Anna Mommy Twins Birth


We have some great news girls! Frozen Anna is pregnant and she will give birth soon. Kristoff is so happy that he is going to become a dad, and Anna is going to give birth to twins, so he will be a daddy of two. Anna will need your help calling to the emergency room and while she is waiting for the ambulance, you must make sure that she is having everything that she needs. You must give her water every time she is thirsty and call Jack when Anna need's him. Start the game called Anna Mommy Twins Birth and make sure she is ready to go to the hospital and give birth. Once the ambulance is here, you must rush to the hospital with her and wait until she gives birth. When Anna's cute twins are born, you are going to be her assistant. Clean the newborn babies and teach Anna how to feed her bundles of joy and how to change diapers. Have a really great time playing this fun new game called Anna Mommy Twins Birth.