Japanese Styles

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The beauty of Japanese fashion is that is always unexpected. To try and predict the fashion for next year would be pointless and impossible, because the fashion in Japan usually leads the world trends and is often several years ahead. What I can tell you about Japanese fashion is the inevitable, the old style will be coming back. In recent years, Japanese fashion has gotten more and more outlandish, to the point where some of it can hardly be considered clothes anymore. The prices have skyrocketed, and the general consensus is that people do not want to wear what is being labeled as modern fashion. Instead of getting more and more risquŽ, what will eventually happen is fashion designers will bring back the vintage looks. Japan has had some of the most beautiful clothes in the past, and there will inevitably be a return to this classical style of large flowing shirts will beautiful designs. Another reason why this is inevitable is because of how important culture is to the Japanese. Family tradition is stronger in Japan than in any other country, and a lot of that tradition has been captured in the clothes they have worn in the past. Some of these shirts could even be considered artwork. Because of the strong cultural ties to these classical outfits, it's almost guaranteed that there will be a rise in classical and vintage clothing very soon.
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