Baby Hazel Grandparents Day


Baby Hazel and her sibling, Baby Matt are very close to their grandparents. Because tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day, the baby siblings would like to celebrate the day by inviting their grandparents to a dinner. In this Baby Hazel Grandparents Day game you need to help them organize the celebration party. First let's take the family album and see how they celebrated the Grandparents Day last year. Bay Hazel went fishing with her grandfather and they had so much fun. Help her remember that lovely day by showing her baby brother how she played with a frog, a turtle and a squirrel, and how she caught many fishes. Now it's time to organize this year's celebration. Help the cute siblings make a phone call to invite their grandparents to celebrate the Grandparents Day together. Have fun playing this new Baby Hazel Grandparents Day game!