Edge Fashion

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Ready to get dazzled by a really unique designer outfits collection? Then get this gorgeous extravagant fashion dress up game started feel free to go through all of this extravagant beauty queen's eclectic outfits ad cutting edge accessories and put your creativity to work! Pair daring metal-made skirts or printed balloon pants with spectacular bow tops, funky looking see-through top or cut-out tops. By far the most spectacular, extravagant fashion items of her unique wardrobe, available to you in this haute couture dress up game, are her futurist dresses. Go through all of her cutting edge minidresses, all of them featuring some surprisingly daring, unconventional cuts, but make sure you highlight them with the right crazy looking accessories, too. Some wide brimmed diva sunglasses, selected from all the fancy ones you have in the edge fashion dress up game, a fancy designer handbag and some statement jewels are a must if you want to really cross all fashion boundaries and get this top model the look that will make her look stunning on the cover of that famous fashion magazine! Have you decided yet what funky looking crazy hairdo to complete herdaring, exuberant fashion look with!
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