Baby Hazel Nature Explorer


Bay Hazel has a new school assignment. She has to explore the nature and complete a nature explorer checklist. She is going to have a fun day outdoors exploring and learning about nature and maybe you can join her. In this Baby Hazel Nature Explorer game, Ashley is taking Baby Hazel for a walk in the tow's park to explore the nature. They are also going to take a walk in the forest and visit a river and a farm. Baby hazel needs to collect a few items so she can complete her assignment. Before going in the town, Hazel has to create a checklist for the items she needs to collect, and then she has to pack the essential things for this trip in the town. You have to help Hazel pack the items. Next, you can help Baby Hazel dress up and brush her hair. Now it's time to hit the road and start exploring! Have fun playing this new Baby Hazel Nature Explorer game!