At The Aquarium

Girls, our cute teen girl is so excited about her trip to the aquarium that she totally forgot about all those so complicated fashion rules. She's depending on your help today, so would you like to give her a helping hand at putting together a nice outfit? You can start by giving her a nice make up with some foundation and lipstick, then you can do her hair, changing the hair style and hair color, then you can start dressing her up with pretty dresses, tops and bottoms, shoes, hats and other accessories very appropriate for her trip At The Aquarium. You will find shell-shaped of fish printed fashion items, like sea waves printed or fish shaped hand bags, sea shells chains and other pretty and fashionable item ready for you to mix and match in a beautiful outfit to be worn by the girl At The Aquarium. Have a great time dressing the teen girl for her trip, so that she can enjoy watching all the lovely fish swimming inside the aquariums. Enjoy!