Alice Eve Makeover

Alice Eve is a popular English actress and she is getting ready for the premier of the movie Men in Black 3, where she also stars, so she needs a red carpet makeover. You are a vip make up artist and stylist and today Alice Eve is your client. She needs a gorgeous red carpet makeover and she knows you are the best make up artist and stylist to give her the look that she wants. Don't let the celebrity actress down and create a fab make up and outfit for her red carpet appearance at the premier of her new movie, in which she co-stars celebrity actor Will Smith. First start her transformation with a spectacular celebrity make up, using all the make up tools and cosmetics at hand in this game, like eye lenses, eye shade, skin foundation, lipstick, rouge and mascara, then style her hair in a fab hairdo and choose an elegant red carpet outfit. Have fun playing Alice Eve Makeover celebrity game!