Bridesmaids Lisa and Mina

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It's time for bridesmaids Lisa and Mina to make an appearance at their best friend's wedding as bridesmaids. Dress-up time is here, and you should help them find the proper glamorous dresses, sparkly jewelry and wonderfully designed shoes that they need, so they can look fabulous next to the happy bride. You can take Lisa and Mina shopping at the mall to find some gorgeous garments for this special occasion, and start picking the right bridesmaid dresses for these two lovely ladies. Don't forget to match them well and choose them to be comfortable as well, because the night will be long, and they will have to dance and be fabulous right until the end. This is a big occasion for the two girls, they will be bridesmaids at their best friend's wedding and they must look fabulous to make their best friend proud of them, but also in the hope that they might find some nice boys to dance with as well. They have just found some great bridesmaid dresses in this store at the mall, so help them try the dresses on and decide for them which dress they should buy to wear at the wedding, considering which dress looks best on them. Check out the amazing shoes, designer purses and the glamorous earrings, necklaces and tiaras, the chic hats and the bridesmaids stylish flower bouquets. Have fun, girls!
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