Cupids in Love

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Up in the sky, right in the seventh heaven, floating on the ninth cloud, there lives the cutest angels couples ever! Imagine that thee two chubby cheeked Cupid have been struck by mistake by one of their magic arrows and now the two winged cuties are madly in love with each other! Isn’t that cute? Well, it would be even cuter if all their angel friends would give them some rest and privacy. Now here is where you get to use your magic skills, too, while playing the cupids in love kissing game and help the two tiny angels kiss without getting noticed by all the other sweet looking intruders wandering about in the sky! There, by the heaven’s lake, right under the tree of love, is these Cupids favorite place to meet and give each other sweet kisses. Unfortunately, it’s not even there that they can have some time alone, for all those winged sweeties from this lovely cupid kiss game, their angel friends, are spying on them, popping out of nowhere riding their toy cars on floating cloud or playing with their balloons. Oh, look at them now, in the next level of he cupids in love kissing game, having a romantic boat trip on the lake and kissing from time to time. Those annoying little angels are still on their tracks, putting all the efforts to catch them while they kiss. They’re still relying on you to help them keep their cupid love a secret and protect it from all those intruders' eyes. Be their close friends, while taking a tour of the seventh heaven, their home, and go through all the cupids in love kissing game’s levels, helping them enjoy their “Valentine's Day” spent together. Have fun playing the cupids in love kissing game and helping these two adorable angels show their love for one another through some cute kisses!
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