not all that a bride should think about. Let us not forget the wedding cake, shall we, girls! The wedding cake is as important as your bridal outfit, so how about designing an amazing wedding cake for your big wedding day! Get your wedding cake ready from now, girls, creating the fanciest looking wedding cake ever seen playing Amazing Wedding Cake Decoration wedding game! Put to work your expert cake decorating skills, check out the latest trends in wedding cake decorations, from fancy cake colors and designs to yummy looking cake toppings and glamorous cake ornaments. Why wait until your wedding day when you can design your fashionista wedding cake right now and thus have more time for picturing your wedding outfit later on playing Amazing Wedding Cake Decoration wedding game! Enjoy!
Fluffy Monsterette Makeover
Description: Hiya, kids! I bet you haven't seen a monster like me before! I'm a fluffy monsterette and I am half vampire and half werewolf. My mother is a fashionista vampire, my dad is a hairy werewolf and I am their gorgeous monster daughter. I'm about to start school soon and I want to make myself beautiful for my first day at school. I want to be the coolest and most fashionable monster girl at the monster school that I am going to, so help me turn my sad face into a happy fashion diva face, girls, giving me a glamorous Fluffy Monsterette Makeover! My face looks monstruous and I can't go to school with spots, wrinkles or messy eyebrows, so I desperately need a facial beauty treatment. Then I need a cute make up, a monstruously fancy hairstyle and a stylish monsterette outfit. Once my fashionista transformation is completed after you have played Fluffy Monsterette Makeover facial beauty game, I am confident all monster dudes at school will ask for my phone number from the first day. Enjoy Fluffy Monsterette Makeover facial beauty game!
Elements Makeover Ice Princess
Description: Far but very far away there is a dazzling kingdom of ice, everything is covered in white, blue, turquoise or greenish shades of ice, and this far away kingdom is reigned by a gorgeous and stylish Ice Princess, or at least that's what they say, kids! The Ice Princess has decided that it is about time she should get married and she has spread word in all the other kingdoms that she is in need of suitors. Lots of good or not so good looking princes are about to arrive at a grandious party that is going to begin at her ice palace and she needs to get ready to receive her royal guests properly, as a beautiful and fancy Ice Princess that she is rumored to be. As the royal beautician, make up artist and stylist of the pretty Ice Princess, it is your task to get the princess ready for her fabulous princesses and princes royal party playing Elements Makeover Ice Princess facial beauty game! From amazing skin treatments with ice, chocolate, ice cream and mint face masks and face creams to a glowing icy make up and finally dressing her up in the most glamorous princess gown matched with precious emerald and rubies princess jewelries, she must sparkle and shine in front of her royal blood guests. Enjoy Elements Makeover Ice Princess facial beauty game!
Inked Up Tattoo Shop
Description: Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo, girls? Whether it's a temporary tattoo, which you can get from appying a sticker tattoo, or a more permanent one, a tattoo always makes you stand out from the crowd, giving you a cooler and trendier look. How about having your own tattoo shop and becoming an expert tattoo artist, girls? Learn the art of inked tattoos making playing Inked Up Tattoo Shop management game and help the beautiful girl run her fancy tattoo shop by helping the customers decide on what kind of tattoo to get based on what they tell you. You must pay good attention to the preferences of each girl that comes into your tattoo shop, so that you will be able to create exactly the artwork required, thus making the girls happy and satisfied with their tattoos. Once you have created the perfect tattoo drawing for each custumer, you will be introduced into the art of inked tattoo making, going through all the steps needed for transforming your drawing into a fabulous inked up tattoo. Draw the tattoo on a piece of stencil, add adhesive to it, then place the stencil on the body part desired, moisten the outline, peel off the paper, trace the tattoo, sterilize the area and finish by coloring it and sterilizing the tattoo area again. Enjoy Inked up Tattoo Shop management game!
Miss Diamonds Prep Makeover
Description: Every girl dreams of being Miss Diamonds one day and lots of teen girls take part into beauty pageants or Miss contests in the hope of winning the first place and thus being crowned as the most beautiful girl in their city or in the world. Being Miss Diamonds requires lots of hours of preparation, lots of beauty treatments, hairstyling, getting the right make up and wearing the right dress for a great body look. Become the next Miss Diamonds getting all the preparation that you need playing the newest EnjoyDressUp facial beauty game entitled Miss Diamonds Prep Makeover! From getting the perfect face with secret facial beauty treatments to getting the most sophisticated Miss Diamonds look, which will guarantee you the Miss Diamonds title and crown, you have it all in the Miss Diamonds Prep Makeover facial beauty game! Practice your beautician, hair stylist, make up artist and fashion stylist skills and learn how to become the next Miss Diamonds, girls, playing Miss Diamonds Prep Makeover facial beauty game! Enjoy!
Barbie's Fruitilicious Facial
Description: Fresh fruits like strawberries, watermelons, oranges, lemons, cherries or kiwi are healthy and beneficial not just for your body but also for your exterior beauty, being used by beauticians in lots of facial cosmetic treatments as face scrubs, face masks or face creams. Barbie wants to look fresh and beautiful this summer with bright fruitilicious colors and facial treatments great for her skin. Discover Barbie's Fruitilicious Facial treatment which Barbie fancies a lot because it makes her skin radiant and fresh. Barbie's Fruitilicious Facial beauty ritual consists of washing her face with orange liquid soap, followed by lemon and water steams, squizzing her spots, applying cherry face scrub, strawberry, watermelon and kiwi face masks and shaping up her eyebrows. Continue Barbie's Fruitilicious makeover with a fresh summer make up and a glam sophisticated outfit, which would go perfect for prom, girls! Give Barbie a fancy fresh prom look with bright and trendy fruitilicious make up colors, like glowing eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick, an elegant prom dress and glam prom jewelries. Enjoy Barbie's Fruitilicious Facial make up game!
Dazzling Mermaid Makeover
Description: Mermaids are mythical and magical creatures, dwelling on the bottom of the ocean and having a very mysterious existance. Mermaids are famous for their beauty, which they use to charm the lost at sea sailors. Lots of legends have been told about mermaids and their enchanting powers over men at sea. Using their dazzling beauty and their diva voices, mermaids rule the underwater world and they are the princesses of the ocean. Get a dazzling mermaid look, girls, playing Dazzling Mermaid Makeover make up game! Mermaids are very beautiful and fancy creatures and knowing the sources of their beauty is now no secret to you girls with our Dazzling Mermaid Makeover game! Beauty face scurbs, masks and creams with sea minerals and other miraculous sea ingredients are the perfect beautifying recipe for a shining mermaid skin complexion. Make this mermaid dazzle with a fresh face, then do her make up using the gorgeous mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush trendy colors to give the mermaid princess a dazzling princess look. Get inspired from all the make ups you will create and get a dazzling mermaid make up yourselves, girls! The Dazzling Mermaid Makeover would not be complete without a glam mermaid outfit and a fancy mermaid hairo. Enjoy Dazzling Mermaid Makeover make up game!
Elements Makeover Fire Princess
Description: Are you a fan or the red color, girls? Do you like dressing like a princess? You can find both of them in our newest make up game entitled Elements Makeover Fire Princess! Find out what is a fire princess, what it takes to be a fire princess and learn the beauty, make up and fashion styling secrets of turning into a glam dragon princess playing Elements Makeover Fire Princess makeover game! Living a stylish princess life in red and shades of firy colors is awesome and our Fire Princess enjoys every minute of her fabulous existance. Transform yourselves in a fab fire princess with red hair and stun everybody with your elegance and style. Begin the sophisticated dragon princess makeover with beautifying her face with lots of face masks and face creams, get rid of her pimples and pluck her eyebrows, preparing the fire princess's face for a glam fire make up. From mascara to eye liner, eye shadow, glowing blush and glossy lipstick, you have lots of make up colors to play with for a sensational look. A princess is not a princess without her princess dress and jewelries, so finish the Elements Makeover Fire Princess game with finding the perfect princess outfit. Fancy and elegant princess dresses in red, pink, purple, orange and other firy colors, as well as red diamond glamorous earrings and necklaces are ready to be worn by the beautiful princess. Enjoy Elements Makeover Fire Princess make up game!
Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover
Description: Girls, I bet you have all heard of Ugly Betty or have seen the American comedy-drama TV series with the same title, which evolves around the character of a girl called Betty Suarez who manages to transform herself from an ugly girl with braces into a beautiful and stylish career girl. Ugly Betty's main character is based on a Columbian telenovela called Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. Give popular Ugly Betty a stunning and sophisticated makeover playing Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover game and make her so beautiful and elegant that at the end of your miracle makeover she will be unrecognizable. Be Ugly Betty's beautician, make up artist and talented fashion stylist and put to work your amazing beauty and fashion skills creating a fashionista miracle makeover for Ugly Betty! Get rid of her dull geek image with geek glasses, teeth braces and lots of face spots, giving her a face cosmetic treatment, with lots of face masks and face creams, then start designing her new fancy chic look, using the trendy make up tools, classy elegant dresses and jewelries and fancy hairstyles. Enjoy Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover make up game!
Glamorous Wedding Makeover
Description: It's summer and the weather is perfect for organizing lots of weddings. It's weddings time and every weekend lots of wedding ceremonies and wedding parties take place downtown at various restaurants. This pretty girl is having her wedding this weekend and she must look glamorous as a bride. She has come to your fancy wedding salon and spa for a Glamorous Wedding Makeover. Make this bride proud of your beautician, make up and styling skills turning her into a glamorous bride. Your wedding salon and spa is famous for the glamorous wedding makeovers that it provides its future brides with, lots of celebrities come to you to be transformed into stunning beauties for their wedding. Start the Glamorous Wedding Makeover game with a beauty face treatment, apply lots of face scrubs, masks, creams and face oils, remove the pimples and pluck the eyebrows, giving them a chic shape. Continue the Glamorous Wedding Makeover with hairstyling, dazzling wedding make up and, last but not least, find the perfect wedding dress, wedding bouquet and the most glamorous wedding jewelries, be them diamonds or pearls. Enjoy Glamorous Wedding Makeover make up game!
