Ariel's Legs Surgery


Hey girls! Do you know the very cute princess Ariel? She is the little mermaid princess and today she is very sad. She wants to look normal like the other girls and she needs your help. Start the game called Ariel's Legs Surgery and help her with the great procedure. First, mix a few ingredients in a bowl to create a very special potion. You will need different solutions, shells, stars, leaves and pearls. Mix them all and create the potion which will dissolve Ariel's mermaid tail. In Ariel's Legs Surgery you can now apply the lotion on the tail and then cut her legs apart with a medical knife. Clean the blood with a soft towel and then remove a few extra fins from the legs with tweezers. The next to make the mermaid princess look normal is to use the nail clippers to cut her toe nails and make the look cute. Ariel looks normal now and she has very cute legs. She can now wear the most amazing dress with a green bodice and long skirt. Match this dress with a nice crown and a pair of cute shoes. Enjoy the game called Ariel's Legs Surgery!