Baby And Mermaid


Cute Alice would love to have the power to become a mermaid and explore the underwater world. She always been fascinated by this, and she decided to buy a fish tank and a golden fish. Play this game called Baby And Mermaid and go with Alice to the local pet store so she can buy a fish tank, decorations, a gold fish and fish food. Once you girl get back home, it's time to set up the fish tank and welcome the new little gold fish into his now home. Help Alice to feed him every day. As you will see, the gold fish will grow too big and so, Alice decides to release him into the big water and let him live freely. But this is not all, a mermaid princess will visit Alice because of her good deed and they will spend a fun day together at the pool. Join Alice in this adventure and have fun playing this game called Baby And Mermaid!