10 Reasons to love Fantasies!

Published on October 3, 2011 1:25 PM
10 Reasons to love Fantasies!

We are aware of how much children love fairytales and magical stories, so this is why we created a list with the top-reasons to adore fantasies!

1. You can become a prince, a witch, a dwarf, a mermaid, anything your mind desires!

2. You can experience mythical places, enchanted forests, living castles and all sorts of magical lands!

3. You can forget about logical explanations!

4. You are able to fly, to make spells, to speak with all kinds of creatures and ultimately to do whatever you wish to!

5. You enter a different dimension, so you don't have to worry about responsibilities anymore!

6. Even a small gesture counts, or some little detail, because you are in an extra-sensorial world!

7. You have to accomplish exciting, breath-taking new missions!

8. You learn a lot more about the sensitive part of the nature!

9. You encounter numerous beautiful and kind fairies that guide you to the place where you want to arrive!

10. Finally, you can feel free to imagine any extravagant world and it won't pass long until everything will come to life!

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