Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover

Published on July 30, 2012 6:11 AM
Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover

Have a peek at the newest make up game entitled Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover, girls!

Ugly Betty is the title of an American comedy TV series which premiered in 2006 on a famous American TV channel and ended in 2010. The series main character is Betty Suarez, a 22 years old Mexican American girl from New York who is very much lacking in fashion sense. She wears braces, geek glasses and she dresses like an old woman, nevertheless she is smart, bold, good-hearted and a bit naive. Betty's life completely changes when she gets a job as personal assistant at a trendy, high fashion magazine from Manhattan.

Ugly Betty has become very popular all over the globe. The TV series was filmed in New York and Los Angeles and the character of Betty Suarez is based on a Columbian telenovela called Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. The girl who plays Betty in Ugly Betty is called America Ferrera and she is a famous 28 years old American actress and producer. has found the beauty and fashion secrets that made Ugly Betty turn into a beautiful fashion diva and we now want to share them with you, girls, in our brand new exclusive make up game entitled Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover! Give popular Ugly Betty a stunning and sophisticated makeover playing Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover game and make her so beautiful and elegant that at the end of your miracle makeover she will be unrecognizable. Be Ugly Betty's beautician, make up artist and talented fashion stylist and put to work your amazing beauty and fashion skills creating a fashionista miracle makeover for Ugly Betty! Get rid of her dull geek image with geek glasses, teeth braces and lots of face spots, giving her a face cosmetic treatment, with lots of face masks and face creams, then start designing her new fancy chic look, using the trendy make up tools, classy elegant dresses and jewelries and fancy hairstyles.

Now that you know the beauty, make up and fashion styling secrets that changed Ugly Betty into a true fashion princess, practice Ugly Betty's Miracle Makeover on yourselves girls and tell us if you fancy it!

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