Baby Barbie Shopping Spree


Hey girls! Cute baby Barbie loves fashion. She likes to wear all the new fashion items and cute outfits, inspired by the latest trends. Can you help her shop for something new and unique? Don’t waste any time and begin the game called Baby Barbie Shopping Spree! You will need to walk to all the best stores in town and check out their new summer collection. Buy a nice lace dress from the dress store and a pair of funky sandals from the dream shoes shop. Other stores you can visit together are the great toys one, where cute princess dolls are ready to be bought, nice ponies and other stuffed animals, which she loves. In Baby Barbie Shopping Spree you can also go to the hair salon for a new and amazing hair do. Try all items you bought at home and mix and match them for fun results. Enjoy the game called Baby Barbie Shopping Spree!