April Fool's Day Costumes

This kitty never, I mean, never ever, misses the annual costumes parade on April Fool's Day! You will surely be dazzled by her funny, cute looking costumes collection, I can tell you that, and by the time you will have gone through all those cute froggy and lovey chicken costumes, you will find it so difficult to hold your serious face expression and you'll be on the verge of bursting into tears. Well, if the costumes won't make you laugh with tears, then the joke we've prepared for you/for the lovely kitty at the end of the April Fool's Day costume dress up game is sure to put you in a super good mood! So, what should our costumes-fan kitty wear this year? How about dressing her up with a cute supercat costume or you prefer the super funny burger costume? Oh, I know, you find the lobster costume much funnier, don't you? It sure is difficult to pick the right one, while playing this lovely kitty dress up game, the one that will help her stand apart from all those lovely costumed pets attending the parade, isn't it? For each costume that you select, from all the goofy looking ones, make sure you add the right accessories, such as funny hats, like cute teddy bear or foggy hats, the perfect tiny shoes and of course, for a touch of animal fashion chicness, a nice scarf. Be bold and dare going for the craziest April Fool's Day look, then, if you have the courage, click on the done button. A hilarious farce has been prepared for your kitty model here, you will see that by the end of the cat fashion show in the April Fool's Day costumes dress up game, a funny surprise put together by one of her oldest, tiny little friends. Get ready to burst into laughter, while playing the April Fool's Day costumes dress up game!