Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover

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Monster High Clawdeen Wolf is a 15 years old fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude and she is the daughter of the scary Werewolf. She is gorgeous, intimidating, going a bit freaky when in the presence of the full moon and absolutely loyal to her ghoul BFFs from Monster High, Draculaura and Frankie Stein. Clawdeen's favorite color is gold and her favorite activities are shopping and flirting with the boys. Clawdeen's pet is a scary cute little kitten named Crescent with amazingly spooky soft purple fur. Being scarily fabulous and fashionable is of utmost importance for Clawdeen Wolf and the Monster High ghoul makes sure that she looks stunning every day with a flawless make up and a stylish outfit, all of these obtained by performing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover. Discover the beauty and fashion secrets behind the werewolf's amazing fashionista look playing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover game. Begin the freakish howlin' transformation with a facial treatment in which Clawdeen will show you the beauty steps towards getting the perfect face complexion, then continue with the make up and finish Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover with a trendy hairstyle and a fabulous chic outfit. Give Monster High Clawdeen Wolf a howlin makeover, creating a stunning make up and choosing a spooky spectacular outfit to dress her with. Don't forget to polish her claws and to style her wolfish hair! Enjoy playing Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover game!
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