Are You A Barbie Girl?

Published on November 15, 2011 6:07 AM
Are You A Barbie Girl?

Do you love wearing pink girly clothes, pink makeup and cute accessories? Then you are definitely a Barbie girl!

Barbie is very popular among girls all around the world. It is not just about Barbie dolls, but also about a fashion style or even a way of life.

What makes Barbie fashion style so popular is its girlish look, cute accessories and bright colors. Pink is by far the defining color of this trend, but there are other colors as well: red, blue, purple, green or yellow.

You can be a Barbie girl not just in your daily life, wearing casual Barbie clothes, like t-shirts, tops, skirts or jeans, but also when you have to dress up more elegantly, like for a birthday party or wedding, where you can wear elegant dresses, bags and shoes.

Do you have what it takes to be a Barbie girl or do you already consider yourself as being one? Why don't you check your answer by having some fun while playing our Barbie Girl Style or Barbie At School dress up games.

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