Baby Barbie Hobbies: Face Painting


Baby Barbie Hobbies Face Painting is a brand new game and it's a special one! In this game you will learn how to create amazing face art designs for parties and your model will be the awesome baby Barbie. Are you ready to learn this amazing new skill and turn in into one of your favorite hobbies? I will guide on the way you should start and the tools provided for this amazing face art painting. The first thing is to choose the face art painting design that you would like to learn from the ones available. There are many options so choose the one you like and let's see the tools you can use. For the baby Barbie design you have the black pencil to draw the outline of the design, then you can fill it with a brush will color. Using a thin brush draw the little details to make it a special face painting. Have fun playing Baby Barbie Hobbies Face Painting!