Selena Gomez Celeb Makeover
Description: Teen celebrity Selena Gomez has come to your beauty and styling salon to make herself beautiful for her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena's schedule is pretty busy, she is having a romantic dinner with Justin to celebrate their relationship anniversary, then they will go partying at a famous fancy club and the next day Selena will have a red carpet event that she will attend together with Justin. Selena Gomez needs a beauty treatment and several outfits for all the various events that she has to attend together with her boyfriend Justin. She knows you are the best beautician, make up artist and fashion stylist that there is in the celebrity world, so Selena has come to your fancy celeb salon to be spoiled by you! Give teen star Selena Gomez a fab celeb makeover playing Selena Gomez Celeb Makeover game! Start with a sensational cosmetic treatment, cleaning Selena's face with cleanser, applying face masks, face scrub and plucking her eyebrows. Continue Selena Gomez Celeb Makeover with styling up her hair in a trendy hairdo, doing her make up and designing dazzling chic outfits, one for her dinner with Justin, one for her clubbing party or birthday party and so on. Enjoy Selena Gomez Celeb Makeover make up game!
Geek to Chic Makeover
Description: Being fashionable and stylish is essential for every girly girl and looking good is very trendy nowadays. The girls who take care of their appearance and their fashion look have lots of success with guys as well. Looking chic and stylish makes a girl more confident and raises her self-esteem. NOt all girls though have lots of time to spend making themselves beautiful at the beauty spa or in front of the mirror practicing their make up, hair styling and fashion styling, because they are too busy studying and getting good grades. Who says that a geek girl can't be chic and stylish as well? Try this Geek to Chic Makeover game and you, girls, will learn the beauty, make up and styling secrets of rapidly turning from a dull geek school girl into a glam chic popular girl! All the boys will turn their heads after you and all the girls will be envious of your beauty and elegance after you get the Geek to Chic Makeover. Start with a face cosmetic treatment, using cleanser, exfoliating gel, beauty face masks, removing all the spots and pimples and giving your eyebrows a nice shape. Turn into a glam and sophisticated chic girl continuing the Geek to Chic Makeover with lots of make up and hairstyling practice for a flawless chic look, using the trendy make up cosmetics and hairstyles. Finally, get inspired for a glam chic look from the sparkling sequin, lace and silk dresses and gold jewelries, designing lots of fancy chic outfits to complete the sensational makeover. Enjoy Geek to Chic Makeover make up game!
Miley Cyrus Makeover
Description: Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana is every girl's star dream, the 19 years old American actress and pop singer is one of the most talented and successful female teen celebrities, being the teen idol of many adolescents. Miley Cyrus has worked hard to achieve fame and glory, starting her artistic career from a very young age, since she was eight years old. Now that she is a teen star and everybody knows her, Miley Cyrus has some time for relaxation and she is very much into fashion and beauty, making sure she looks sensational every time, whether she wears a casual street outfit or a red carpet elegant dress. Miley Cyrus is getting ready for another red carpet event and she must look spectacular and glamorous. This is your great chance, girls, to be Miley's beautician and stylist playing Miley Cyrus Makeover make up game! She has come to your beauty and styling celeb salon to get a fab and dazzling look. She wants a face beauty treatment to get rid of her face impurities and spots, then she will need a glam make up, hair styling and a fancy elegant outfit. Clean Miley Cyrus's face with cleanser and water, use exfoliating gel for scrubbing, apply a gold mask after squizzing all the pimples from her face and finish the face treatment with moisturiser, toner and an eye concealer, plucking her eyebrows as well. Once your beautician work is done, Miley's face will look flawless like a true celebrity that she is, you'll see, girls! Next give her a glam make up, style up her hair in a trendy red carpet hairdo and dress her up in fancy chic dresses and accessories. Enjoy Miley Cyrus Makeover make up game!
Twilight Vampire Makeover
Description: Have you ever thought of getting a Twilight Vampire Makeover, girls! Do you want to get a fancy vamp diva look, full of gothic mystery, but chic and sophisticated at the same time? Well, girls, Twilight and vampire fans, but not only, we have the perfect answer for getting a stunning vamp diva look in our newest exclusive game entitled Twilight Vampire Makeover! Get the sensational Twilight Vampire Makeover started with cleaning up and beautifying your face using soap, water, mysterious scrubs, beauty masks and creams for an impeccably looking shiny face. A vamp diva must look flawless so don't forget to shape up your eyebrows as well, giving them a vampire touch with the eyebrow liner. Continue the Twilight Vampire Makeover with make up, creating a chic and mystical vampire make up using all the make up tools in vampiric colors. Give your eyes a fancy Twilight vampire look and learn how to get mysterious smookey eyes. Style up your hair in a trendy chic or emo like vampire hairdo, then finish the vampire makeover with a stylish sassy vamp dress and goth chic earrings. Don't forget the vampire fangs, girls! Enjoy Twilight Vampire Makeover make up game!
Rochelle Goyle's Chic Makeover
Description: Rejoyce Monster High fans! A new Monster High ghoul diva has arrived in the Monster High city and her name is Rochelle Goyle. Rochelle Goyle is a gargoyle, meaning a stone monster dwelling on top of the highest buildings, turning into a rock statue as soon as the sun rises and becoming alive as soon as the sun sets, quite like a vampire but made of white ghostly stone. Rochelle Goyle is one of the newest students at Monster High school, thus no wonder her bffs are also new ghouls on the block, Robecca Steam and Ghoulia Yelps. Rochelle Goyle is a living gargoyle from Paris, France, where she occupied a roof near a great cathedral. Her favorite color is grey, her favorite food is hard rock candy and her favorite school subject is architecture. Rochelle has her own pet as well, a gargoyle griffin by the name of Roux. Rochelle's fashion style is a combination of modern chic and older gothic elements, her outfits being made of iron and her accessories of stone. Discover Monster High Rochelle Goyle and turn her into the chicest living gargoyle ever playing Rochelle Goyle's Chic Makeover game! Begin her sensational tranformation with a face beauty treatment, where you will get the change to apply lots of colorful beauty masks on her stony and ghostly face. Continue with make up and styling up her hair in a trendy hairdo. Finish Rochelle Goyle's Chic Makeover with finding the chicest outfit for the stone monster girl to wear, dressing her up in stylishly gothic clothes and accessories. Enjoy Rochelle Goyle's Chic Makeover make up game!
Pinup Facial Beauty
Description: Are you a pinup girl? Do you like the classy 50s look and you don't want to be stuck in the past, but on the contrary you want to give it a modern and trendy touch? Do you girls want to become pinup girls and you need a helping hand? Well, guess what? Pinup Facial Beauty is here to guide you girls through a spectacular beauty and fashion transformation at the end of which you will get a modern and fancy pinup look. Pinup style is a retro style, belonging to the 1950s-1960s fashion, it's classic, vintage and couture, with huge bun hairstyles and plain, floral or polka dotted patterned underknee dresses, representative of Hollywood celebs like Marilyn Monroe. The pinup style is very much in trend today, mixing the retro chic look with a modern and sophisticated flava. Get a stylish and contemporary pinup girl makeover playing Pinup Facial Beauty make up game! Pinup style has never looked hotter than now with all the facial beauty treatments, the make up color, the dresses and accessories in this makeover game. Turn into a modern pinup girl and see if you fancy the new look playing Pinup Facial Beauty make up game! Start the sophisticated makeover with amazing facial beauty masks which will make your face smooth and shiny, then get a glam pinup make up and hairstyle. Finish with a stylish pinup outfit, mixing and matching the modern pinup mini dresses with the trendy pinup accessories and tatttoos. Be sassy and classy in a vintage, yet modern pinup look playing Pinup Facial Beauty make up game! Enjoy!
Robecca's Steamin' Makeover
Description: Robecca Steam is one of the characters from Monster High. Robecca is a pretty robot girl and she is the daughter of a mad scientist, who doesn't seem to be alive any more, so Robecca Steam is an orphan Monster High ghoul. Although a robot, Rebecca Steam knows how to dress with style, although her fashion style is quite cutting-edge, being steam-punk. Rebecca has her own pet, a cute mechanical penguin by the name of Captain Penny. Rebecca is quite a scaredevil at the Monster High School and she delights herself in using her robot boots to do stunts and tricks to attrack her school mates attention. Her favorite colors are black and blue and her Monster High bffs are Rochelle Goyle and Frankie Stein. You, girls, can become Monster High Robecca Steam's bff transforming her from a rusty machine into a beautiful robot princess playing Robecca's Steamin' Makeover game! Seize the unique chance of being Robecca's beautician, make up artist and fashion stylist playing Robecca's Steamin' Makeover game and create a stunning makeover for the Monster High robot girl. Start Rebecca's steamin' makeover with a beauty treatment for her rusty face. When you're done applying all the face masks, she will be so happy with her new spotless face! You'll see, girls! Then do her make up using all the trendy make up tools and colors, style up her hair and find the chicest and fanciest outfit for her to wear. Create a sophisticated punkish look for Monster High Robecca Steam and don't forget to do her nails! Enjoy Robecca's Steamin' Makeover make up game!
Do It Yourself Facial Makeover
Description: Staying beautiful and fashionable requires time spent in front of the mirror and in front of the closet, practicing the art of make up and dress up. If you, girls, can't be bothered going to a beauty salon for a facial treatment or a professional make up, you can start do it yourselves in the comfort of your own home and we have the best practical beauty and fashion guide for you in Do It Yourself Facial Makeover game! Turn your bathroom and your bedroom into your own fancy beauty salon and begin your fab beauty makeover practicing with lots of facial beauty masks that you can prepare yourselves, girls, playing our amazing Do It Yourself Facial Makeover make up game! Learn how to prepare lots of colorful facial masks using only healthy and natural ingredients like yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, papaya, honey, sour cream or chamomile tea bags. Bring over your bffs and discover amazing beauty secrets which will transform you, girls, into professional beauticians and make up artists playing Do It Yourself Facial Makeover game! Beauty has never been easier to achieve than it is now and you can do it with your own hands at home having a great time as well. Prepare various facial masks for a smooth and shining skin complexion, then pluck your eyebrows, continue with make up, hairstyling and finish with dressing up in a fancy and trendy summer outfit, mixing and matching the fashionable summer dresses, tops and bottoms with the funky jewelries. Enjoy Do It Yourself Facial Makeover make up game!
