Angela Shoe Designer


Angela is a very creative spirit and she tried to break in the fashion industry in this creative decoration game. Angela would like to create and design unique pair of shoes and she needs your help. You know how you never find just the right pair of shoes that you envisioned? Well, play Angela Shoe Designer and start by choosing the type of shoe you want to design. You can choose a pair of chic and fancy high heel shoes, perfect for a casual chic outfit or a gown, or a pair of sneakers. Choose a color or go for a more intricate pattern and once you are happy with the look go ahead and add some cute accessories like colorful shoelaces and stickers. Be creative and make daring combinations, because everyone appreciates a unique pair of custom made shoes. I’m sure that Angela will be envied and I surely hope that she will open her own shoes boutique! Have fun playing Angela Shoe Designer!