Aquarium Visit


In this cute game named Aquarium Visit you can help this girl dress up for a day of fun looking at fish! So what should a girl wear for such an occasion? You can pick for her a yellow knitted dress with short sleeves, a strapless pink plaid dress over a black turtleneck blouse or a denim dress over a red sweater. You could also mix and match a blue and white top with polka dots and a big bow, a white and gold blouse with crystals on the top or a simple blouse and a fur vest with a pair of red glittery pants, jeans or a ruffled skirt. Accessorize her look with a pair of socks and one of girly shoes or warm boots, a pair of precious earrings and a matching necklace, a bow in her hair or a headband with gems and a pair of chic sunglasses. Have a great time playing this game!