Anna Baby Bath


Baby Anna is ready for her morning bath but her nanny had to take her sister, Elsa to the doctor and someone needs to take care of baby Anna. Can you babysit her today? Play this new Anna Baby Bath game and spend a fun day with little Princess Anna, who is always happy and ready to play and laugh all day long. First you need to give her a bath, so run the water and add bubbles to it, then some flowers and Anna's favorite toys. Next, wash her hair and face, then clean the bubbles with water. Once done, put baby Anna in her crib and use a soft towel to dry her skin, and use a hairdryer for her hair. Take the baby oil and rub it into her skin and make sure to change her diapers as well. Last but not least, baby Anna is ready to go out and play with you but you need to dress her up. Choose a cute hairstyle for her and a lovely princess dress. Have fun playing Anna Baby Bath!