Winter Lily

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Winter is all gone now, but it's never too early to start prepping for next season, ladies. I love knowing that I'll have all my wardrobe ready for next season, especially since I get to take advantage of all the late winter sales on fabulous shoes and winter boots, winter coats and all the cutest winter turtle neck blouses. Lily is just like me and she loves prepping for next winter season early. Still, this year Lily was really busy and she did not have any spare time to check out the fashion trends for next winter. Lily would really love it if you could help her with next winter's makeovers, stating with a fashionable hairdo and ending with some really cool outfits. You get to choose the color, pattern, model and length of each skirt Lily will wear next winter and you even get a say in her choice of pets for next year. Enjoy this fun game with Lily, ladies!
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