Ariel Ocean Swimming


Ariel is one of the prettiest girls of them all and swimming in the ocean is her favorite hobby. But bathing is also a pleasure for her and a great moment for pampering with great lotions and relaxing all day long. Next to the bathtub you can find her favorite products such as shampoo, soup and underwater decor. You have to help her out in order to wash with the available products. Ariel is a gorgeous princess and she is always looking so stunning thanks to her amazing shampoo which makes her hair so healthy and smooth. Her skin is very hydrated considering the fact that she spends many hours underwater. After this amazing session, Ariel is eager to spend time with her underwater friends. She usually drinks cocktails and plays with animals in the ocean and everyone enjoys her company. Girls, have an incredible time with Ariel and her friends by playing Ariel Ocean Swimming!