Spectra Vondergeist

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C'mon! Don't be afraid! Meet Spectra Vondergeist, the daughter of Ghosts.Wicked cool 16-year old Spectra von Hauntigton has a special power: floating through walls and the ability to overhear school gossip. This purple girl, daughter of royalty has a very forceful personality and she tends to make snap judgements. That's what makes her an excellent gossip columnist but a lonely girl, that is not trusted. And there is mystery around her story and she seems to be hiding something. But she has a true, furry friends, a purple ghost ferret, Ruhen. Spectra has an amazing sense of fashion. She wears a black dress with a chain belt. Her shoes are purple and have chains wrapped around them, with a metal ball for the heel. She prefers wearing silk and a hint of metal. Now that's really edgy and upbeat! Her favorite accessory is the chain.So Spectra has a chain with a metal ball for earrings, her favorites. After her outfit is decided she chooses the perfect accessory: a purple purse. Spectra's favorite freaky outfit is the purple minidress with a chain pattern, some fancy chain-rimmed sunglasses, a purple ball chain accessory that could be also a belt, and silver wedges with chains wrapped around them. She is inseparable from silver iPad like device that looks like a tombstone. Today she is heading on her first date with Billy. Give her a total makeover and don't forget to change her hairstyle and add colorful high-lights! Enjoy this makeover game!
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