Jake Long American Dragon

Published on February 17, 2012 7:39 AM
Jake Long American Dragon

There's a new kid on the block and his name is Jake Long American Dragon. Want to know more about Jake Long, girls?

Jake Long is a 13 years old boy who strolls on the streets of New York City, in the neighborhood of Manhattan, in the TV animated series for children 'American Dragon: Jake Long'. Jake Long is an ordinary schoolboy with a secret life, as he just happens to be a descendant of dragons, transforming himself in a giant reptilian fire-breather to protect the hood from evil forces. What a brave boy!

Jake Long has to balance her commonly human adolescent transformation with the amazing power and ability to change into the superhuman form of a dragon. When he turns into the American Dragon, Jake overcomes all the obstacles in his path in order to protect the magical creatures that live in the city, yet as an ordinary schoolboy, he cannot conquer his crush on a pretty blond schoolmate by the name of Rose, who happens to have a dark secret of her own as well. Rose is a natural dragon slayer named Huntsgirl.

Jake is a skateboarder and he likes to venture in the big New York City with two fellow skateboarders, Trixie and Spud, who are his best friends. When Jake gets home, he is welcomed by an extended family, his family: his dad, a businessman original from the Midwest, who has no clue that he is married into a family of dragons, his mom who is Chinese, his grandpa who is a Chinese Dragon Master training his grandson in the ways of the ancient dragon, teaching Jake how to use his unique powers, his younger 7 years old sister who is a nascent dragon herself, and grandpa's gruff sidekick, a magical Shar-Pei named Fu Dog.

The American Dragon has to fight evil intended creatures like the Dark Dragon, the Huntsclan or a wicked wizard in order to defend the magical creatures that live peacefully alongside humans in the big city. This sounds quite interesting, don't you think? What's even more interesting and surprising is our new EnjoyDressUp game: Zendaya Fashion. Check it out, girls!

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