Disney Pair of Kings

Published on February 21, 2012 4:48 AM
Disney Pair of Kings

Is there a pair of kings on Disney that nobody knows of? Find out the secret behind Disney Pair of Kings reading this article!

Who would have thought that twin brothers can become a pair of kings and can get along so awesomely well while ruling as young kings over an exotic island? Well, that is a fact! If you don't believe me, just check out 'Pair of Kings', a teen TV series.

'Pair of Kings' centers on brothers Brady, played by teen star Mitchel Musso, and Boomer, played by teen star Doc Shaw, a pair of 16 year old twins, who look nothing but twins though. While Brady is Caucasian looking, inheriting his father's skin complexion, Boomer is African-American looking, inheriting his mother's skin complexion. In order for Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw to play in this series for teenagers, they both had to leave other shows in which they were starring. Mitchel Musso left 'Hannah Montana' and Doc Shaw left 'The Suite Life on Deck'.

Brady and Boomer's fantastic adventure as kings begins at their high school, where they learn that they are the heirs to the throne of the island of Kinkow. After making the discovery, the brothers relocate to the Polynesian island to assume their roles as the joint kings of the island nation, which has many odd customs and superstitions, while trying to stay out of trouble. The twins must rule together as there is no record of which one of them is the eldest, since all these records were lost.

Brady and Boomer are helped to rule wisely by Mason, the fearless Royal Advisor of the island, and his teenage daughter Mikayla, played by Kelsey Chow, while their cousin, Lanny, played by Ryan Ochoa, tries to cause them lots of troubles in order to get rid of the twin kings and rule in their stead, as he was the heir to the throne until Brady and Boomer showed up. They all experience lots of funny and childish adventures while trying to keep the island on the floating track.

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