Barbie Winter

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Barbie loves going to the mountains especially in the winter when there is lots of snow and she can make a snowman, have snowball fights with her boyfriend, go skiing or sledging. Barbie has decided to spend the weekend at her cottage in the mountains and she has invited a few friends with her, among whom her boyfriend Ken, as well. As the weather is going to be pretty cold there, Barbie needs to take with her lots of winter clothes. Check out Barbie's awesome winter wardrobe and help her find some fashionable outdoor and indoor winter outfits. You will find lots of pink clothes and accessories in her wardrobe, like cute pink blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks, waistcoats, skirts, tights, skinny jeans, scarves, bonnets, hats and boots. Barbie likes other colors as well like red, blue or white to mingle with the snow. So you will also find in her wardrobe red or blue trousers, pullovers, tops, skirts, gloves, caps, comfy red sneakers or blue shoes to wear indoors or white knee-high boots for going outside and playing in the snow. Mix and match Barbie's clothes and create gorgeous winter outfits to keep Barbie warm on her adventurous weekend in the mountains. Don't forget to accessorize her with cool designer handbags, sunglasses and hairpins, reminding her not to forget her coat. Enjoy!
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