Barbie Princess Hairstyles
Description: Do you girls like dressing up like princesses? Do you like dressing like a Barbie princess? Well, girls, if you are fans of Barbie and princesses, now you have the unique chance to play with both in Barbie Princess Hairstyles makeover game. Barbie is going with her boyfriend Ken at a high life fancy dress ball tonight and for this event she has chosen to be a glamorous modern princess accompanied by her handsome Prince Charming. Barbie needs your professional make up and stylist skills to turn her into a fab modern princess so that she will sparkle and shine at the ball party. Learn how to become a glamorous Barbie princess, girls, playing with Barbie's make up tools, trendy hairstyles, princess dresses and accessories. Barbie pays a lot of attention to the hairstyle that she will wear at the ball, not only to the make up and outfit, so you need to impress her with a spectacular princess hairstyle. For that you must check out all the Barbie Princess Hairstyles that Barbie wants to wear at the ball, try them all on her and find the hairstyle that suits her the best. You can change the color of the highlighted locks by clicking on the highlights that you want to recolor. Transform Barbie into a dazzling modern princess creating a fab make up, choosing a trendy hairstyle and dressing her in a glam princess outfit. Or you can turn Barbie into an emo princess! Enjoy Barbie Princess Hairstyles make up game!
Rags to Riches Makeover
Description: Becoming a fashion diva is not easy at it requires lots of time and fashion knowledge, but it's now possible. All you girls can turn from ordinary girls to stylish and sophisticated fashion divas playing our amazing Rags to Riches Makeover game. All you need is lots of beauty, tanning, make up, hairstyling and dressing up practice and you will be ready to dazzle the world with your new and sophisticated fancy look. Welcome, girls, to our Rags to Riches Makeover salon where we have all the beauty, make up and fashion practice for you to turn from a commoner into a sophisticated high life diva. Start the Rags to Riches Makeover make up game with a facial beauty treatment, where you have lots of colorful face masks and scrubs for a flawless and spotless fancy girl face. Then apply some tanning as well, as it will give you a more glamorous look. After you got the perfect skin complexion, following all the beauty and tanning steps while in our salon, continue the transformation with styling up the hair in a trendy hairdo, creating a fab make up and finding an elegant and stylish outfit mixing and matching the fancy dresses with the gold and diamond jewelries. All this effort is worthed, girls, as the result will be spectacular, you'll see! Enjoy Rags to Riches Makeover make up game!
Sandy's Candy Hairstyles
Description: Are you ready for summer, girls? Do you have your new summer wardrobe ready or you are not sure yet what to wear when it comes to hairstyles and fashion items? Well, I have a great news for you, girls! Sandy has the perfect solution for all you undecided girls out there! I'm sure by now you girls have found out about the latest make up trend this summer playing our Funky Eyelashes Makeover make up game and you are experts in getting funky eyelashes. Now that your funky eyelashes make up is done, it is time to get the latest hairstyles trend, which is all about multicolored locks and which will be a must have this summer, playing Sandy's Candy Hairstyles make up game! Sandy is always in trend with the newest fashion and she wants to try the new candy hairstyles. Discover new chic hairstyles playing Sandy's Candy Hairstyles make up game! Sandy has always wanted to wear multicolored locks, so candy hairstyles are perfect for her. Show Sandy what a great hairstylist you are, finding the trendiest and most stylish candy hairstyle for her to wear this hot season. Check out the new trendy hairdos playing Sandy's Candy Hairstyles and decide which one looks best on Sandy. Be bold and daring this summer with colors, starting with make up, hairstyle and the outfits you wear. No matter if it's long or short, wavy or straight, braided or tied in a bun or ponytails, the newest hair trend this season is all about multi colors and locks. if you don't like the color of the locks, you can change them with other colors by clicking on the lock that you want to recolor. Isn't that just awesome, girls! Help Sandy get a trendy candy hairdo to keep stylish and fashionable playing Sandy's Candy Hairstyles make up game! Enjoy!
Funky Eyelashes Makeover
Description: Hey, girls! Now that you have become experts in emo make up after playing Nerdy to Emo Makeover game, I want to let you into the freshest news regarding make up. The newest make up trend when it comes to eyes, girls, already worn on the most important fashion runways and cat walks is funky eyelashes. Discover how to get the latest eye make up trend playing Funky Eyelashes Makeover make up game! Funky eyelashes are all about lots of volume and daring bright colors. Girls, it is time for you to be bold and colorful this season, not just when it comes to the fashion items that you wear, but also when it comes to make up. Get a Funky Eyelashes Makeover and highlight your eyes with multicolored eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, as well as daring glossy lipsticks. Be funky, trendy and girly with the Funky Eyelashes Makeover, starting with a fab eye make up, using colorful eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara in colors like pink, red, purple, green, yellow or blue, and finishing the make up with chic eyebrows, foundation, lipstick and blush. For the makeover to be complete, you need a funky chic outfit and some fancy colored accessories. Stay fashionable and colorful with the latest make up trend playing Funky Eyelashes Makeover make up game! Enjoy!
Barbie's First Date Makeover
Description: Barbie is going on her first date with a handsome boy tonight and she needs to get ready for it so that she will look spectacular. Barbie is very excited about her first date and she is very confident that the boy will fall head over heels in love with her. She is a fashion diva and a girly girl with great fashion taste, so you girls can learn a lot of beauty, make up and fashion tips from her playing Barbie's First Date Makeover make up game and turning into fashion princesses yourselves, as well! Become Barbie's personal beautician and make up artist, and prove your make up skills to Barbie creating an amazing make up for her first date. It is going to be a gorgeous romantic date at a fancy bistro restaurant in the city, with candle lights and champagne, and Barbie must look stunning and glamorous. Begin Barbie's First Date Makeover by getting her face ready for the make up session with a facial beauty treatment, using face cleanser, face scrub and beauty face masks to give Barbie a spotless and shiny face complexion. Then check out Barbie's cool make up tools, rummage through her colorful eye liners, eye shadows, eye lenses, mascaras, blushes and lipsticks, creating lots of fab make ups for the cutie chic girl until you find the make up that you are satisfied with for her first date. Finish Barbie's First Date Makeover game with choosing the trendiest outfit, accessories and hairstyle. Enjoy playing Barbie's First Date Makeover make up game!
Nerdy to Emo Makeover
Description: Are you a nerdy girl with lots of spots on your face, wearing geek but not chic glasses and pretty but not fashionable enough outfits? Do you want to change your boring nerdy look into the hottest emo diva? Well, girls, Nerdy to Emo Makeover game is the answer for you! Turn into a sophisticated and trendy emo girl following the transformation steps in the Nerdy to Emo Makeover game. Nerdy can be cool, but emo is even cooler, and when you have all the beauty and fashion secrets for a fab nerdy to emo makeover ready at hand for you girls to try on, everything is easy and so much fun. Help this pretty nerdy girl fullfill her fashion dream of becoming a funky and chic emo girl playing the Nerdy to Emo Makeover game. Every fashion makeover starts with a facial beauty treatment and she really needs one to get rid of all the ugly spots on her face. Discover the beauty secrets to a shinny and spotless face using all the beauty products and the face masks on the nerdy girl, waxing her mustache, squeezing her pimples and plucking her eyebrows. After the facial treatment is completed, continue the makeover applying a fab emo makeup on her new perfect and spotless face. You have all the make up tools in the typical emo colors that you need to create a stunning emo look, from eye shadow, eye liner and mascara to blush, funky lipstick and hot nail polish. Last but not least, style her hair in a fancy emo hairdo and dress her in a chic emo outfit, mixing and matching all the funky emo clothes and accessories. Turn from nerdy to emo enjoying the Nerdy to Emo Makeover make up game!
Fairy Restaurant
Description: Wouldn't be just awesome, girls, if you had your own fairy restaurant where you would be dressed as a fairy and you would have to serve fancy characters from the fairy world? Well, dream no more, as you have the chance to do that playing this fun and fashionable Fairy Restaurant management game! Mrs. Bloom Gentlefeather just happened to open up her first fairy restaurant, focused on serving her forest friends. While her business is still small, you have an awesome opportunity to help her turn her fairy restaurant in one of the finest and fanciest the fairy world has ever seen. Help the pretty fairy run her fashionista restaurant by serving in time all the orders to her ever increasing number of clients, thus earning money and buying upgrades for the restaurant, increasing its fanciness rating. Show Mrs. Bloom what a great restaurant manager you are, running the fairy restaurant successfuly and impressing everybody with your waiting skills, bringing the right order to each customer in due time, being thus rewarded with money for your hard work. Click on level 1 to start playing, click and drag each client to a table, click on the client to take his or her order, fetch the order from the bar and earn the money. There are 20 levels in the Fairy Restaurant management game and each level requires you to meet a certain cash goal, waiting on the customers being more and more challenging with each level that you complete. The happier the clients, the more money they will pay, so try not to make them wait. Enjoy the Fairy Restaurant management game and turn the fairy restaurant into the fanciest restaurant ever imagined!
Stylish Emo Makeover
Description: Emily is a fashionista and she likes trying new fashion styles when it comes to clothes, accesories and make up, as she hasn't found the right one for her yet. so after getting a Stylish Office Makeover and a stunning Prom Preparation Makeover, today beautiful Emily wants to experiment with the eccentric and nonconformist emo look, turning into an emo girl and getting a funky Stylish Emo Makeover. Welcome girls into Emily's chic bedroom and check out her new emo wardrobe, which includes fashionable emo clothes and accessories, trendy emo hair styles and an amazing make up kit with colors that any emo girl must have. Emily is very eager to try the emo look, but as she is a fashion diva, she doesn't want to be just any emo girl, but a stylish one. Help Emily get a Stylish Emo Makeover, starting with a super hot make up, then styling her hair with a cool emo hairdo and finishing her emo look with a chic emo outfit. Rummage through her stylish emo wardrobe and discover what hides behind each make up and fashion item by clicking on them. Spend the day with gorgeous Emily and her funky emo wardrobe and impress her with your great make up skills, creating a stylish emo look for her. Enjoy the Stylish Emo Makeover game!
Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover
Description: Monster High Clawdeen Wolf is a 15 years old fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude and she is the daughter of the scary Werewolf. She is gorgeous, intimidating, going a bit freaky when in the presence of the full moon and absolutely loyal to her ghoul BFFs from Monster High, Draculaura and Frankie Stein. Clawdeen's favorite color is gold and her favorite activities are shopping and flirting with the boys. Clawdeen's pet is a scary cute little kitten named Crescent with amazingly spooky soft purple fur. Being scarily fabulous and fashionable is of utmost importance for Clawdeen Wolf and the Monster High ghoul makes sure that she looks stunning every day with a flawless make up and a stylish outfit, all of these obtained by performing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover. Discover the beauty and fashion secrets behind the werewolf's amazing fashionista look playing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover game. Begin the freakish howlin' transformation with a facial treatment in which Clawdeen will show you the beauty steps towards getting the perfect face complexion, then continue with the make up and finish Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover with a trendy hairstyle and a fabulous chic outfit. Give Monster High Clawdeen Wolf a howlin makeover, creating a stunning make up and choosing a spooky spectacular outfit to dress her with. Don't forget to polish her claws and to style her wolfish hair! Enjoy playing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover game!
Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes
Description: Kaylee is a fashionable girly girl and her hobbies are fashion and cooking. She likes spending her spare time going shopping at the mall and cooking new and super delicious recipes in her trendy kitchen. Kaylee has just come back from a shopping spree and she is very happy that she bought super chic and stylish clothes and accessories, so she wants to celebrate this exiting shopping victory with yummy frutylicius cupcakes. Welcome to Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes cooking game and learn how to make stylishly delicious cupcakes with healthy fruits and ingredients. First you must help the beautiful and fashionable girl purchase all the ingredients necessary to make Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes, so accompany her for a quick shopping spree at the supermarket and fill the trolley with all the ingredients needed. Kaylee will appreciate your helping hand, as it is not very easy to find all that she needs for cooking Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes in the big and full of shelves food store. The sooner you find the lemons, oranges, bananas, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, baking powder, cream cheese, cream topping, sprinkles and the rest of the ingredients, the sooner she can start cooking her dessert. So find the ingredients as fast as you can, making sure they are the right ones, and then get ready to cook a great dessert recipe. Kaylee will show you all the steps in making Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes, so all you have to do is to follow her fun cooking instructions and you will have your fruitylicious and mouth-watering dessert ready in no time. Enjoy Kaylee's Fruitylicious Cupcakes cooking game!
Prom Preparation Makeover
Description: Prom night is a very important event in any girl's life and looking glamorous and stunning at the prom party, accompanied by the boy of your dreams, is absolutely mandatory. Getting ready for the prom can be quite challenging and time consuming for you, girls, you must find the right prom dress, the right shoes, the right partner, have the most stylish hairdo and the most glamorous make up, all these in the hope that you will be the next prom queen. All these fashion preparations are now just a step away to achieve, after you girls find the secrets of a perfect prom makeover playing our awesome Prom Preparation Makeover game, which will transform you girls into prom makeover experts, so that when the prom night is here, you will be ready in no time dressed in a fabulous prom outfit. Emily is now ready to share with you girls the beauty and fashion secrets of a spectacular Prom Preparation Makeover, as she is getting ready for her prom night and she has had lots of practice with making herself look gorgeous. Start the Prom Preparation Makeover with a facial treatment, using cleanser and face masks in lots of colors like white, navy or yellow, with an extra touch of cucumber and rose petals. After your face looks smooth and shinning, continue with the make up and finish with styling your hair and putting on a beautiful princess gown. Check out the amazing colors that Emily has in her make up kit and prove her what a skilled make up artist you are by giving her the best prom make up that she has ever had. From gorgeous eyeshadow and nail polish colors to lovely mascara, blush, eyeliner, glossy lipstick and even eye lenses, you will find all you need for a super hot look. Last but not least, finish the Cinderella prom transformation choosing the prom dress that you fancy the most, the trendiest hair style, purse and jewelries. Enjoy the amazing Prom Preparation Makeover game!
Stylish Office Makeover
Description: Emily is a stylish girly girl who has been dreaming of finding the perfect job working in an office ever since she was in high school and now she is very excited that she has finally got it. She has just graduated from college and was lucky to find this amazing office job, working for an important corporation. An office job in a big company requires a stylish office attire, which implies elegant clothes, clean hair style, chic accessories and, last but not least, stylish make up. Help pretty Emily get a Stylish Office Makeover for her first day at her new office job, so that she can make a good impression on her superiors and co-workers. She is a fashionable and trendy girl, she fancies the classic chic style, so I'm sure that giving her the perfect stylish office makeover will be a real delight for you, girls! Check out Emily's wardrobe made up of elegant dresses, tops and skirts, trendy glasses, classic pearl necklaces, glamorous earrings and her cool make up kit where you will find all the must have make up items of a girl: nail polish, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush, glossy lipstick and eyelenses for a cooler effect, all in fabulous bright colors. Stun the girl with your amazing make up artist skills and begin her stylish office transformation by doing her make up first, then style her hair and dress her in a smart office outfit, matching the chothes with the right accessories. Give Emily a gorgeous Stylish Office Makeover for her first day at work! Enjoy!
Frankie Stein's Clawesome Makeover
Description: Although she is the daughter of Frankenstein monster, Frankie Stein is a pretty girly girl, being very popular at Monster High School for her perfect figure for fashion and her scary cute clothes and accessories that are absolutely to die for. She is only 15 days old, yet Frankie Stein has a high sense of fashion and she likes to take care of the way she looks, whether that involves the outfits that she wears, her hair style or her make up, experimenting all the time with new monstruously cute makeovers. Frankie Stein is ready for a new makeover as she is going to a Monster High party and she must look stunning. After her BFF Draculaura disclosed to you girls her beauty secrets in Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover, now friendly and sweet Frankie Stein wants to let you girls into her secret beauty ritual in Frankie Stein's Clawesome Makeover. Frankie Stein needs a clawesome makeover for the party taking place tonight and she wants you girls to help her achieve it in exchange for her revealing to you the beauty secrets of her amazingly looking face and body. All I can say for now is that Frankie likes using a lot of face masks to keep her face from breaking into pieces, and that is only the beginnig of her daily makeover. What types of face masks and the rest of her beauty transformation is up to you girls to discover playing Frankie Stein's Clawesome Makeover. Give Frankie Stein a clawesome makeover, starting with her face, her hairdo, her make up, her nails and finishing with her outfit, so that she will look fantastic at the party. Enjoy doing Frankie Stein's Clawesome Makeover!
Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover
Description: Draculaura is a Monster High School student and one of the popular ghouls attending the uncommon school of monsters. Draculaura is the daughter of the famous count Dracula, yet she is not a blood thirsty vamp, but a vegan, eating fruits, vegetables and iron supplements. She is a fashionable and girly girl, she loves pink and black, smiling and laughing, and her BFF aka bat friend forever is her pet called Count Fabulous. For a girl of 1.599 years old, Draculaura looks really good, especially her face and skin look amazing for a girl of her age. That is because she likes to take care of herself. Draculaura wants to share her beauty secrets with you, girls, in this awesome make up game: Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover, so that you can look fabulous like her even when you will be much older. She will show you how she manages to look so fangtastic all the time and to keep her skin so shinny, toned and wrinkles free. Aren't you girls just eager to discover what cosmetic techniques and fashion secrets lie behind her beauty and youthfullness? You can find out yourselves playing Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover! Every day Draculaura uses cleanser and scrub to clean her face, finishing her face makeover with mask and toner for a perfect and healthy looking skin. Help Draculaura complete her fangstastic makeover doing her eyebrows, her make up, her nails, styling her hair and dressing her in one of her monstruously cute outfits. Enjoy playing Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover game!
Breaking Dawn Bride
Description: Bella's dream of being together with her handsome vampire Edward has come true in the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1, where they have their long-expected wedding, becoming thus united forever not just as husband and wife, but also as vampires. Being a bride and having a fairytale wedding is every girl's dream and Bella is living this dream as a Breaking Dawn Bride. You can have your own vampire wedding and be dressed as a vampire bride by playing this amazing Breaking Dawn Bride dress up game, where you can find lots of fashion ideas. Bella has fabulous vampire wedding dresses, wedding bouquets and accessories that she would like to show you, girls, fashion items that you can only find in her vampire world, as they are quite daring, extravagant and nonconformist in colors and design. She wants your fashion stylist advice as regards which wedding gown fits her the best, now that she is a vampire herself. Have Bella try all the spectacular wedding dresses on, find her an amazing bridal bouquet, a gorgeous bridal veil, chic vampire shoes and glittery out of this world jewelries, and turn the vampire cutie into a vampire bride by dressing her in a fantastic bridal outfit, so that she can have her vampire wedding as well, not just the human wedding. Enjoy!
Zendaya Fashion
Description: Zendaya is a 15 year old teen actress, singer and dancer, best known to kids and teen girls for her role as Rocky Blue in the popular children's TV series 'Shake It Up'. Zendaya has a great personality, she is always happy and smiling and in love with dancing and singing, which is very typical for a teenage girl. She also has her own fashion style characterizing her outbursting personality, which is age appropriate, colorful, lively, girly, casual mostly, sometimes chic elegant, depending on the occasion, with lots of layers of clothes and lots of accessories. Zendaya has a new fashion collection that she wants to share with you girls, her fans, in this awesome Zendaya Fashion dress up game, consisting of amazing clothes and accessories which she is eager to wear, so that she can rock the dance floor again, together with her BFF Bella Thorne. Become Zendaya's personal stylist and dress her in super cool casual outfits for another dancing round on the dance floor. Have a look at her new clothes, made up of cute under tops, tops, t-shirts, vests, jackets, skirts, ripped skinny jeans and leggings, in lovely and youthful colors, check out her trendy sneakers and boots, and start playing with them, creating lots of combinations for Zendaya to try on. Zendaya is crazy about accessories, she likes wearing lots of bracelets, chains and earrings, she also likes wearing fashionable hats, bags, sunglasses, headphones, IPods or IPads. Dress Zendaya in lots of casual trendy outfits and don't forget to accessorise her for a cooler look. Enjoy!
