Joe Jonas Kissing

Published on June 25, 2012 8:33 AM
Joe Jonas Kissing

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Find out some fun facts about Joe Jonas and check out with whom he has been caught kissing so far. As part of the famous boy band Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas has known fame and glory as a pop singer, musician and dancer, but also as an actor, playing in various Disney series like Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and Jonas.

The 22 years old, Arizona born artist has been successful not only in his professional career, as a pop-rock singer with his band brothers, a solo singer and as an actor, but also in his personal life, dating lots of female teen celebrities with whom he has been caught kissing. He dated singer Taylor Swift from July to October 2008. He ended this short relationship with the famous teen singer by phone because of actress Camilla Belle, whom he dated from October 2008 until July 2009.

In 2010 Joe dated teen star Demi Lovato for a few months, more precisely from March to May, with whom he was caught kissing in public by paparazzi lots of times. In September 2010 he started a romance with Twilight star Ashley Green, which lasted until March 2011. It seems that he is more into short term relationships with lots of hugs and kisses than long term ones.

Joe Jonas had his first kiss at the age of 16, being the last of the Jonas Brothers to do that. Joe's acting talent surfaced from a very young age, he made his stage debut when he was in the first grade, playing a yellow crayon in a school play. Joe's childhood obsession was the famous purple dinosaur Barney, with whom he had grown up. One of Joe Jonas idols is Bono, the lead singer of band U2, whom Joe met at a U2 concert after party.

Who do you think is Joe Jonas dating and kissing at the moment? Do you think he has a girlfriend now or do you think he is solo? Would you like to date Joe Jonas and have him as your boyfriend, girls?

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