Addicted To Dessert: Thanksgiving Cake


Are you girls addicted to dessert? Then let's bake together the most delicious Thanksgiving cake. This is a secret recipe and sooo delicious! You have never tasted anything like this before, so let's start cooking! In this fun Addicted To Dessert: Thanksgiving Cake you are going to learn how to prepare a yummy carrot cake. Sounds good right? Start by cutting the carrot and then mix the ingredients by fallowing the instructions. Don't forget to heat up the oven. After you bake the cake you have to prepare the cream and add the glaze. You can choose between so many flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or caramel glaze. Last but not least, you have to decorate the delicious cake because not only it has to taste good, but needs to look good as well. Have fun playing this fun new Addicted To Dessert: Thanksgiving Cake game!