Baby Barbie Flower Braids


Hey girls! Cute baby Barbie wants to try the new trend in hairstyles. The prep will begin with a hair wash. Start the game called Baby Barbie Flower Braids and begin by using shampoo to wash the hair and a conditioner. Rinse the lather with water and then apply a mask to create long and smooth hair. Dry the hair with a hair drier and then you are ready to choose one of the three braids and help the cute baby Barbie create it. In Baby Barbie Flower Braids you can choose the pony tail braid and start by combing the hair with a brush. Braid the hair according to instructions and then use hair pin elastic to secure the hairstyle. Add a few cute flowers in the hair for a great effect and then choose the outfit of the day. Select a nice red dress, red shoes and a cute purse. Have fun playing Baby Barbie Flower Braids!