Barbie Rock Princess
Description: After being on holiday in the fairy world and after throwing an amazing pajama party last weekend, now Barbie fancies being a rock princess, because she likes listening to rock music and rock is her favorite type of music. Tonight Barbie is going to a rock concert to listen to her favorite rock band and she has been invited to the after concert rock party as well, which is a great opportunity for her to meet her favorite rock artists, have lots of fun and show off her rock princess clothes. As Barbie is a girly girl and a fashionista, you can imagine her wardrobe is full of fashionable and trendy clothes, amongst which she has got a stunning rock style fashion collection in predominant pink, blue and black colors. She even has chic and avangardist rock guitars in her fashion closet. How awesome is that, girls! Barbie needs a few gorgeous rock outfits for the concert and the after party that she is going to attend, therefore she will really appreciate if you can help her find the perfect rock princess outfits for the two spectacular events. Style Barbie with super cool rock princess outfits, combining t-shirts, under tops, vests and tops with rocking princess skirts, skinny jeans, pants or ripped leggings, studded rocker jackets and belts, and with rocker boots, either flat laced army boots or chic high-heeled boots. For the concert, Barbie can wear a pink top with pink belted jeans, comfy laced boots and a studded leather jacket, while for the after party she can look more attractive in a cute blue top, gorgeous pink mini skirt, ripped or stripped leggings and high-heeled boots. Don't forget to accessorise Barbie with fabulously blinking jewelries, a guitar and stylish hats or caps! Enjoy!
Red Riding Hood
Description: I'm sure you girls know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf who wants to eat her. Little Red Riding Hood is a pretty little girl who gets her name because of a red hooded cloak or cap that she always wears. While walking through the woods to fetch some food to her sick grandma, she meets the evil wolf whose intention is to eat Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma, but in the end the good prevails and the pretty little girl and her grandma are saved by a kindhearted hunter. Thus our little girl has grown up to be a beautiful and fashionable teenager who still visits her grandma in the forest, bringing her lots of goodies in her trendy basket. Red Riding Hood has turned into a sophisticated fashionista from that little girl that she used to be and she still likes to wear red hooded cloaks. She likes to keep fashionable, so she has a spectacular girly girl wardrobe that any girl would be envious of. As Red Riding Hood's favorite color is red, you will find in her wardrobe red skirts, tops and dresses, very feminine and stylish, which you can match with chic high-heeled leather boots, knee high or ever higher, elegant high-heeled shoes or delicate ballerina shoes in other lovely colors which you will have to discover yourselves. Red Riding Hood wouldn't be a complete fashionista without her fabulous jewelries, like sparkling red diamond earrings and beads necklaces. Dress Red Riding Hood in a gorgeous outfit worthy of a modern fashion diva for her next visit to her grandma's and accessorise her with the right jewelries, foot wear or leggings. Who knows, she might meet her Prince Charming this time in the woods, instead of the big bad wolf! Don't forget her basket, apron and red hooded cloak! Enjoy!
Pink Candy Girl
Description: Every girly girl likes fashion and pink color which mixed together bring about the girly girl style. But girls like sweets and candies as well, whether they are baby girls or teen girls. Now girls! Imagine mixing together these three essential ingredients in a girl's life: fashion, pink and candy! The result will be a new fashion style which all you girls out there will absolutely adore and that is Pink Candy Girl style. If you love looking fashionable in brightly pink clothes while enjoying a sweet colorful lollipop to match with your outfit, then Pink Candy Girl style is the fashion style for you. Start being a pink candy girl right now by checking out the amazing pink candy fashion collection just release especially for you girls! It is made up of girly clothes, foot wear, accessories and candies. You will find fashionable pink tops, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, skinny jeans and sandals. You can assort a cute baggy candy chic t-shirt with pink skinny jeans and pink shoes. Or you can assort a pretty pink top with a cute pink mini skirt, candy colorfully dotted leggings and trendy sandals. Accessorize these pretty outfits with pink hair bands, pink jewelry and a pink lollipop candy. Pink goes well with other colors and it is not the only color of this collection. Check out the other stylish candy girl fashion items in lovely bright colors, like red, purple, blue or multi-colored dresses, tops, skirts, tights or boots. Try the new fashion collection on the top model, mix and match the articles and create gorgeous candy girl outfits ready to be worn by you. Don't forget the trendy sunglasses and the sweet candy, of course, to make a complete fashion statement! Enjoy!
Baby Spectra Vondergeist
Description: Spectra Vondergeist is one of the Monster High students and she is 16 years old in monster years. Spectra is the daughter of The Ghosts, thus being also known under the name of Ghost Girl. Because she is a ghost, Spectra can float through the walls, possessing an uncanny ability to overhear all the school gossip. Her parents are ghosts but nothing else is known about them. Teen Spectra's favorite color is violet and her favorite subject in high school is journalism. Her teen killer style is silk and more silk, accentuated with a touch of metal, having a lot of chain accessories which give her a haunting look. Spectra has a pet named Rhuen which is a ghost ferret. Spectra has always had a pale ghostly skin complexion ever since she was a baby. Discover Baby Spectra Vondergeist and her spooky cute baby fashion style, then make a comparison with teen Spectra killer style. Check out the pretty dresses, tops, skirts and jeans in lovely pink, red and purple colors that she liked to wear as a baby girly girl at school. You must definitely see her chic shoes collection made up of fashionable high-heeled shoes, boots and sandals, not to mention the scary sweet accessories like earrings, necklaces, backpacks, purses or leggings. Dress up baby Spectra in all her monstrously cute baby clothes and accessories and decide which outfit looks best on the baby Ghost Girl. Enjoy!
Barbie Winter
Description: Barbie loves going to the mountains especially in the winter when there is lots of snow and she can make a snowman, have snowball fights with her boyfriend, go skiing or sledging. Barbie has decided to spend the weekend at her cottage in the mountains and she has invited a few friends with her, among whom her boyfriend Ken, as well. As the weather is going to be pretty cold there, Barbie needs to take with her lots of winter clothes. Check out Barbie's awesome winter wardrobe and help her find some fashionable outdoor and indoor winter outfits. You will find lots of pink clothes and accessories in her wardrobe, like cute pink blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks, waistcoats, skirts, tights, skinny jeans, scarves, bonnets, hats and boots. Barbie likes other colors as well like red, blue or white to mingle with the snow. So you will also find in her wardrobe red or blue trousers, pullovers, tops, skirts, gloves, caps, comfy red sneakers or blue shoes to wear indoors or white knee-high boots for going outside and playing in the snow. Mix and match Barbie's clothes and create gorgeous winter outfits to keep Barbie warm on her adventurous weekend in the mountains. Don't forget to accessorize her with cool designer handbags, sunglasses and hairpins, reminding her not to forget her coat. Enjoy!
Pop Star Christmas
Description: Emily is an country pop singer, songwriter and actress who loves Christmas very much and she likes getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of presents under the Christmas tree for her friends and fans, but also with lots of Christmas ornaments like tinsel, glittery globes, mistletoe, candles, ribbons, bows, candy canes, gingerbread, Christmas lights, angels, stars, bells and Christmas songs. Emily is well known for her elegant and princess-like outfits and she will not settle for less when it comes to celebrating Christmas, therefore she is determined to find a few gorgeous Christmas outfits to wear on the Christmas Eve and on the Christmas Day while waiting for Santa. And guess what! She needs your help to dress her up. Rummage through her wardrobe and check out the cute designer dresses, skirts and tops in lovely Christmas colors, as well as the pretty hats, bags, leggings and shoes, the stylish designer belts or the sparkling princess jewelries. Do your best and come up with the most stylish and beautiful Christmas outfits to dress up Emily! You have a wide selection to choose from, like a chic red mini dress with an adorable dotted belt which you can tie in a bow, or a pink princess dress, a furry blue dress or a red mini skirt and a dazzling girly top. I leave it to your imagination to find the right shoes, boots, leggings, hats, bags, earrings and necklaces to accessorize them with. Don't forget the trendy haircuts and the candy cane! Enjoy!
Barbie on Holiday
Description: Barbie enjoys going on holiday and she has a great time spending her Christmas holiday with her friends at a popular sky resort in the mountains of Switzerland. The scenery is one of fairytale with lots of snow and fir-trees beautifully decorated for Christmas. Because Barbie has been a good girl this year, Santa Clause has decided to surprise her with an early visit, wishing her Merry Christmas with lots of Christmas presents, among which there is a fabulous Christmas clothes collection. And guess what, girls! You are fortunate to be the first ones to see it. How cool is that! Have a look at all the pretty dresses, deux-pieces, furry vests and accessories in lovely colors, have Barbie try them on and tell us which ones look best on her. Create the most gorgeous Christmas outfit for Barbie to wear on this Christmas holiday and she will thank you by showing you the other amazing presents that she received. You can have her wear a cute red dress assorted with red leggings, a cute Santa hat and designer Santa bag, or you can give Barbie an elfish look with a green little dress and green boots. Enjoy!
Fortune Princess
Description: Hey girls! Is there a special boy at school that you fancy but you have doubts whether he likes you back or not? Do you want to find out if you're gonna be a famous fashion stylist or if you'll ever gonna meet your idol? Well, a new circus has come to your town and this year the main attraction is a stall where magic and mystery flows in the air and where mystical powers are at work to foretell your future. Enter the realm of magic and discover the world of fashion belonging to our circus fortune princess. Check out the pretty and chic clothes in gipsy style that the fortune princess has in her wardrobe and turn her into a fashionable and stylish mystical princess with lots of pink, purple and blue, as a way to repay her for guessing your future. Don't forget the gold jewelry and the crystal ball! Enjoy!
Frankie Stein Fashion
Description: Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein, she is 15 days old and she has a cute puppy pet named Watzit. Her Monster High girl friends consider her very friendly and with the perfect figure for fashion. Frankie misses her parents a lot so she has decided to go and visit them for the weekend. It's quite dark and gloomy where they live, that's why she wants to cheer up her parents' place with colorful, stylish and pretty outfits, which you have the chance to create for her as you are her BFF. Dress up Frankie with a cool pink top, white mini skirt, dark green leggings and pink knee-high boots. Or she can wear a cute pink, purple and blue plaid short dress with a green and black-sleeved bolero, assorted studded belt and high-hilled shoes, green leggings and a black designer bag. Check out what other fashionable, girly and fabulous outfits you can come up with for Frankie to make her parents proud of her. Enjoy!
