Barbie and Ken Wedding

Published on October 12, 2011 12:56 PM
Barbie and Ken Wedding

Barbie and Ken will mary soon so this will be the wedding of the most famous couple of all times!

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, we share the same passion, girl! The moment she says "yes!" it's absolutely astonishing... you cannot stop to wonder how it's going to be this, the time you will have to answer the big question!

They represent the most famous couple of all times, the one everybody sees together! Now they are getting married, as the beautiful and glamorous Barbie accepted to be his wife!

The ceremony will take place at the seaside, in Monaco, because the fancy couple adores the ocean breeze and they wanted to say their vows in its presence. The beach will be all set up by a famous decorator, full of lilies and roses with white silky hanging sheets all over. The numerous guests will share the same feelings, of joy and happiness for the beautiful couple.

The time when the astonishing bride appears, everything else will fade away as she will be the star of the party! Dressed up in a pure charmer white gown, with red diamonds in her ears and a mind blowing necklace, she will reinforce Ken's believe that really she is the one!

He also, is looking fabulous in the black suit, with his heart full of love and a great smile upon his face! Although both of them are nervous, they reassure each other with adorable smiles and say "yes!" when the time comes without hesitating!

After this amazing moment, the guests all break the silence with huge applause and good wishes! Then it's party time! I'm pretty sure you would like to be there and share the memorable day with the two love birds! But you can always dream...

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