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Published on December 20, 2011 2:20 AM
Holiday Barbie Christmas ornament

Spend this fantastic winter holiday decorating your Christmas tree with beautiful Barbie ornaments. Find out how!

If you are a fan of the legendary Barbie doll then you will surely enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with pretty Barbie hanging ornaments. Dress up your Christmas tree in one or two Barbie ornaments or you can even create a Barbie theme Christmas tree. Wouldn't that be awesome!

You have a wide range of Barbie ornaments that you can use to adorn your Christmas tree, you can either use your imagination and make them yourselves or you can use already made ones.

Here are some Christmas ornaments that will surely please any Barbie fan and will make a great addition to any Christmas decor theme.

In the photo attached to this article you have one of the Barbie Christmas ornaments, called Holiday Barbie doll, looking beautiful with the use of traditional Christmas colors in her green Christmas holiday dress.

Other Barbie Christmas ornaments can be: Barbie Prima Ballerina, Barbie as Blair inspired from the 2011 Barbie movie, Barbie Princess Charm School, Rockin Barbie, Ravishing in Rouge, Tribute Barbie or Nostalgic Barbie.

Add sparkle and whimsy to your holiday decor with a Happy Birthday Ken and Barbie ornament, Campus Ken ornament, Barbie tribute ornament, Spotlight on shoes Barbie ornament, Lady of the Manor Barbie ornament or Peaches in Cream Barbie ornament.

These are only some examples ment to stimulate your creativity in case you want to decorate your Christmas tree with gorgeous Barbie ornaments. Don't forget to check out the Christmas fashion collection that Barbie just received as Christmas present from Santa Clause in our exclusive dress up game: Barbie on Holiday!

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