Alaskan Snowball Fun


Winter time in Alaska is amazing! The winter wonderland is at home in the Alaskan mountains!There is nothing more enjoyable than taking your best friends and cute dog out in the mountains at a cottage for a snow fight. It just makes winter seem like a magical season. And playing in the snow is exactly what Carlie has decided to do this weekend. But special occasions require special clothes, so Carlieneeds some help with choosing the appropriate outfit. Alaska is not a place to be not well dressed. The cold temperature makes you add extra layers and keep the fashion factor too. It’s not such an easy task to choose between all the trendy winter pants, coats and the cute winter accessories, but there are some that can help you. Overall, what matters is for Carliet o feel warm, yet fashionable and have lots of fun just playing in the snow. Enjoy this dress up game!