Baby Barbie Braces Doctor


Baby Barbie is getting older and her teeth are not looking well anymore. Her mother has decided to take her to the doctor, so join her. Start the game called Baby Barbie Braces Doctor and begin the treatment. First, use a soft tooth brush and paste to clean the teeth and make them white. Rinse with water and then mark the points on the teeth, where the braces will be placed. Put the metal plates which support the braces on the corners of the teeth and then place the strings along the bottom and upper teeth. In Baby Barbie Braces Doctor you can fix them by using a special tool, which will prevent the braces from moving. Disinfect each tooth and her treatment it's done. Choose a color for the braces or any nice sticker such as a strawberry. To cheer baby Barbie take her to the shop and buy a cute new outfit. Enjoy Baby Barbie Braces Doctor!