Museum Hidden Game

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The museum has a lots of hidden objects inside. Can you find them all? Try your best shot in finding the hidden objects in this fun hidden game for girls! Have a look in the museum at all the statues, robots, armors, shields, swords and other war objects, paintings, vases, chairs, tables, bowls, skeletons, skeleton skulls and other objects and then try to find the objects shown on the bottom, using the magnifying glass. You are given three hints to help you in case you have any problems finding all the hidden objects, but I am sure you smart girls will not need the hints as you will find all the objects with no difficulty at all. This is a good chance for you to visit a very interesting museum, full of antiquities belonging to different periods of time and different cultures, so it will be an interesting trip back in time as well, a chance to brighten your genious minds with new knowledge, but also a chance to have lots of fun exercising your observation and attention to detail skills. So, put on the detective costume, get the magnifying glass in your hand and get to work finding the hidden objects in this museum. Enjoy!
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