Barbie Princess Cake

Published on January 9, 2012 5:38 AM
Barbie Princess Cake

Cheer up the thought of going back to school with a super cool and delicious Barbie Princess Cake and sweeten yourselves!

Welcome the new school term in Barbie style and sweeten your first school week with a tasty and awesomely looking Barbie princess cake. You can even surprise your school mates with a cake that you can make yourselves, using the ingredients that you like best. I leave this to your imagination and creativity. Who knows, you might invent a new stunningly delicious Barbie princess cake!

Cheer up girls with a yummy cake and with toys as well, like Barbie dolls, which you can create yourselves if you have an older doll by dressing her in a pink outfit to resemble Barbie, or Barbie table play sets, Barbie glam vacation houses, Barbie cars, Barbie hairtastic color and wash salon, Barbie shopping spree cash register or a Barbie kitchen.

You can always adapt the toys you already have and you got bored of to create awesome Barbie toys. You can pretend you have a pink Barbie cash register or a pink Barbie toy phone or even a pink Barbie toy laptop. You can also dress up like Barbie, all you need is pink girly clothes. Other colors would go as well depending on what you like.

If you want to get cool fashion tips from Barbie, then you must not miss our exclusive dress up games: Barbie on Holiday and Barbie Winter. You can also have some great time playing our latest Enjoy dress up game: Baby Spectra Vondergeist.

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