Miss Ballerina
Description: Have you always dreamed of becoming a ballerina? Dream no more and be one with this EnjoyDressUp super new game. You are a prima ballerina on a famous ballet stage and your Miss Ballerina ballet show is about to start, but you are not dressed up yet. You have a brand new ballerina wardrobe in front of you, made up of glamorous, gorgeous and brightly colored tops, overtops and skirts, fabulous ballet shoes and tights, fairytale jewelry and hairdos. Have a look in your new wardrobe and find the prettiest, most stylish and most gracious miss ballerina outfit. Choose a cute girly pink top with a pink skirt, pink tights and a pink or red overtop. Or a sparkling yellow top with a yellow skirt and no overtop. Check out the other amazing colors! Don't forget to match your ballet shoes with your flawless ballerina outfit! Enjoy!
Miley to the Cinema
Description: Miley Cyrus has decided to take a day off from her Hannah Montana filming, so she wants to relax by going to the cinema with her girl friends. She has so many clothes to choose from, but she can't make up her mind what to wear. She wants you as her girl friend to help her put together a cute, casual, comfy and girlish outfit. She has a cute customized American flag t-shirt which she can assort with blue jean shorts, blue sneakers and assorted bag. Or she can go pink from head to toe wearing a pink top, pink skinny jeans, pink comfy shoes, pink hat and bag. But she can look really cute and trendy wearing blue or red, as well. If she wants to show off her legs, she can wear a girlish pink dress and pink high-heeled boots or a blue and black skirt and t-shirt, which go well with azure knee-high boots. Help her choose the cutest and trendiest street outfit in her wardrobe. Enjoy!
Glam Bride
Description: You are a well-known fashion designer and you want to impress your VIP clients with your brand new avangardist collection of wedding dresses. You will have a presentation shortly and you already have the background for it. Now you have to create your outfits. As white has become too common, you want to launch a new trend by suggesting other colors for wedding dresses, like pink, lilac, cream, orange and even blue. Blue goes well with black, so black shoes are as elegant as white or yellow ones. You decide to keep the white veils and the traditional tiaras and jewelry. You have a few different hair-styles to choose from your hair-stylist, as well as beautiful flower bouquets. Time is running out so get started with this wedding dress up game!
Barbie Room
Description: Where would a young girl be without her favorite's actor face plastered all over her room? You will find everything from piles of teddies to a multitude of floral patterns and leafy green plants in a girls room. But pink and blue dotted things are the clothes you will find in Barbie's wardrobe too. There is nothing cooler than girlish styled outfits and this what this dress up game is all about! Try your best to design the most stunning look for Barbie! Have fun girl by playing this great game and and seize the chance of being Barbie's personal fashion stylist for one day!
Halloween Costumes
Description: This year you won't have to worry about your Halloween costume, because with this great dress up game is giving you the best tips ever. So, what scary character will you choose to be? You'll go for the fancy Devil Girl, the wicked witch with all the great accessories like the magic sweep and the big black hat, the cold blooded Vampire Girl, or the shifty Pirate girl? All these costumes and many more are waiting to be discovered, so dare to take a look into a great closet full of scary outfits! Enjoy the Halloween night!
Poodle Style
Description: The 50's style makes a great comeback nowadays bringing those poodle skirts back in trend, items that in 1950's were very popular among girls of all ages, especially for teenagers. So if you're into hippie or retro style this is the perfect dress up game for you. A huge closet will open in front of you and it will reveal some amazing clothes and great accessories. Mix and match the pink, fuchsia or coral pink poodle skirts with a black and white striped blouse or an off the shoulder blue top. Accessorize your outfit with a chiffon scarf, bobby socks and a nice girly handbag. Have fun creating your outstanding retro look!
Chic School Uniforms
Description: Good news girls! This year you are free to choose your own model of uniform, so forget about boring school outfit and identical looks. Take a look at this dress up game and try to create a chic school uniform by combining a trendy skirt, a classic white shirt and a nice vest, but remember that you need to keep the checkered print on some piece of clothing. Make it a little bit rebel by choosing some funky shoes and loose ties. Don't forget about the hairstyle, as you know how sparkling you can be with a cute coiffure! Have fun and enjoy designing the perfect school uniform!
Bumble Bee Girl
Description: Sometimes you feel the need to escape from the daily routine and from the daily normality. That's why people are throwing costumed parties and masquerades, to bring craziness and happiness into their lives and also the freedom to be whoever you want; even it is a film character, a vampire or just a cute little animal. Talking of animals, now you can create the prettiest bumble bee costume for your next party, because this dress up game brings you lots of bumble bee costume ideas with all the accessories you need. Buzz around and you'll find here many yellow and black striped dresses with matching leggings, shoes and accessories like headpieces, wings, gloves, bee shaped handbags and many more. Get your inspiration from this great dress up game and for sure your bee costume will create quite a buzz at any costumed or Halloween party. Have fun honey bee!
Pink Chef
Description: Sandra is a really sophisticated girl who likes everything in her life to be at its place and she's always looking for the best when it comes to her carrier as a business woman, or her family, her house, or even her style. Because of her job she has to adopt a classic business style that makes her look always so serious and unapproachable, that's why sometimes she feels the need to dress up in some bright pink clothes with girly accessories. And what better place there is to do that if not her modern kitchen, and that's because she has a big passion for cooking. This way she can combine her sense of style with the pleasure of testing her cooking skills. Her wardrobe is full of pink chef costumes with cute mini dresses, lovely aprons, lots of cooking gloves and sweet chef hats. Take a look at all those and make her look as the sweetest pink chef! Have fun!
Goth Bride
Description: Gothic style with all the medieval and vintage influences has left its mark even on brides and weddings in general, removing the abundance of glittery white and all the shiny little things, replacing them with dark purple gowns, leather boots instead of a pair of sparkling shoes, black veils, and other Gothic accessories, creating an unusual wedding scene, but at the same time it can be unique, original and special. Imagine yourself in that picture, dressing up for your Gothic wedding and getting prepare for the most special moment of your life. But hurry up and get ready, because your loved one is waiting for you in that dark castle on the top of the hill!
Sweet Strawberry Girl
Description: If strawberries are your thing, you should definitely check this fruitylicious dress up game! Girly outfits with colorful fruit prints all over the catwalks this summer so keep up with the new fashion trends and grab yourself a fruit print dress. Or if you're not that into fashion and you just want to have fun try the whole Strawberry Girl's costume with all that cute aprons and sweet hats in red, pink and green colors. You'll look adorable in that costume! Have fun playing Sweet Strawberry Girl!
Crazy Shopping Session
Description: Who's in the mood for a crazy shopping session? Forget for a day about trends, matching clothes and about what's in or out when it comes to fashion, and go for a crazy outfit in strong bright colors. Release your crazy fashion spirit and try a pair of pink rainy boots, a casual yellow dress and a green overtop. Don't worry about color matching; finally your outfit will prove your originality! And speaking of crazy stuff, dye your hair in a blue neon color, or even purple if you want. You're free to go wild! Enjoy!
Sweet Lolita Look
Description: Lolita fashion first appeared in Japan and it was originally inspired by Victorian and Edwardian clothing. The pieces of clothing that usually define this style are knee length skirts, knee high socks, petticoats and many specific accessories. Over time, Lolita fashion suffered some transformations, so today we can identify four types of style like Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita and Punk Lolita. With this dress up game we bring you a combination of styles between Gothic and Sweet Lolita, so here you'll find dark clothing and at the same time also sweet hair bows and pink dresses. Enjoy this fashion style and have fun playing Sweet Lolita Look!
Anime Girls
Description: Everybody loves the Japanese animation and I'm sure that many people still have a vivid memory of those great cartoons made in the 90's. But the most representative Japanese cartoon animations are the Sailor Moon series, with all those great characters. We now bring you some of the characters from your favorite anime trough this dress up game, so prepare to meet some true soldiers that fight against evil with their super powers. You now have the chance to dress up Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Starlight and Catzy, but choose the clothes carefully because every girl has a particular costume with particular accessories. Have fun and enjoy this dress up game!
Happy Gardener Girl
Description: Susan is crazy about gardening and she spends as much time as she can at the countryside where she arranged a beautiful garden. Her favorite season is spring just because is the time when flowers are planted, that being her big passion and at the same time a way to relax. Accompany her to the country this weekend and help her take care of the beautiful flowers and also plant some more. You need to dress properly for this fun job, so take a look at Susan's gardening wardrobe and choose an outfit that will give you protection, comfort and also a little bit of style. Go for a gardening dungaree, a pink apron and a pair of gumboots. Don't forget about the gardening gloves and a hat to protect you from the sun! Have fun and enjoy the garden experience!
Welcome to Hawaii
Description: Aloha! Welcome to the exotic paradise of Hawaii Island! Tonight everyone is invited to a big cocktail beach party in Hawaiian style and you are definitely among guests, so prepare your outfit and let's get the party started! Have a look at this great collection of Hawaiian costumes and choose a Hawaiian floral print dress or a hula skirt with a pair of summer sandals. To complete your exotic look you need to add some essential colorful Hawaiian accessories like headband, wrist bands, flower hair clip and of course a beautiful garland. Now go get an ice cold Pina Colada Cocktail or a fresh delicious juice and have fun with all those party people! Enjoy your tropical holiday!
Polka Dots
Description: Do you need some fashion advices this summer? Here they are! Polka dots are back in trend once again, being a must-have of this warm season, whether they are on a retro style dress or a pair of girly pants. So forget about your dull clothes and remove the monotony of your look and go dotty with all the colorful and stylish clothes! The spring/summer 2011 polka dots fashion trends brings you amazing prints that will cheer up your closet. Take a look at this dress up game and you'll definitely find your inspiration to create a feminine and chic look. Go for top-to-toe polka dots outfits! Enjoy this game and be fashionable!
