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Last month we had the Halloween holiday and this month we have the Thanksgiving holiday. After rummaging in our wardrobes for the fanciest Halloween costume, it is now time to rummage for a chic Thanksgiving outfit. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend with family and friends, so whether you are the host or the guest, looking fashionable and trendy is very important. Get a gobble gobble makeover for Thanksgiving and turn into a gorgeous and fashionable host. After spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, corn and other goodies, how about making some time to dress up for the special event as well. This implies that you have to figure out what kind of outfit and accessories to wear, how you will style up your hair and what make up to put on. Practice your Thanksgiving fashion look with lots of trendy hairstyles, lipsticks, mascara, blush, foundation, eye shadow and eye color playing Gobble Gobble Makeover make up game! Enjoy!