Barbie Mermaid

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Living underwater is great, but that means that as a mermaid you need to always look pretty and wear nice clothes. This is a dress-up game in which you have to choose some really nice outfits for the new Barbie mermaid. All the fish and other sea creatures must be amazed by her looks so get right onto it! Barbie likes to look fashionable and stylish all the time and as a mermaid she makes no exception. As a mermaid living in Poseidon's world is not that easy to keep beautiful all the time. Barbie likes to change her hairstyle and hair color a lot, so have a look at the various mermaid haircuts and see which hair colors she should wear. Barbie mermaid has a lot of mermaid costumes, so have a look at her mermaid fashion collection made up of gorgeous tops and their assorted tail shapes. Because being a mermaid, Barbie has a tail instead of legs while underwater, so you will have to dress her tail in nice fish tail outfits. There are a lot of lost treasure from sunken ships hidden underwater, so Barbie has a fabulous jewelry collection as well, made up of gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, earrings and princess tiaras. Dress up Barbie in sophisticated mermaid outfits and accessories! Enjoy!
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