Red Riding Hood

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I'm sure you girls know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf who wants to eat her. Little Red Riding Hood is a pretty little girl who gets her name because of a red hooded cloak or cap that she always wears. While walking through the woods to fetch some food to her sick grandma, she meets the evil wolf whose intention is to eat Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma, but in the end the good prevails and the pretty little girl and her grandma are saved by a kindhearted hunter. Thus our little girl has grown up to be a beautiful and fashionable teenager who still visits her grandma in the forest, bringing her lots of goodies in her trendy basket. Red Riding Hood has turned into a sophisticated fashionista from that little girl that she used to be and she still likes to wear red hooded cloaks. She likes to keep fashionable, so she has a spectacular girly girl wardrobe that any girl would be envious of. As Red Riding Hood's favorite color is red, you will find in her wardrobe red skirts, tops and dresses, very feminine and stylish, which you can match with chic high-heeled leather boots, knee high or ever higher, elegant high-heeled shoes or delicate ballerina shoes in other lovely colors which you will have to discover yourselves. Red Riding Hood wouldn't be a complete fashionista without her fabulous jewelries, like sparkling red diamond earrings and beads necklaces. Dress Red Riding Hood in a gorgeous outfit worthy of a modern fashion diva for her next visit to her grandma's and accessorise her with the right jewelries, foot wear or leggings. Who knows, she might meet her Prince Charming this time in the woods, instead of the big bad wolf! Don't forget her basket, apron and red hooded cloak! Enjoy!
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