Addicted To Dessert: Chocolate Truffles


Hey ladies, what is your favorite dessert? I love chocolate truffles and I love preparing them myself. In this fun new Addicted To Dessert Chocolate Truffles cooking game you can learn to prepare the most delicious truffles. This is going to be your favorite dessert, I'm sure! Would you like to try it out? It is so easy to prepare the delicious chocolate truffles and you will have a great time decorating them. First you need to cut the chocolate into small pieces a, then you have to mix it with cocoa, butter, milk and flour. Next, you need to put the mix on the stove and make sure to mix it with a spoon. When the composition is done, make the truffles and decorate them with sprinkles and caramel glaze. Have fun playing this new Addicted To Dessert Chocolate Truffles game!