Ariel Moves In With Eric


The big day finally arrived and Ariel Moves In With Eric! The decision was made and they are happy and excited about it. It's time for the red haired princess to pack up and move in with the love of her life. But Eric's room is not as she expected to be. It sure needs some cleaning and a makeover, so Ariel has to call the reinforcements, her princess friends. Help her text them by typing the message on Ariel's phone. In the meantime, while waiting for the girls to arrive, you can help the little mermaid clean Eric's room. Throw out the trash, do the laundry and use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the messy floor. Once done, Ariel would like you to help her unpack. Finally, the room needs some girly touch and you must get creative and decorate it. A nice curtain, some flowery pillows and a cute sofa, yellow light bulb decorations and some flowers will completely transform the room. Last but not least, help Ariel choose a cute outfit and surprise Eric. Have fun playing Ariel Moves In With Eric!