Miss Punk
Description: When you are talking about punk style you say extravagance, color, attitude, unconventional fashion and eccentricity. This dress up game has it all in a great collection of punk clothes and extraordinary accessories. The specific characteristics of the punk style when it comes to clothes are the tight leather pants and skirts, military or motorcycle boots, purposely-ripped jeans and t-shirts, old tattered shoes, leopard patterned trousers, motorcycle jackets or vets, and very representative for this style are clothes printed with different slogans. Accessories are also very important for a punker, so from a punk outfit it can’t miss studded jewelry, chains, belts and many safety pins. Punk hairstyle means multiple colors and crazy haircuts. Some well-known punk hairstyles are liberty spikes, dread hawk, fanned and beaver. Discover all these in this amazing dress up game and have fun creating an unique punk outfit!
Bunny Face
Description: Put on a bunny face to celebrate Easter! This great makeup game brings you a lot of funny face paintings, amazing hairstyles, lovely ribbons, painted eggs, bunny shaped accessories and an abundance of color. Discover all the bunny faces and all the cute things that will bring this holiday closer to your heart. Let yourself be inspired by this special game and surprise your family with a sweet face painting on Easter. Complete your make-up with a bright red or pink lipstick and using eyeliner to highlight your beautiful eyes, add some peach blush and mascara. Enjoy this fun and sweet game and Happy Easter!
Emo Fashion Expression
Description: Emo style is very popular among youth nowadays and more and more teenagers are adopting this fashion style. This trend is a fusion of punk and Goth and is all about expressing yourself through clothing and combining different elements to create your own personal style. Emo fashion can be easily distinguished because it has many particular characteristics such as t-shirts with different prints, dark colored clothes but also paired up with some bright colors like pink or green, tight jeans, sneakers or skate shoes, scarves. Stripes are very popular in emo style as well as skulls, sparrows, hearts and stars. But an emo outfit wouldn't be complete without the specific hairstyle. If just a few years ago emos dyed their hair only black, now there is a new trend with multicolored hair but it keeps two basic elements: straight and asymmetrical. In what regards the accessories, the skull shaped earings and belt buckles are very common. You will find all these emo style items in this great dress up game and you can see how a real emo outfit looks. Enjoy the emo style!
So Geek So Chic
Description: Who said geeks aren't fashionable? Maria proves that besides her many skills she acquired in the field of computers, she knows fashion too and yet so good. Here is her spring wardrobe full of lovely clothes and cute accessories like hair bows, funny book shaped earrings, trendy large bags and of course the black-rimmed glasses that are certainly defining the geek chic outfit, but you can try them on some other colors too. So take a look at Maria's cool clothes, have fun playing this game and dare to try this style. Smartness goes so well with fashion. Enjoy!
Western Chic
Description: Welcome to Wild Wild West! The western fashion is continuously going in and out of trends but its influence never disappears. The traditional western clothing includes a variety of pieces such as leather boots, the famous cowboy hats, jeans, shirts in various prints, sleeveless leather vests. This dress up game is bringing you all this clothes and some modern ones, so that you can combine these two styles. Try to dress this cute girl in some great western outfits and give her a modern cowgirl look. Enjoy!
Keep It Classic
Description: The classic fashion look goes beyond trends and lasts through the ages. This style is all about simple ideas, classic lines and classic colors like black, white, blue and brown. And the main advantage is that this kind of outfits is suitable for many occasions and you can be sure that you will never fail. For example the classic style is perfect in the office for a professional look. But wearing it every day, this classic look it can become boring and drab, so you can always add a little personality by accessories it with some jewelry, a scarf or a hat, or a huge bag.
Spring Bloom
Description: Seeing so much color around you it feels like your soul is blooming too once with the flowers. Spring always changes your mood and makes you feel more alive then ever because this season is all about refreshing, rejuvenating and renewing. So now it will be the perfect time to renew and refresh your wardrobe also and let the spring "bloom" in your closet. In trend for this season are clothes with floral patterns, brightly colored shoes, cute hair accessories, flower shaped earrings, and of course hair dyed in vivid colors. This dress up game is bringing you some great spring outfits in order to help you make the right choices when you'll go shopping. Enjoy the spring!
Love Angel
Description: Now is the perfect time for falling in love, but it won't happen when we want and with whom we want. Behind every love story is a sweet angel called Cupid which makes sure that love will last forever in this world using her magic arrows. This game presents you a fancy Cupid girl, which beside her main activity she is also concerned about fashion and trends. Try to dress up her as beautiful and chic as you can, and get her ready for her love missions.
Ghetto Fabulous
Description: Hip-hop style has crossed over in a big way into mainstream fashion, and it's all about having an outrageous sense of style. This dress up game can help you incorporate hip-hop looks into your everyday life or to develop a strong hip-hop wardrobe. Dress in this style by wearing fun accessories, baggy pants, hip-hop sneakers and lots of bling jewelry for the wrists or for the neck area. Add a hip-hop hat and glasses for a real good hip hop look. But remember girl, it wouldn't be hip-hop fashion without adding a flash of individuality. Have fun!
Cold Fashioned
Description: Winter can be the cruelest season to stay fashionable. It feels like it always comes down to a choice of fashion versus function, style versus warmth. But why should it? By layering your look, accessorizing with items like gloves and scarves, you won't have to abandon your style, not even on those downright blustery days. When it's cold out, the last thing you want to do is add shivering to your look. So this dress up game presents you some cute outfits that will keep you warm on a chilly day.
Christmas Characters
Description: Which Christmas character will you be this year? Maybe you'll be Santa's Elf or Gingerbread Girl, or Miss Candy Cane, or maybe one of the Santa's reindeer. Dressing as your favorite character you will feel more deeply the Christmas spirit and have a lot of fun. This dress up game brings you some amazing costumes and maybe it will help you to choose your character this year. Enjoy!
Call of Fashion
Description: For this cool season, many designers propose the military style with a wide range of army's chromatic tones: olive green, khaki, and many camouflage prints. It's a trend that is causing excitement among fashionistas since a season ago. Military boots, chic berets, metal buttons, epaulettes, big buckles and many accessories like badges, gloves, is a real arsenal to a strong and original image. You can choose to wear only a few elements or accessories of this trend, or why not, army head to toe. Have fun with this dress up game that will surely inspire you!
Lovely Rihanna
Description: Rihanna is a very well known hip hop, R&B and pop artist. She is also popular for her amazing style and fashion, becoming a well known icon in the fashion world recently. Rihanna has been always very conscious about her look and hence, so she had been very careful to maintain her status. Most of her outfits and dressing styles always have been outstanding and approvable. It has been always like mixture of glamorous and magnificent gowns and sophisticated funky dresses. No wonder there is millions of people always out there who love and admire Rihanna's way to appear in public like anything. Do you love Rihanna's style? Let's see if you can dress her the way she likes it.
Golden Autumn
Description: As the mornings become cooler, you think to put away all your summer clothes. But don't rush! A little bit of creativity, some accessories and some style tips will help you incorporate some thin clothes in your autumn wardrobe. We all know that autumn is a difficult season, you must dress warmly, but also to keep up with fashion trends. Keep your thin shirts in the closet because you can wear them with a jacket and accessories it with a scarf. Gray, brown, white, black and blue are colours which are so welcome after last summer's abundance of color. Big bags are still trendy, as well as ugg boots, so is no need to change your wardrobe completely. Now that you've got these tips we want to see your skills as a fashionista. Create outfits that suit you best! Enjoy it girl!
Hello Hallo
Description: Girls always want to be more beautiful, charming and more attractive, but there is a day of the year when they just want the opposite, to be ugly, scary and horrible. This happens on Halloween, an annual celebration with tradition in many countries. Common activities on Halloween are trick-or-treating, wearing costumes, telling scary stories, attending costume parties, and many more. But the most difficult part is to choose the perfect costume. So the question is, did you found your perfect outfit for this year? If your answer is no, just try this new dress up game and maybe the inspiration will come. Enjoy it girl!
Pretty Kitty
Description: Girly style is a real trend nowadays, and will surely remain so for a long time, and this because girls love pink, a dominant color in this style. There are not many rules when it comes to girly style, just fill your wardrobe with lots of colorful things, accessories such as ribbons, heart-shaped glasses, tiaras and so on. A must-have are the clothes with cute prints. And what's cuter than little kittens? Enjoy it!
College Princess
Description: College is the perfect place to express not only your knowledge but your fashion skills too. Don't forget that coats and jackets aren't just for keeping warm, they are one of the easiest ways to show off your style in the colder months. Combine your jacket with another fall trend and warm up this look with cozy tights, flowy tops, skinny jeans , and boots for a look that's cute, casual, and oh so chic. Don't forget the bags and some trendy accessories to take the look from snooze to stylish. Enjoy it girl!
Pin Up Princess
Description: The latest pin-up model style is changing the standard of beauty. These women and artist present an image of glamor that is wild mix of past and present. Choose the perfect outfit by combining pin-curls hairstyles, retro and vintage clothes, retro style accessories and other items of desire that guarantee to make this beautiful girl stand out in the crowd! Enjoy it!
Butterfly Beauty
Description: No doubt in different cultures butterflies may mean or symbolize different things to different people but in the universal language of fashion it has always been associated with femininity and beauty. It is not just about the print of the butterfly used on fabric but also about the use of gorgeous and luxurious silks to create the soft floatyness, dreaminess and fairy tale romance that the butterfly conjures up in the imagination. Choose the perfect clothes using your imagination in order to transform this gorgeous model into something totally special! Enjoy it!
Vintage Princess
Description: At times, the cycle of fashion design turns to history for inspiration so vintage styles that are now the source of current fashion, but as can you observe, vintage clothes has unusual fabrics and tailoring. The pieces have patterns and details that you often can't see in stores today. That's a total wow-factor when it comes to fashion! Vintage clothing is not only a way to express your unique sense of style, it's something special that will be appreciated by everybody around you. Vintage is hip. It's timeless. It's stylish.
Summer Aroma
Description: This summer you are dating the Sun, and we all know that a perfect match needs romance and style, so you must be as hot as sun is. Which is the first thing you do when you schedule a romantic date? Of course, you're looking for a beautiful and exotic place. But we all know that Mr. Sun is quite pretentious, and he feels comfortable only on a beach. This being established, we focus all our attention on clothing and accessories. So this is what you need: a stylish swimsuit, trendy sandals or flip flops, a cute and colorful bag and many other cute summer accessories. I hope you're ready, and make sure you will be an outstanding appearance. Enjoy the summer aroma!
