Cute Kitten

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Hello, girls! I bet you all love animals and you have a cute pet at home or you dream of getting one any time soon from your parents. Just imaging your parents got you a nice surprise when you got back from school this week and bought you a cute kitten as a reward and apreciation for your good results at school. Get to know your new kitten pet, play with it, give it a name and start dressing the cute kitten in all sorts of lovely kitten clothes and accessories to turn it into the most fashionable kitten on the block. Wouldn't that be just awesome, girls! Have a look at the kitten wardrobe and click on all the items to see what the images hide, whether there are different colors for your kitten, pretty kitten suits, hats, eye colors, kitten shoes, kitten collars, bows, sunglasses or head accessories. Dress your new cute pet in various kitten outfits and after you have tried all the wardrobe on the cute kitten by dressing her in all the chothes and accessories available in it, come up with the cuttest outfit for the pretty kitten, the one that you think looks best on the cute kitten. Have fun dressing your cute kitten pet!
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