Miss Punk

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When you are talking about punk style you say extravagance, color, attitude, unconventional fashion and eccentricity. This dress up game has it all in a great collection of punk clothes and extraordinary accessories. The specific characteristics of the punk style when it comes to clothes are the tight leather pants and skirts, military or motorcycle boots, purposely-ripped jeans and t-shirts, old tattered shoes, leopard patterned trousers, motorcycle jackets or vets, and very representative for this style are clothes printed with different slogans. Accessories are also very important for a punker, so from a punk outfit it can’t miss studded jewelry, chains, belts and many safety pins. Punk hairstyle means multiple colors and crazy haircuts. Some well-known punk hairstyles are liberty spikes, dread hawk, fanned and beaver. Discover all these in this amazing dress up game and have fun creating an unique punk outfit!
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