Shopping Love
Description: Girls love to shop and Julie is no exception. Designers give her amazing things all of the time and she's very excited to get them, but there's something about the pure fun of going out shopping. She love putting together on her very own style. Shopping means fashion, and fashion is what you're searching right now. Keep shopping and shopping, on and on, until late into the night. Enjoy it!
Exclusive Guest
Description: Every one of us is special in his own way, but sometimes a person can be a little bit more special than everyone. And when that person is you, well you just love it, isn't it? But what can make you different and interesting? We hear very often this expression when it comes to make a good impression in a club, or at a fashion event: it's all about the clothes. But is not enough, you need also a perfect make up to be astonishing. It's like icing on the cake! You must not disappoint because you are an exclusive guest!
Uptown Appeal
Description: Girls are always searching for something to fulfill their dreams, and for most of them that something is the perfect boy. So is Julia, a beautiful and very smart girl. She is aware that this dream requires some effort to look always gorgeous, and she goes to shopping every week and looking for special clothes. Let's take a look in her wardrobe for a little bit of inspiration.
So Complicated Fashion
Description: The trends circle so fast, a blink may obscure a noteworthy collision. Fashion, as an explicit term, is something beyond the common woman's approach and where there is no limit to the permutations one can think of in terms of designing. Let's try to pass over all this complicated styles and choose the outfits as we like not as the others see it. Have fun and enjoy it!
Cocktail Escape
Description: What is appropriate cocktail style? This has to be one of the most confounding questions of dressing. After black tie and what to wear to a job interview, it's the area that solicits most hand-wringing. Long or short? High heels or low? Tux or tie? Expanding your idea of cocktail style will take the stress out of what to wear. A basic black and white dress or a more colorful one, jersey or velvet, is a smart start to an alternate look. Add a sexy, cowl-neck top in chiffon, a pair of strappy, black stilettos or cute, dressy flats. Make jewelry a reliable part of your wardrobe. Have fun and enjoy your cocktail!
Candy Style
Description: Look sweet as sin this season. Think outside of the proverbial makeup box. Why not get your inspiration from a colorful candy store? Makeup trends are taking their cues from all the heavenly, sinful treats you love to eat after dinner. Think sugary cotton candy lips, vanilla frosted lids, licorice lashes and Jelly Belly blues. These candy makeup looks are so hot they'll make passersby melt faster than an ice cream cone on a summer sidewalk. Try on candy makeup in our new make up game and enjoy it!
Emo Spirit
Description: Emo, is a term which is given to the subculture of hardcore punk and pop, which originated from the Washington DC area, but which later spread like wildfire to the rest of the US and also to other parts of the world. Emo has since evolved into a musical and fashion experience which is embraced by quite a number of young adherents. Emo fashion is rightly labeled as distinctly fashionable, which caters only to movement hardly influenced by the prevalent fashion of outer world. Emo people consider themselves as different and are therefore proud of the unique styling and fashion. Emo Spirit Dress Up is a catchy game, so don't stay more and prove your style girl!
Rock n Roll Queen
Description: Rock music and fashion have been intertwined since the genre's inception. There are many facets to rock star fashion, and Rock'n'Roll Queen hits all the high notes. This is a great game, which gives you advices on developing your own original rock style, showing various examples of clothing and accessories. These outfits were accessorized with studded belts, handkerchiefs, and combat boots and all kinds of different things to customize and create your own rock style. Enjoy it girl!
My Club Style
Description: When you are in a club, your favorite one, what makes you stand out from the crowd? You don't need designers or expensive clothes and accessories, a little bit of imagination will do the work. When you start looking at outfits remember that your first impression is a lasting one. If you are noticed do you want it to be because of an ultra revealing outfit or because of your fashion sense? Remember to be careful at matching colors and also to the little rules of fashion that you need to take notice of. Add spice to the common style and I'm sure you'll be a trendsetter. Just be one of those who dare to be different and unique! Create your own clubbing style!
Red Passion For Fashion
Description: Stop thinking like a consumer and start to think like a stylist. Whatever you, keep in mind that red is a very powerful accent color, so style on girl! It's easy to see why red defines fashion: it's cozy but elegant, it's comforting and it's infinitely more alluring than wrapping yourself up in any other single color. Have fun end enjoy it!
Winter Fun
Description: Now girl, the winter is still here so let me give you an overview of the key elements of this season's current trends! You can use your inspiration and turn it into something stylish and totally you. Who says we can't tweak? Wear them as your key piece clothing, as a comfortable sweater, white chunky hat, sky blue blouse or a dress, and balance it with a pair of classic dark blue or black jeans. Don't forget about hand gloves! Luckily, the color trend for fall/winter fashion is subtle enough and offers you the chance to express your personality. If you want a more exotic look, accompany the color tones with gold or silver jewelry. The metallic shine remarkably accentuates the beauty in the colors. Have fun girl and enjoy dress up games!
Go Go Party
Description: Go ahead and get a little giddy this year! Ban your party bummers by focusing on all the fun and style stuff ahead. Need some strand inspiration for all your party happenings? Ok girl, here's a cute game that offers you the chance to mix and match the clothes from your favorite stores. Colorful and stylish dresses, fashionable and comfortable shoes, funky hair styles and fancy jewels are what you need to become the attraction of the party. So girl, one more thing: Go Go Party!
Enjoy Christmas
Description: Have you given any thought to what you are going to wear to the holiday parties this year? Finding the perfect outfit should not cause a girl to cry, so here's a game I dedicate to all the fashionable girls out there. When choosing attire for a party try to pick something your will feel comfortable in, something that will get you compliments for your taste in color, style or fabric. One great option is to pick a fairly plain dress in basic black and white or holiday red or green and let your accessories do the hard work. Add one show-stopping piece of jewelry like a gorgeous long strand of pearls and a elegant Christmas-themed pair of shoes. Carry a beautiful beaded handbag and wear a contrasting festive belt. So girl, let's enjoy Christmas!
My Rock Amour
Description: Fashion style of rock stars influences more and more the way we dress. It's a combination of punk and grunge style, and belts, leather, buckles and metal accessories define this style. Also this rebel way of dressing requires extravagant hairstyles, tattoos, and of course the right attitude. Enjoy it!
Ready For Clubbin
Description: As we all know a favorite past time for many girls is hanging out at the high fly clubs. Trendy haircuts, chic outfits, custom club high heels and and modern jewelry is what you need to become the shine of the club. Prove your style and show them all that you're just Ready for clubbin'! Enjoy it!
Autumn Charm
Description: Fall has gently taken over, trees have suddenly turned yellow and nature has changed appearance. Now autumn outfits rules! This beautiful, crisp, cool time of the year is a perfect season for tights, boots, blazers, scarves, and stylish handbags. These should be on the top of your list for must-have fall items. Don't let the bad weather ruin your day. You can be elegant and sexy, even in a rainy day. You can look cute in the rain if you'll wear bright colored boots that match your cute umbrella. I'm sure you have many more great ideas. So girl, what's your rainy-day style? Enjoy dress up games!
Famous College Boy
Description: Everyone talks about Antonio, he is in the spotlight of all the girls in the college. You can't miss him when it passes you by. The way he dresses and his mysterious eyes catch your attention. It is clear that he is a fashion addicted and careful with the way he looks. In the real life, this privileged boy would never accept fashion tips, but now you have the chance to dress him just the way you like!
Sea Breeze
Description: It was a wonderful summer, a great holiday in an exotic location, but has gone so fast. Girl, one thing will last forever: photos that you have taken in those great places, and of course THE MEMORIES. My favorite picture is the one made on the hotel balcony with the stunning view of the sea behind the sea breeze was blowing my hair, it was so wonderful! But I'm not sure if I was dressed properly, so I expect some proposals from you. Come on, give it a try!
Description: It's a CIRCUS out there! Funny costumes, theatrical makeup, presentation, talent and beauty, these are all part of any circus show. How to not love the circus! When people come to the circus, not only do they want to be entertained, they also want to be transported into a fairy tale. So I have a challenge for you: I know very well you want to become a prestigious make up artist, but this work will be different. You have to turn this lady circus into a magic character, so she could charm the spectators and make them forget about the real world. Put on a happy face and enjoy the circus!
Eye Candy
Description: Be the candy! Express yourself with bright and vibrant colors! Feeling troubled over what color to wear? What color makes you look good? Well, fashion is all about yourself. We all know that colors stand out, and creates attraction and excitement. Mixing and matching is a personal choice, you create your very own style! Have fun with colors and don't forget: BE THE CANDY!
Black And White
Description: Black and white, the classiest look for the season. An outfit can be amazing whether it contains an abundance of color or a total lack of it. In fact, the contrast of a black and white outfit can create a really stunning visual effect. Fashion is forever changing, and keeping up with new trends is next to impossible. As much as we love bright colors , black and white are by far the easiest colors to put together and it always looks effortlessly chic. It is trendy, classic, feminine and Helli. Be a classy fashion girl in this black and white outfits!
Precious Lady
Description: Be beautiful, be stylish, be PRECIOUS! And that's not a hard thing to do when you have a wardrobe full of glamorous dresses and accessories, as every lady should have. Girls love jewellery, diamonds, expensive purses, but there is an art in combining them so that the result will be stunning. I bet your teacher didn't taught you these things, this art is in you! Now show us girl that you are a precious lady!
Sunny Days Style
Description: Nothing is more pleasant than go out with your best friends, in a sunny day. But this involves a challenge in terms of clothing, because summer is the perfect season to reveal your outfits. All eyes will be on you, and the rays of the sun will highlight the glamor of your outfit. But don't be a selfish girl and forget about your cute and fluffy puppy, even she wants to be in step with fashion. So enough with the talking, let's get dressed girl!
Legally Blonde
Description: Marie Anne has it all. She's the president of her sorority, Miss Summer in her campus, and not at least a successful natural blonde of the Law University. Choose the perfect dress for the most graceful student, or you can opt for a perfect combination of tops, dresses and trousers. Don't forget about her blond hairstyle! Accessorize her with a nice handbag, necklace and other jewels you think will fit her original style. Enjoy it!
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