Selena on the Stage

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elena Gomez has a brand new wardrobe that she wants to show you which she just received from Santa. She wants to find a New Year's Eve outfit in her new clothes wardrobe and also a stage outfit for her concert which will be this weekend. Visit Selena Gomez's wardrobe and find gorgeous outfits for the two occasions for her to wear. Selena has lots of tops, t-shirts, jeans and skirts, but also elegant cocktail dresses, which will make her look beautiful and stylish. Assort your perferct outfits with the perfect shoes. She has chic high-heeled shoes and elegant boots to choose from. Decide what accessories she will wear, choosing from glittery earrings and diamond, gold or silver necklaces, or gorgeous bracelets. Check out the trendy designer sunglasses and the chic hairdos. If she goes on stage she will need a cool microfone, so don't forget to give her one as well. Have fun designing the perfect outfits for Selena Gomez!
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