Labrador Puppy

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Labradors are adorable dogs, not to mention how smart they are! When it comes to learning new tricks or perfecting old ones, this clever yellow lab puppy is on the ball! This is your chance, girls, to have your own labrador puppy to play with, give it a name and look after it. Play with the cute labrador puppy and style it to be the coolest dog ever seen. Choose a nice dog house for the cute lab to sleep in, a nice dog bowl for his puppy meals and puppy food, you can even change the color of your lab puppy in lighter or darker yellow. Spoil the puppy by giving him a sophisticated look with a cool pair of sunglasses, a chic hat and a ribbon tied to its tail. You can even change the color of the puppy's eyes. Show how much you love this labrador puppy looking after him and dressing him in adorable outfits, show your parents what a responsible girl you are and, who knows, one of these days your parents might surprise you with a cute labrador puppy to have as your pet, play with and look after it. Have lots of fun playing with the cute labrador puppy!
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