Monster High Robecca Steam

Published on June 12, 2012 4:27 AM
Robecca's Steamin' Makeover

Meet Monster High Robecca Steam and play with her in our newest EnjoyDressUp make up game Robecca's Steamin' Makeover.

Everybody knows the Monster High ghoul girls Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf or Cleo de Nile, don't you girls! Well, there is a new diva on the Monster High block, a robot ghoul by the name of Robecca Steam and she has only recently started attending the Monster High school, most precisely as of the beginning of this year.

Robecca Steam is a chic robot girl and she is the daughter of a mad scientist, who doesn't seem to be alive any more, so Robecca is an orphan Monster High ghoul. Although a robot, she knows how to dress with style and after the latest trends, though her fashion style is pretty cutting-edge, being called steam-punk. Her favorite colors are black and blue, so her outfits are mostly black and blue, and her hairstyle is black with blue locks.

Robecca has her own pet as well, a cute mechanical penguin by the name of Captain Penny. She is quite a scaredevil at the Monster High school and she delights herself in using her robot boots to do stunts and tricks to attract her school mates attention. Her Monster High bffs are Rochelle Goyle and Frankie Stein and her favorite school subject is the metal shop.

Now that you have met Robecca Steam, you can start playing with her in our newest EnjoyDressUp exclusive game entitled Robecca's Steamin' Makeover. Because Robecca is a robot, she has become a bit rusty so she needs your help to turn her into a Monster High beauty again, applying lots of face masks on her face, doing her make up and dressing her up in a chic and trendy outfit for a new day at school or for a party night with her bffs.

Have an awesome time with Robecca's Steamin' Makeover game and let us know if you fancy the new Monster High robot girl!

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