Miley Cyrus Enjoys Flicking Out Her Tongue

Published on September 29, 2011 1:48 AM
Miley Cyrus Enjoys Flicking Out Her Tongue

The teenage idol, Miley Cyrus is a source of inspiration for any young girl. That`s why she was so criticized when appearing in public with her tongue out, for a cat-walk show of her new boyfriend, the model Justin Gaston.

Every time the artist shows up at a public event with her model boyfriend, the press has all-eyes on the fancy couple! This happened also when she appeared at this fashion show in L.A with her mother and her manager.

The atmosphere was tense, as Miley was followed by the paparazzi even backstage where she appears to be kissing intensely her boyfriend Gaston. Meanwhile, joining her mother in the audience, Miley condiments all her boyfriend's runways with suavely licking her lips out. This created a whole story about Miley's inappropriate behavior in public.

The story goes deeper, when the press "overhears" that the young singer intends to be spending the night at Gaston's place! Plus, keep in mind that the talented actress already posed semi-nude for Vanity-Fair magazine! But, never mind the spicy details, her mother confirms that she is very strict with her daughter and under no circumstance she would allow her to sleep over at her boyfriend's house.

Anyways girls, the press are a mess and you know it very well! It tries to "pull off" a fabulous story from the most insignificant events. So, be careful whom you trust in! You can still admire the magnificent Miley Cyrus, without copying all her crazy gestures!

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